Hans Jayanti Gazette VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2 NOVEMBER 8, 1975


What's on Where

The biggest thing that is happening today is Darshan! Guru Maharaj Ji himself has designed the way that the Darshan line will work. We'll be lining up right after brunch – 11:00 or so. And that will be the Major Event of the day.

Accompanying Darshan will be a "five minute satsang program." Now you may wonder what's the point of having a satsang program that's only five minutes long … five minutes isn't the program length, it's the speaker's time limit. This way, in five hours 60 people could give satsang.

During Darshan, there will be programs for the aspirants and any members of the public who have come on Saturday. For the full scoop on these, see the insert.

After Darshan, there will be a major PLA performance in the Grande Hall at the Carlton. This will be The Hermit play that you have heard so much about. Also there will be the usual slew of films in the Travelodge plus a Seminar on Natural Child Birth in the Citrus Ballroom of the High Q Quality Hotel, led by Mona Patterson, a midwife from Denver who has assisted in many premie deliveries.

After Darshan The Divine Light Dance Ensemble will perform in the main stage area.

This brings us up to dinner time when there will be the usual lovely light music to dine by.

The evening satsang at the main stage will be light also – with plenty of music.

And just to give you a sampling of what we did …

Saturday morning: We meditated extra long this morning to put ourselves in a place where we could really appreciate what was going to happen today – Darshan. After breakfast we went over to the little Darshan stage that was set up in the middle of the field. About 600 or 800 smarter souls had already arrived and were lined up.

In the line not too far ahead of us were some other good friends of ours from California. One thing led to another and pretty soon we were having satsang.

"Something I am realizing is that there is no reason to be unhappy," Tracy Howard said. "At my job, I work with some very nice people, but I see that as a premie I have something that they don't have. I know how to meditate. I have a way to feel happy whatever the situation. When I see myself slipping into the same things that my friends at work are doing, I realize that I am just not using what Guru Maharaj Ji gave me."

Taking a moment to soak it in, we picked up on this thread. "It's funny, but when we first got Knowledge, I felt like there was so much to learn. Learn how attachments work, understand this aspect of the mind, getting a feel for how to relate my experiences in satsang … Actually, we started to think that we were pretty smart amassing such spiritual wisdom. But now I feel like the whole lesson is to do simple moment to moment meditation. Every situation is geared to teach us that one thing. And when we start to practice that – not just to understand that we should do it, but to really do it – then we will know how to deal with all these other things as they arise."

By this time the five minute satsang program had started and in another half an hour we were at the Lotus Feet. Only for a second – but what a sweet second it was.

The rest of the afternoon we spent recuperating. We saw the Dance Ensemble perform and then we went back to the hotel and meditated till dinner, in preparation for the evening main stage satsang.

please make my words like the wind,
gentle and firm
please make my thoughts like
a mountain waterfall,
pure and flowing
please make my actions like those
of a sage,
steady and humble
please make my life like yours,
– Don Johnson

Let me gaze on you, let me enjoy you,
Let me embrace you, let me
enfold you.
No more strife, no more death,
0 my life, o my treasure.
I am yours, and you are mine,
my hope,
Tell me so and tell me again,
You are my idol, my joy,
My heart, my life.
– The Coronation of Poppea,
G.F. Busenello

"Well, the first time I saw Him, O the first time I saw Him,
Though I was smiling, I had tears in my eyes.
The first time I saw Him I just had to adore Him,
I knew I had found Him whom I waited for.

O Guru Maharaj Ji, O Guru Maharaj Ji,
Now you've come down from your home in the sky.
Oh He showed me something, Oh He showed me something,
Now I feel so happy that inside I could cry.

Will someone remind me that I'm getting older
Because I'm having trouble remembering that.
I feel so happy, I feel so happy,
I feel so happy that inside I could fly.

Well, we have seen Guru Maharaj Ji coming in Glory,
Moving like lightning from the east to the west.
So come on my brother and lay down before Him,
Just give Him your love and give Him your mind.

Yes, we have all seen Maharaj Ji coming in Glory,
Moving like lightning from the east to the west.
So rise up my brother and lay down before Him,
Just give Him your love and give Him your mind.

