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October 2006

Mr M Finch
1 Manthon
Headley Road
Hindhead GU26 6LP

Dear Michael

This year Maharaji invested a lot of time sharing his perspective on how to get his unique message to as many people in a practical, satisfying & enjoyable way. In the summer, I was asked to take on a role he calls Propagation Helper (yes I know, it sounds like a social services function to me as well), which aims to empower, enable and support, those people and initiatives that are likely to bear fruit.

During August & September in 20 meetings across the UK, I met almost 1,000 people with an interest in propagation. The feedback was very positive indeed and many felt that a fresh start might be possible. If you did not make it to one of those occasions then this letter is aimed at you, personally!

Perhaps you were away at the time or simply had a previous commitment. But if you are anything like me (until recently at least), then you may have given up on such gatherings as being dull, uninspiring, boring or plain unappealing.

I know Groucho Marx once wrote 'I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member,' but I wanted to get in touch with you anyway to see if I might persuade you to give it one more try. I can't guarantee anything, but by far most of those who attended found these get-togethers to be different, challenging & fresh.

During the course of the event:

  • The DVD Reaching People, Reaching Hearts from the Tenerife Propagation Meeting is shown including a special section shot by Maharaji himself to help understand how he sees propagation happening in our communities
  • I'll Introduce myself, explain my role as UK Propagation Helper and what Maharaji expects from it, me & us then …
  • Cover the main points from the Barcelona propagation meetings -including details of how he would like invitations for next year to come to him …
  • Share with you some of the changes and fresh ideas that have already started
  • … and most importantly listen to your thoughts, your ideas, your concerns and your inspiration and see how I can help and support you to build on this momentum

I will also show the (Updated) Dream video including quotes from the first Barcelona propagation meeting and wonderful images of Maharaji over the last 40 years.

So if you'd like us to schedule another one in your area please email Dolly Makwana (dollymak@googlemail.com). If that's difficult for you then please call her on 020 8922 3789 between 7 and 9pm weekdays. If enough people respond, we will let you know when and where.

In making the keys available, new possibilities are unfolding. As a new-born sceptic myself I am amazed and inspired by the potential. More importantly I am beginning to experience something that I have not experienced in this way for a very long time, and that is the sheer pleasure of being a small part of Maharaji's work, and the satisfaction of giving something back.

This feels like a very special and unique moment, when we can finally achieve the hopes and dreams we believed would one day come true. I hope you can join me to have some fun and help make it all happen.

With warm regards


Steve Brenman stevedeeob.com

PS If you haven't already done so, and have access to email, why not sign up for e-updates by visiting http://www.keeping-in-touch.info/

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