Thank You From Elan Vital - 2000

Thank You 2000 Cover

January 2001

Thank you for your generous contributions to Elan Vital and Visions International this past year. Your effort, like that of so many contributors, has been essential and always is greatly appreciated. Each expression of gratitude builds the foundation of support which continues to make the impossible possible. Some projects you supported last year:

  • Weekly, worldwide satellite broadcasts.
  • Auto Knowledge Sessions developed and used successfully in the United States, South Africa, Malaysia, India, Nepal and Mauritius.
  • 32 Knowledge Sessions around the world in which a record 37,730 people received Knowledge.
  • Preparations for ongoing, annual international events in Amaroo.
  • Greater capacity for Maharaji to travel more extensively with improved range and to respond to invitations from people in many more parts of the world.

These exciting innovations have set the stage for 2001 to be even more ambitious and successful.

The schedule for this year is being developed around invitations from many more countries and cities where people look forward to the inspiration Maharaji brings in person. Plans are underway to broadcast satellite events more frequently with new materials and in a variety of formats, including introductory broadcasts, documentaries and live broadcasts. The Auto Knowledge Session opens up possibilities for vastly increased numbers of people to receive Knowledge in their own countries in an efficient and timely way. Preparations are being accelerated in Amaroo to host an event for 4,500 people perhaps as early as this spring, with space for as many as 2,600 people to stay on site.

Enclosed is a gift for you - an introductory publication for your own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of those people with whom you might like to share it. Once again, thank you for your participation. A lot of effort has been expressed by so many people this past year, and it is your heartfelt giving which makes all the difference.

Thank you!

Elan Vital - Kathie Thomas      Resource Team - Yoram Weis      Visions International - Tom Hagan

Flourish. Be alive. Feel. Dance. Feel the gratitude.
This can be your life. This can be a journey.
Bring on clarity. Bring on wisdom. Bring on the Master.
You rest. Let the journey begin.

Prem Rawat's Thank You 2000
Prem Rawat's Thank You 2000

Photo of Prem Rawat (Maharaji) sent as thank you to his followers donated money regularly.