Participation 2000

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Hello to everyone!

This is a note to all of you who have been supportive of the new approach to participation that was launched in May 2000.

First, I would like to acknowledge the effort you took to complete the participation application; filling out another form is time consuming. Your understanding and cooperation have helped make it possible to embark on a path to improve and synchronize the participation arena.

The goal of this process is to match each person's skills, abilities and interests with the available opportunities, and to make the process interactive so we can all enjoy the wonderful invitation we have been given to participate.

The current participation opportunity (POP) postings are listed on some of the Web sites and on the First Class e-mail system. POPs are one way you can see what volunteer positions are available; so remember to check one of these sites regularly. For those without computer access, a local contact can download the participation applications and POPs for you.

Although occasions to help exist in many areas, please remember: You do not need to wait for a call from anyone to participate!

We each have the opportunity to enjoy and simply share with others the possibility Maharaji is offering. We can also participate financially as every contribution is important to help take his message to those who otherwise may not have a chance to hear about Knowledge.

Please know that we will make every effort to match your skills, abilities and requests to help with future projects.

Warm regards to all, Linda Pascotto