I say unto you that hear and understand, look for your shepherd, he shall give you everlasting rest; for he is nigh at hand, that shall come in the end of the world. Be ready to the reward of the kingdom, for the everlasting light shall shine upon you for evermore. Flee the shadow of this world, receive the joyfulness of your glory: I testify my saviour openly. 0 receive the gift that is given you, and be glad, giving thanks unto him that hath called you to the heavenly kingdom.
– Old Testament Apocrypha

Lord, the rays of Your sun
have seeped through to this humble one
and opened the flower of his heart,
breathing the petals apart
with a fragrance that knowing brings.
Thus cotton-clad Mila sings:
Truth shall always bind You to me.
I remember You constantly.
– Marpa, the Translator


Yes, Father!
Yes, and always, Yes!
– St. Francis de Sales' prayer

Hans Jayanti '75

Jean Renoir is one of the world's greatest film directors, and in every film he makes, he includes a small part for himself. It generally only lasts two minutes. He ambles on camera, puffs on his briar pipe, smiles directly at the audience and ambles offstage. Yet his appearance is always the most relaxed and amiable moment in the film, for he is the director, and has no one to please but himself.

In the same way, this universe is the work of one Dramatist, one Producer, and he takes a part in his play, to play with his friends, to lead them to the brink of love, and push them in. Only the scenes in which he plays are perfect, only the scenes in which he plays are drenched with love.

Once, at an airport reception a reporter asked Guru Maharaj Ji how he felt about all his disciples who had come to greet him. He said, "I love them, they are as close to me as my breath." And it's true. Guru Maharaj Ji's disciples feel the same way about him. We love him more than anything else in the world.

We love him because he opens our hearts. This isn't simply a sweet sounding sentiment. It is a practical fact. Guru Maharaj Ji's disciples remain faithful to him because they have hearts and souls that are alive, that once were dead.

Guru Maharaj Ji teases his lovers. He plays hide and seek with us, he hides his love from us until we cry for it, until our defenses are down, our defenses against love. And then he showers us with love, he completely overwhelms us with love.

What other lover in the world demands nothing but purity? What other lover can be loved by all mankind without jealousy? What other lover has a glance like an arrow, that pierces only the heart? What other lover is himself the embodiment of God, of perfect and pure love?

Many times the Perfect Master has come into this world, and in this section of the Gazette we will be printing some of the loveliest expressions of devotion of the disciples of every age. For me, the most inspirational passage in the New Testament is the one in which Mary Magdalen washes the feet of Christ with her tears, and pours ointment on them. The Perfect Master's feet are his disciple's shelter: and darshan, in which we offer our reverence at the feet of our Guru Maharaj Ji, is the sweetest moment in our devotional life.

As Isaiah says, "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace."

One cannot comprehend Him through reason, even if one reasoned for ages. – Nanak

Hans Jayanti '75

Hans Jayanti '75 The shadows of evening fall thick and deep, and the darkness of love envelops the body and the mind.
Open the window to the west, and be lost in the sky of love;
Drink the sweet honey that steeps the petals of the lotus of the heart.
Receive the waves in your body: what splendour is in the region of the sea!
Hark! The sound of conches and bells are rising.
Kabir says: "0 brother, behold! The Lord is in this vessel of my body."

– Kabir

And so now that Maharaj Ji is here, and He is gracing us with His darshan, I just hope all of you can somehow empty yourselves of all your ideas and concepts and just really experience that. Because there's no denying it.

People will say, "Well, you people are crazy. What do you see in that boy?" And, "He's this and he's that" – it won't matter. You've experienced something that's so pure and so real that no one can ever take that away from you.

And so now I – just, there's really nothing else to say. Now I think the best thing to do is to have everyone come up and have the darshan of Guru Maharaj Ji, and do pranam at His Feet, and realize what He's truly giving us in this moment. Because really, as you go to do pranam you're the most fortunate human being in this world.

– Durga Ji

Hans Jayanti '75Sri Krishna struck a melodious note on His flute, that enraptured the mind of the fair-eyed Gopis. Hearing that music, kindling love (in the bosom of the Gopis), the women sallied forth from all sides (with the help of the note of the flute), to the spot where that beloved One was.
– Srimad Bhagavatam

If your love is always true, not one breath do you forget Me, always, I remember you.
– Krishna

Theirs is the highest grace
who will be there to see His face
as He comes from the skies.
They see God with their own eyes,
as He leads them beside His throne,
linking their arms with His own.

