Guru Maharaj Ji, Madrid, May 19, 1976

Let Yourself Grow

Guru Maharaj Ji, Madrid, May 19, 1976

Once you receive Knowledge, you should meditate on it. Don't think it's like dragging your head down into it, because it's very natural, it's within inside of us, and we have to just get connected.

It's like when I first came from India and started speaking the English language. It was a little bit weird, a little bit strange to speak English all the time and I thought, "Yeah, I'm never going to forget a word of Hindi; I'm not going to forget Hindi, ever." Well, I was talking to Raja Ji the other day and all of a sudden I couldn't remember some Hindi words. It was like, wow! You can really forget something that you have known for a long, long, long, long time. And that was just a couple of words that I didn't remember.

In the same way, when we came into this world, we were connected with Knowledge. You know, it was so beautiful when Premlata was born. She came out and she cried and then after she had a little milk, she felt better. Then everything was just breathing very, very evenly. It was such a surprise to me because I'd never seen a baby that close. Being with a baby that close is just wonderful, it's just really beautiful.

So the problem isn't like we just went to a foreign country and stayed too long there, and now we were brought back home and we just simply don't remember the language, so we have to brush up on it. We are so dumb that we completely forgot the whole thing. It takes more than brushing up, it means literally going to school and learning the whole language again.

Really, it's all within inside of us, and we have to just plug right back into it. That's what satsang, service, and meditation are for. Actually, we are very unfortunate that we have a right to make a decision, should we or should we not do satsang, service, or meditation, because probably that is the only drawback of human beings today. They can say, "Nah, I don't want peace. Who wants peace? People are going to think I'm weird if I plug into this thing." That is probably the only drawback of everything that's fortunate in this lifetime. That's one thing I feel, that man really shouldn't have been given any choice about it. I mean, it's inside of him, it's supposed to be inside of him, it is him. And yet man is given a choice to forget it, and therefore, he forgets it. It's just that way in God's creation. The Lord does funny things sometimes, and there is no logical explanation for them. So it's really for us now to understand what that Knowledge is, to really do satsang, service, and meditation. Everything is really beautiful if you do it, sincerely do it.

Sometimes premies have a lot of problems understanding this, they have a lot of problems plugging back into it. So, I would say that if it was a matter of life and death for you and you were trying to swim, and in fact you knew how to swim, how much would you try to get out of that predicament? Ask yourself that question, answer that for yourself, and whatever trials you would go through, whatever effort you would put in to save yourself from that predicament, just put a hundred times more than that into Knowledge, because this isn't just a matter of life and death, this is much more. You have to just try and you'll find out how everything is.

It's completely up to your experience, it's completely up to you what kind of a decision you really make for yourself, because I'm not going to make a decision for anybody. I'm really not. The reason is because it is really your understanding and your learning that is going to affect you, and not mine. But neither am I going to say, "Do whatever you want to do," because there is something that you should do which shouldn't be left to a person's choice. So, I'm not going to really force anybody's decision. If you make a decision, then you make a decision. What can anybody do about that? But, if you don't give satsang, service and meditation a sincere chance in your life, then this life isn't worth living, because you have just forgotten the three major things upon which the whole system is based.

The thing is that there is no reason why you can't realize Knowledge. You can make up a rational explanation for yourself, "Well, this is the reason why I can't understand Knowledge," but really that is not a reason, because if you are alive right now, there is no reason why you shouldn't understand Knowledge. But if you are dead, I don't think I'm even going to venture that kind of an expedition to try to make you understand. But you're alive right now and this is really a beautiful experience, it is realizable and we can realize it. So this is why I'm saying, "Realize it."

And if there's a lot more to this experience than just what people sometimes say, there's also a lot more to be understood, there's a lot more to be done, a lot more. You are the premies who are responsible for a lot of generations after generations after generations of people receiving Knowledge, and this is an important time. So first, we have to realize Knowledge, and then we can go out and give people the true satsang that they really need.

So it's for your personal understanding. Just try to grow. Grow for yourself, grow for everybody, grow for each other, because growth is also something that you can share. Physical growth is so limited and it is dependent upon things like what you eat and your age. Maybe if you are all grown up, that's about it for your physical growth, but there's another kind of growth inside, and that growth is what we have to share with each other. Let yourself live and let other people live; let them grow, too, because if you start pouring all your growth on them, then what is the other person going to do? So let each other grow and also grow yourself.

Thank you very much and blessings to all the premies. Maybe sometime we'll get a chance to be together again, and I'll say the same exact thing. Maybe it'll be differently worded, but that'll be the only difference. That growth is inside of you and just try to realize and grow, because you can grow. Remember that to Knowledge you're still a baby, it doesn't matter how long it's been. I'm still a baby to Knowledge too, because it's such a long path. All I can do is just grow and all you can do is just grow.

Thank you very much.