Jai Satchitanand. As AMP has evolved and changed over the past few months, this application form has become somewhat out-of-date. The following instructions have been added to make it a bit clearer. Please read them carefully, and thank you for your patience.

Please be sure to fill out the "Premie Information" section inside the front page.


A. "Amount Pledged"- Put the monetary amount you'll be mailing in regularly; do not write simply "10%". If you presently have no income and are looking for a job, it would be best to keep your application until you can fill in the pledge accurately. If you income is sporadic, but you want to give 10% of it whenever it does come in, give an estimate for what you can pledge and the frequency of the pledge. When it becomes more regular, give your DUO office or National Headquarters the new information.

B. "To be paid each"- This tells us how often your donation comes in, which is usually when you get paid. Please circle the appropriate choice; either "week" or "year" or "month". If you get paid at some other time interval not included in the choices, for instance, bi-weekly, circle "other" and after, write in the space the appropriate information.

C. "If no income, specify"- This area is for information needed only if you are applying to be a Non-Pledging active member (see #2b on this page); otherwise it should be left blank.

D. "I have already filled out a Skills Questionnaire"- If you have, then you don't need to fill it out again, unless you wish to indicate new skills.

E. "Please return entire form to… "- Note corrections: If you live in a DUO community, return your application to the DUO Director. All others should return their applications to National Headquarters. No applications should be returned to a DIC.


A. Married couples- Please fill out separate applications.

B. Non-Pledging Members- Ina few cases, premies will qualify for active membership even though their situation makes it impossible for them to contribute monetarily. For instance, in the case of a couple with an infant, the husband might be contributing 10% of his income and the wife taking care of the child; so she would qualify for active membership. In the affirmation section she would write "none" in the space for "Amount pledged". In the space for "If no income, specify", she would explain her situation and give the name of her husband who is an active member. If you think you qualify and you live in a DUO community, speak to your DUO Director. If you don't live in a DUO community, please write us a letter with your application explaining your situation.

C. Less than 10%- If you want to give occasional donations, but not regularly 10% of your income, your donations are welcome, but you do not qualify for active membership. Please send such donations to the following address: Attention: Paul Welch/Divine Light Mission/Box 532/Denver, Colo. 80201. Include name, address, and account number if you know it, and make the check out to Divine Light Mission. You will receive a quarterly receipt.