– St. John of the Cross

"Here we both obey and give ourselves up in full bent, to lay our service freely at your feet to be commanced."

Hans Jayanti '75 I remember, I waited so long before Premlata was born. I thought, "Oh, I just can't wait! I can't wait to have this baby." Now I realize how Guru Maharaj Ji must wait to have all his babies, to have all his children come to him. It's something that each one of us has to do, we have to come to him in our own way. No one else can come for us. Each one of us has to come to him. That's why he's given us this life.
– Durga Ji

There are probably experiences and tests that some of us will have that are very, very difficult and very hard. But we have to really stay one-centered. Some of these things we might think are perfectly fine, but MaharajJi's shown that Knowledge is the only thing that we can hang on to. To put your faith and your trust in anything, in anyone besides Guru MaharajJi is not right. You can't put your faith and trust in me, because I'm not perfect. Maharaj Ji's perfect. Guru Maharaj Ji's perfect. I have mind, and I'm just like you. I'm just like everyone else. We're all devotees of Maharaj Ji; we're all premies of Maharaj Ji. All we really want to do is to know him, and to love him, and to serve him. That's really it. That's our fulfillment; that's our total, total fulfillment, and we are complete.
– Durga Ji

Hans Jayanti '75Who set the sun and stars in their courses?
Who gave speed to the wind and the clouds?
Who prepared the places of light and darkness?
And how may I gain control of my senses
so I may understand perfection and immortality
and offer both at your feet, 0 Lord?
– Zoroaster

Subtle is the path of love!
therein there is no asking and no not asking, There one loses one's self at His feet.

– Kabir

What can I tell you about Krishna's song?
It catches my hair, and just drags me along.
I'm a virtuous lady, and honor my spouse,
yet Krishna keeps luring me out of the house
with that music of His. I have no choice at all
Like grass in the wind, I must bend to His call.

The vines in the forest unwind at His feet,
old men forget wisdom, and young women cheat.
How can a simple girl run from His glance?
The master decides when His puppets shall dance.
What can I tell you about Krishna's song?
It catches my hair, and just drags me along.

– Chandidasa

Maharaj Ji is here in this body, but he's not here in this body to have a physical relationship. The relationship that the premies have, that we can have with Maharaj Ji, is with Guru Maharaj Ji inside of us. It's so perfect; it's so complete; it's something that you can never lose if you stay with it. Like, with the physical connection, when you walk away into another room, where is it? Where's the physical togetherness? It's separated by a wall, or separated between states, or on another side of the world. But that connection that Maharaj Ji's given us, that can never leave us. What's closer than within you? There's nothing closer than that.
– Durga Ji

When I churned the sea of body, a strange truth came to light, God was identified in the Master, and no distinction could Nanak find.
– Guru Ram Das

How can Devotion be known except through one's heart melting or through tears of joy trickling down one's cheeks, and how can one's mind be purified except through Devotion. A man full of devotion to Me – who speaks in a voice choked with emotion and whose heart melts through affection – purifies the whole world.
Srimad Bhagavatam

And then she dreamed that she was walking by a brook bordered with trees, and lamenting her sad fate, then a young prince, handsomer than she had ever seen, and with a voice that went straight to her heart, came and said to her, "Ah, Beauty! You are not so unfortunate as you suppose. Here you will be rewarded for all you have suffered elsewhere. Your every wish shall be gratified. Only try to find me out, no matter how I may be disguised, as I love you dearly, and in making me happy you will find your own happiness. Be as true-hearted as you are beautiful, and we shall have nothing left to wish for."

"What can I do, Prince, to make you happy?" said Beauty.

