Visions International

Visions International was a non-profit organization dealing with the production of materials that promote Rawat ( Maharaji). It had a symbiotic relationship with Dunrite Productions of Thousand Oaks, California (formerly on the net at a for profit company that did the actual production work though both these have been closed down and subsumed by the Words Of Peace Global organisational changes.

A major source of income has been the sale of audio and video tapes, CDs and DVDs of Rawat's speeches which are the source of Rawat's "teachings." Local communities of Rawat's followers also had to pay to screen these videos/DVDs publicly though the audiences were mainly committed followers with a few people who were interested in "learning more." Visions International also produced scripted videos that contained more than edited extracts of Rawat's speeches.

These are examples of Visions International catalogues.

Visions International Introductory Catalogue
Visions International 1988 Catalogue