Thank You From Elan Vital - 1997

Thank You

From Elan Vital

You have a heart,
and it has a voice, a sense of purpose.
it has a request.
Listen to that request.


Propagation does not happen because you make it happen.
It happens because there is magic,
and the magic will always be there.
The invitation is for you to join the magic,
if you want to. It is up to you.


For information about events with Maharaji,
you may call
(818) 889-0500

Prem Rawat's Thank You 1997


In a year in which Maharaji accepted invitations to speak at 147 events in 34 cities around the world, your heartfelt support has made a genuine difference. Your contribution has enabled him to touch the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people.

From New Delhi in April to Long Beach in December. Maharaji's busy 1997 schedule encompassed North and South America, Europe and Africa, Asia and Australia. To highlight but a few of the memorable events - he addressed an international audience at a three-day event in Long Beach, California: 5,500 people at a public event in Wembley, England, and attended a four-day outdoor event in Amaroo, Australia with participants from 61 countries. A record 17,113 people received Knowledge, including 3,554 in the largest single session in New Delhi. In the United States, 333 people received Knowledge in three sessions, and still many more are aspiring.

1997 was a remarkable and inspiring year. 1998 offers each of us fresh challenges and opportunities. Our combined efforts will again help Maharaji to personally deliver his message, heart to heart, all over the world.

Your generosity and the consistency of your support, no matter how large or small, lays the foundation for continued growth.

As Knowledge becomes increasingly more available around the world, a special appreciation is extended to everyone who participates.

Thank you once again.

Prem Rawat's Thank You 1997

sometimes we forget what it means when we make a little effort -
what it means to people all around the world
it is a contribution toward spreading joy in the wing.
and when you do that.
you cannot measure it on a scale.
it happens however it happens.
it goes from person to person. from one heart to another.


Prem Rawat's Thank You 1997

Photo of Prem Rawat (Maharaji) sent as thank you to his followers who donated money regularly in 1997.