Fund Raising - Amaroo 1997


Hone your skills to be fulfilled.
Seek the most beautiful within you
Be attracted to the beauty inside.
Understand and respect that feeling.



The evolution of "Amaroo" as an international conference centre has been inspiring from the beginning. Covering 1300 acres, it provides a unique environment for outdoor gatherings.

Since 1992, Élan Vital Australia has invited thousands of people from more than 50 countries to attend events at "Amaroo", and hundreds of people have been able to receive Knowledge.

The natural surroundings, much appreciated by Maharaji, offer individuals a peaceful setting for spontaneous interaction with him.

Significant effort has gone into establishing the infrastructure, including roads, electricity and water, laying the foundation for the development of the conference facilities and campground accommodations.

The first Knowledge Centre in the world, designed specifically for Knowledge sessions, was opened in October 1996. The next major project was the construction of an open air amphitheatre seating more than 4000 people. This is just the beginning of fulfilling a long term vision.

International events at "Amaroo" are now a reality and so is the ongoing effort to develop the following:

  • Amphitheatre - completion and enhancement
  • Knowledge Centre - additions and improvements
  • Campground expansion and upgrading
  • Permanent kitchen and fine dining facilities
  • Additional infrastructure and landscaping
  • 5000 seat indoor auditorium

The scope of these projects invites the participation of everyone who shares the vision for "Amaroo".

Your continuous support is greatly appreciated.

You are an essential part of this vision.


Somebody with great kindness showed me how to be in touch with the most precious thing in my life. That kindness I can only appreciate if I appreciate the gift that I have been given. That appreciation cannot be a theory.

That same person also told me to be centred. Here is a gift that will take me to the place where I need to be. I am thankful that such a thing exists.