Thank You From Elan Vital - 1998

"Take a challenge.
Look up, look around, look within.
Acknowledge and smile and laugh and praise.
Fulfillment is a reality, not a dream."


Thank You … from Elan Vital

Thank You 1998 Cover

Highlights of 1998

Kuala Lumpur
First event in the year
West Africa
Visit to Cote d'lvoire, Benin and Ghana
Miami Beach
International three-day event
Knowledge Session and Participation Meeting
First South America event on this island
New Delhi
16,072 people receive Knowledge
International three-day event
First three-day event in Nepal
Three Knowledge Sessions with 762 people
Live Global Satellite Broadcast

Thank You 1998

"Be true to this heart. Be true to this breath. Be true to this life. Enjoy the gift of life.
Happy new day, new breath, new week, new month, new year.
Happy, happy lifetime to all of you.

Maharaji, Satellite Broadcast, December 13, 1998

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"The opportunity to participate in any way that you can that is synchronized is up to you.
The joy of it will be yours. Amazing things can happen. One person's enthusiasm can light
the fire of propagation in an netire country. How amazing is that?

A personal, direct service opportunity

1998 It has been quite a year. A record number of 20,062 people received Knowledge. In New Delhi, India, 4,520 received Knowledge in the biggest single session to date. Three-day international events were held in New Delhi, Miami Beach, Wembley and Kathmandu. Maharaji also made an extensive visit to West Africa, his first visit ever to Curaçao and two visits to Japan.

In 1998, 155 new videos were produced and distributed to over 2,300 locations worldwide.

In North America there were three Knowledge Sessions and a Knowledge Review in Atlantic City. Events were also held in Long Beach, Miami Beach, Colorado Springs, Chicago and Montreal.

In Pasadena, California, history was made with the first live global satellite broadcast to 86,600 people in 173 locations in 50 countries.

Thank you for the vital role you play. Your contributions help make all this possible.

1999 As the numbers grow so does Élan Vital's challenge to support tours and events.

Each individual contribution is essential to growth not only in this country but around the world. These challenges are already coming into view.

Expanded world tours with more Knowledge Sessions are envisioned to respond to the growing number of aspirants. Also, Knowledge Centers form a special focus. Looking toward a possible international event in 1999, developments at Amaroo are heating up - increasing the campground capacity and amphitheater seating to 5,000, as well as improving roads, services and facilities.

Contributions received now will ensure a strong start toward meeting these challenges in 1999.

Each contribution you make becomes a part of that visit to Mauritius or that Knowledge Session in Abidjan. Your generosity helps fund international events, Knowledge Sessions, video production and distribution, and Knowledge Center development. Our contributions are a personal, direct service opportunity to participate in the magic of Maharaji's message encircling the globe and touching each one of us.

Simply put, our contributions are the harvest of our hearts.

Thank you again for your support in 1998. Best wishes for a joyful 1999.

On behalf of Elan Vital    Linda Gross    Yoram Weis

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Thank You 1998

Photo of Prem Rawat (Maharaji) sent as thank you to his followers who donated money regularly.