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Elan Vital 2000 Fund Raising

Making Knowledge Available Throughout The World

In June 1971, Maharaji left India for the first time to bring his message to the world. At that time just a handful of people in the West had received Knowledge.

Since 1988 over 89,000 people from over 70 countries have received Knowledge from Maharaji himself.

Growth is sustained with the help of thousands of individuals who choose to be a part of it. Consistent, steadily increasing support of Elan Vital, Inc. facilitates Maharaji's efforts to communicate his message, in person, around the world.

Maharaji attends an average of 137 events a year, addressing more than 200,000 people and giving Knowledge to over 20,000 a year.

"It has grown because there is a thirst and people made the effort. It was the people who were enchanted by this, who have Seen blessed in their lives with this experience and feeling. They are the ones who make it possible."


Supporting these essential international tours and events is the top priority of Elan Vital.

Elan Vital Inc.

Incorporated in Colorado in 1971, Elan Vital is a charitable organization founded to promote Maharaji's message in the United States and worldwide. It plays a key role in funding international tours and events where Maharaji is invited to speak. Elan Vital also contributes to the development of indoor and outdoor Knowledge Centers for international events. It provides for the production and distribution of videos, audio tapes and publications.

International Tours and Events

Maharaji reaches out to people through international tours and events. These events provide a unique source of inspiration and deeper understanding for people with Knowledge and for those aspiring to it.

In recent years, conferences, seminars and events attended by as many as 80,000 people took place in more than 37 countries around the world. The first live, global satellite broadcast was held in Pasadena, California in December, 1998. Maharaji's message was beamed to over 86,000 people in 50 countries at 173 locations.

Elan Vital 2000 Fund Raising

International Knowledge Centers

As the range of Maharaji's tours expands each year, so does the need to find available, quality venues. Increasing the number of permanent Knowledge Centers will insure that appropriate facilities for Knowledge sessions are readily available whenever needed. Elan Vital contributes to the cost of preparing for events held in Knowledge Centers.


Seventeen hundred acres of Australian bushland near Brisbane are being transformed into a conference center that includes a Knowledge hall, a 5,000 seat amphitheater and campgrounds. Elan Vital Australia has already hosted conferences, Knowledge sessions and international events at Amaroo. Event facilities are expanding. The amphitheater and on-site camping facilities will grow to accommodate larger numbers of people. Roads, electricity and water systems are being improved and extended. Additional building projects include a large meeting hall with an outdoor plaza area.

The search for new Knowledge Centers in Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America has been inspired by the growing number of people interested in receiving Knowledge. Elan Vital contributes to the cost of major events at Amaroo and at other Knowledge Centers.

Videos, Audio Tapes and Publications

Operating under its trade name, Visions International, Elan Vital records Maharaji's speeches at events around the world. Videos and audio tapes of these events and publications extend the reach of Maharaji's message to the widest possible audience. They are the primary way people are introduced to and prepare to receive Knowledge. Videos are shown in over 80 countries and translated into more than 60 languages. Contributions made at local video events, and sales of these materials, help Elan Vital support this production and distribution effort worldwide.

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About Participating Financially

Making a financial contribution to Elan Vital is a direct, effective way to help. No matter the size, every single contribution makes a difference. It is this voluntary and consistent support by thousands of individuals that has helped Maharaji's message reach people throughout the world.

Elan Vital applies contributions where most needed. The priority continues to be international tours and events. Support is also focused on the on-going preparations for events in Amaroo and production and distribution of videos.

Your participation is always welcome and sincerely appreciated. Thank you for the vital role you play.

How to Make Contributions

Contributions in US Funds can be made through:
+ Checks - US banks please
+ Money Orders and Traveler's Checks
+ Automatic Bank Withdrawal (available in United States)
+ Credit Card
+ Wire Transfer
+ Stocks

Checks, money orders and traveler's checks (US funds) made payable toElan Vital can be mailed to:

Elan Vital, Inc.
P.O. Box 6130
Malibu, CA 90264 USA

Contributions to Elan Vital, Inc. are tax-deductible as provided by law.

A reliable way to provide consistent support is to designate that a specific amount be deducted monthly from your bank account or charged to your credit card. The attached form can be used for setting up this type of contribution.

Please contact Elan Vital for more information about contributing stocks or matching gifts or designating Elan Vital as a beneficiary of a will or trust or other planned giving.

Commonly Asked Questions

How can I change my monthly contributions by credit card?
By using the form attached. Designate your new amount and check the box to signify that this new payment replaces any previous one.

What happens when my credit card expires?
When your credit card expires, Elan Vital can no longer process your monthly contribution. When you receive your updated card, please alert Elan Vital by fax, email or by sending in the attached form.

What happens if I change accounts or lose the credit card?
Please notify Elan Vital at your earliest convenience and provide new account numbers.

For Further Information
Mail: Elan Vital, Inc.
P.O. Box 6130
Malibu, CA 90264 USA
Phone: 1-818-889-1193
Fax: 1-818-889-6522
Contributions email:

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