salutations at the lotus feet of satgurudev

The Active Membership Program, like Divine Light Mission, is the expression of our internal experience with Knowledge. Once we receive Knowledge, we are naturally a part of His Mission to bring Divine Light to the world.

In the same way, Active Membership consists of "Active" and "Membership." Within us is a movement, the Holy Word of God. That vibration is constant and active. It brings life, peace and love. And so, our true expression of that vibration must also be a constant and active effort. "Membership" is a belonging, the recognition that within us all is Guru Maharaj Ji, that we are all a part of Him, that we are one family. And so the manifestation of that is our working together in cooperation and unity … the organized body of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Our time, energy, ideas and money are the gifts we have to offer our Lord. The 10% pledge is your opportunity to offer the first fruits of your labors to Maharaj Ji. By doing so, the time and energy you spend in your work becomes your service to Him. The enclosed skills questionnaire is another opportunity for you to participate in the activities of the Mission wherever and whenever possible.

So give cheerfully, and join in. It is not our duty … it is our privilege.



I wish to become an Active Member of Guru Maharaj Ji's Mission. As an Active Member of Divine Light Mission, I agree to adhere to the requirements below:

1. Keep the five Commandments of Guru Maharaj Ji.
2. Contribute 10% of my regular income.
3. Help propagate Knowledge through service in Divine Light Mission whenever possible.
4. Fill out a skills questionnaire.

I have already filled out a Skills Questionnaire.
Please return entire form to your DUO or DIC director or National Headquarters; AMP Box 532, Denver, Colorado 80201


"So really premies, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do service. Now. I mean, I am not talking about next year. Many premies think, 'I don't know about it right now. It's in a little bit of a hanky panky situation, this Mission. I'll try next year when they get it together.' Listen, it's not going to get together in 1975 or 1976 until you help it, until you cooperate with it. You know, if the guy says, 'Listen, this engine isn't any good, so I am not going to put it in the car,' the engine will never be mended and never be put in the car, and the car will never drive and just sit there, and sit there, and sit there, 'til the evolution comes and changes the whole earth down, or it gets rusty. But, if we can cooperate, then what we can do is just so beautiful. We can take that engine and mend it, and put it in the car, and get that car rolling down the hiway, and let people see it. And people will see that, man, that was an old car and they made it new. They got it working perfectly." – Shri Guru Maharaj Ji

"When you meditate you really start to know Guru Maharaj Ji. And the more you know Him, the more you love Him. And the more you love Him, the more you want to serve Him. And the more you serve Him, the more you know Him. And this goes on, continuously, forever." – Durga Mata Ji


Guru Maharaj Ji has requested we use modern methods to organize and codify our skills and resources in constructing the New Age. Our primary function is to be his tool; the following skills are methods to that end.

The information gathered here will be fed into a computer and remain readily accessible. Please go through the list and using the proficiency code, put a number next to each skill in which you have some ability that you want to dedicate in service to Guru Maharaj Ji.

1. STRONG INTEREST: Having strong interest in, and are willing to devote time to gaining experience in the field.
2. SKILLED AMATEUR: Having done it as a hobby, but not professionally.
3. TRAINED: Having been formally trained in the field.
4. EXPERIENCED: Having had employment experience in the field.
5. ACCREDITED PROFESSIONAL: Having certification, degree or license as well as employment experience in the field.

3 SHORTHAND –Having formal training in shorthand, no work experience.
4 CARPENTRY – Having work experience in carpentry, but no certification.
5 PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHER –Having certification and work experience in school teaching.