North American Sponsorship Program

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North American Sponsorship Program

November 1990


October 19, 1990 marked an important milestone in Maharaji's work with the acquisition of the Challenger 601. Maharaji is clearly delighted with the quality and capabilities of the aircraft, as well as with the depth of support from all those around the world who contributed towards it.

…The successful acquisition of the Challenger does not signal the completion of a project, but rather a continuing opportunity for all those who wish to support Maharaji's work… by providing monthly support through Sponsorship contributions.

…In less than one month, nearly $8 million in contributions and loans were received from around the world. More than 2700 people in the United States and Canada contributed $2.2 million in gifts and $2 million in loans. This more than doubles the amount raised for the acquisition and improvements to the Lear 55 over the past five years.

This letter …is also an urgent request to return the enclosed pledge envelope as soon as possible…

Most Sincerely

Bill Wishard W. Timothy Gallwey David H. Coyne