Wolfie's Knowledge Review

Hi everyone,

cause the question appeared that we did not have new information, I will tell a story from last summer, where I was part of a knowledge review, but don’t expect something you don’t know already!

The premies here in my town organized a knowledge review. Here in town there is a group of around 5 still active followers of that peace prophet Rawat. They did a few meetings before and rented a big room, a yoga practise room. I know this cause sometimes an old premie friend comes to my house and we make music together.

Okay for the knowledge review they needed an facilitator to come. So an old female premie friend, who is now facilitator, who had to come from a town in a 2 hour train ride, rang me and asked wether she can stay at our place for this time. Of course I said come and I’m glad looking forward to meet you again. She came with the special Laptop, where with the topsecret code you can connect with this knowledge review-video. A few weeks before she had a new briefing as facilitator. Somehow I will say they are briefed whether they are still hard minded and allow them to be some kind of security officer to set the minds straight. She can be a very nice person, but on the other hand she is a hardcore devotee

She came on Saturday and the knowledge review was planned for Saturday.

In the evening my wife, she and I sat together and we started to be a little critic. In this situation I always like the story where Maharaji and Marolyn went to a psychiatrist to fix their marriage problems. This is a more harmless story, the picture that the giver of the perfect knowledge needs help with those kind of problems, it is funny for me and somehow sad for a premie, cause the master seems as helpless like them in many occasions.

It took not long after dinner and we were in the middle of a heavy discussion, she got crazy. She had no ability to be quiet and listen to some soft arguments, she got a little hysteric because on the other day she had to be empty and to do her important job, she didn’t want hear anything more and she started talking to me like  a teacher to a kid. For a moment I was afraid that I get mad and throw her out of my place. But fortunately I hold in and I accepted that she is our guest and I tried to cool down the situation

Okay next morning, after breakfast I accompanied her to the place where the knowledge review should take place. I met the other wellknown premies and it was a really friendly atmosphere. The premies had done a lot of work to prepare the room, they need a lot of aluminium foile to darken a lot of huge windows and they had set up a huge screen, I think 2,00 x 2,00 Meter. Somehow they expected 8 or 9 people inclusive the service premies. The man for Video equipment came from another faraway town. It is like in the old days, for every little thing there is a person in charge

They had tea and fruits and those funny stupid little cards with some stupid wise sayings to hand to the guest. Of course they tried to hand me a few of those silly little cards. Oh man this premies are so nice and naive, friendly people, but still stuck in the same old concepts to serve a superior Master

In that friendly atmosphere someone asked me: "Why you don’t come to the Review? At first I said: "come on I already did my 2 hour meditation in the morning". I thought by myself I don’t want to fool them, my attitude is only a little curiosity. Then this facilitator Lady said I should come. I got in some party mood and said, yes I come, but I only come when I’m allowed to get my old baragon and sit on a the ground, not in such a stupid chair, she agreed and now it was my turn. I went home again, told my wife that I will have a knowledge review. She said that’s crazy but when you go, I will go too. Okay we were part of the session

The afford in preparation of the premies were not in a relation to the few people. 2 other expected people didn’t not show up and with my wife and me we all together were 11 people inclusive the facilitator and the guy providing the hardware

Okay, my special seat on the floor was nicely prepared, for the others there were those funny resting-chairs with cusions to support their arms for the special yoga-technics

The light got dimmed, Lady Facilitator got in front and says: "Hello, now we see a Video of Prem Rawat were he explains the techniques of knowledge." Not a word more, and even of course she knew most of the people, she talked like everyone was a new guest. I thought the job of a facilitator is more like a initiator, give at least a little more insight.

Then I think came the WOPG logo as intro and some music but I don’t remember exactly. As next you could see the master in over life-size on the huge screen for 11 people, a better flat-screen TV would have done a perfect job. The "loving" face of the master was then shown tone on tone in natural colours on the screen. I’ve had seen it already at my last program 2001 in Mainz, so the "beloved Master" looked 15 years younger. He started talking: "Now you are not aspirants anymore."  Hearing him saying this, I thought, this must be the same Video as for knowledge sessions, otherwise it doesn’t make sense. For myself I thought, they try so hard to make a good job but don’t realize that this sentence does not make sense in a knowledge review-video. But maybe no one really listens, everyone already knew anyway what he is talking about!!

Okay then he started to explain the first technic and he talked and he said the "important thing", that when your thoughts should bother you, you should let them come and go like the clouds. Then he showed the movement how the fingers should touch the eyelids. And then we should do it for 15 Minutes. Like the first time when I saw the video in Mainz, I was curious whether the Master could do this technique sitting still for 15 minutes. He didn’t move, no leaves moved on the tree. Who wonders, it was a fixed image for 15 minutes. Then the other 3 techniques were explained and shown. But no more insight, nothing more than the plain mechanic of the techniques. No further explanation, no nothing. The meaning I could understand is: Do it like the master does it and the mystery will unfold. No, for me one important thing he said, he said we should not show the techniques to other people and we should not talk about our experience with others. I mean this is the best trick ever I think. No wonder that no premie anymore speaks from or about his or her personal experience, and no one knows how to verbalize this mysterious experience.

In my life as a premie or devotee I already had 5 or 7 reviews and all were boring for me. In contrary in my knowledge-session I had some kind of transcendental experience. At least I had the heart of a child like on Christmas Eve. I didn’t expect anything, I only had the sorrow whether I could stand hearing and seeing him.

The techniques were explained by the master, without any insight, just the plain mechanic. That was it, no music no nothing more, no time for questions or anything else. Lady Facilitator came to the front again and said: "The Knowledge Review is over, thank you very much and Good Bye." Not a word more! No normal social phrases like, I hope everyone feels good and so on, or a little satsang, no nothing. For my taste completely strange.

For me there was nothing new, it was the same procedure like it was always. It was like a trip back in time. I could feel the bubble of that bliss, I felt a little bit like to be a part of a children birthday party. All are dressed up a little better and everyone tries to show up in a good mood. All are more or less hypnotized by the great magician. A little group of friendly harmless people, no one could do wrong. But all hooked to a dream, they may be hanging on to the rest of their life.

All are hanging on to a religion that is no religion, cause they can’t verbalize anything. They have no words anymore to talk about their experiences, the "Master” is the only one to talk about. For me it is scary this wall of silence, this absence of interest to talk about what happens when they go inside.

This was a little bit long, with nothing important, but I like to let you know about my knowledge review. I wonder that I once fell for this so long.