"Only be grateful," he answered, "and do not trust too much to your eyes …"

– Beauty and the Beast, by Madame de Villeneuve

I know now, Lord, why you utter no answer. Before your face questions die away. What other answer would suffice?
– C.S. Lewis

By surrendering, I mean propagating the Knowledge. We are a part of Him, you know. After He has asked from us our mind and our body, once we have given all this to Him – what are we? I mean, just imagine Raja Ji minus his mind, which is my personality, so I'm not Raja Ji anymore. I'm just a person, and then my body, what am I? I'm nothing. Raja Ji doesn't own himself anymore. He is nothing. But, he is a part of Guru Maharaj Ji. Because I have given myself to Him, I am a slave of His.
– Raja Ji

I wish and long for the dust of his feet – the dust that has created the universe.
– St. Kabir

And, behold, a woman in the city, who was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus was eating in the Pharisee's house, brought an alabaster box of ointment, and stood at his feet behind him, weeping; and began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hair of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed them with the ointment.
– Luke 7:37-38

Rama said to Hanuman: "In what light do you see me?" Hanuman replied: "Rama, when I have the sense of ego left in me I see that Thou are the Whole and I am the part, Thou art the Master, I am the servant; but when I attain the highest Knowledge I see that Thou are myself and I am Thou."
– Ramakrishna

Be silent. Listen.
There goes Shams of Tabriz
Rising from the East.
Maybe we can hear
The sound of Light's footsteps.

– Rumi

Maharaj Ji, my Lord,
To You I am
In no small way.
You are my very life
And if not for you
All is gone.
I can't breathe even
Without your grace.
It's only your grace
That I can write now.
It's your grace
That I can serve you.
How can I choose not to
When You are my all?
It is also your grace
That gives me a choice
To not serve you.
Your grace is too dear to me
To talk about.
– I love You.
I want to be
In your service
For your goals.


Once in every great while, a group of people find a dream come true, and they live happily ever after. – David Blackburn, COLL

Kim Cantor and the time/breath machine of Dr. Leon
a Science Fiction serial in 3 parts

Part II

The story so far: Dr. Edgar Leon is using his time/breath machine to project the awareness of photographic genius Kim Cantor into the consciousness of Nuri Nuruddin, a disciple of twelfth century muslim poet-saint Attar of Nishapur.

Like a sea breeze, like a murmur of bees his breath lulled him, swayed him asleep …

Like a camera shutter opening in slow motion, like a timelapse shut of a rosebud unfolding its petals, like an opening heart he awoke to his new surroundings. A fragrance of roses flooded his breath.

He focussed in on the garden.

The light was delicate, like a water-color come to life: the desert was silver, white and faint pink blossoms touched the silvery thin branches of the trees, the sky a light blue wash across the horizon. In the walled garden a small stream ran, so the faithful might cleanse themselves. In the walled garden as nowhere for fifty miles around, grass grew, that the faithful might kneel to pray. The little mud mosque stood brilliant white in the garden, its door half opening on the dimness within.

In the grass sat five of the companions, their robes wrapped about them, eyes closed, lost in the glories of the Word. One of their number, Hasan Qualandar, was expounding a text from the Koran: "It is We who have sent down the Remembrance, and we watch over it. For our sake it is well we have been brought to the Remembrance. But: God gave us speech, as He gave everything speech. And: Nothing there is, that does not proclaim His praise. Therefore it is good that we should praise Him also, for God's earth is wide, and they comprehend not anything of His Knowledge, save such as He wills."

A hush, and our beloved Sheikh, Fariduddin Attar came from the mosque.

No words can describe his face. Gentlest of men, warrior of the heart, beloved of the lovers of love. He stood before us, and we melted as butter in the sun.

Our hearts opened as the lungs of a drowning man open, when he is returned to air. His eyes were fierce as fire beneath dark brows, his face was a shimmer of molten gold. His cheeks were touched by the tints of delicate roses, his teeth were the walls of a white and splendid city. When his breath went forth, it untied the knots of time and space.

Our beloved Sheikh spoke. His words were a river. Our beloved Sheikh looked. His glance was a sword. Our beloved Sheikh gestured. His hands spun the heavens in their turnings. Our beloved Sheikh sat with us. His presence was the crowning grace of all worlds. He knew each one of us, as the heart knows. He loved each one of us, as only a Father loves.

Worlds melted. Our eyes were raised to him. We turned our eyes to the ground for shelter. We gazed on him again.

"In my youth, I was a perfumer," said our beloved Sheikh. "My shop was filled with the essences of rose and frankincense, and even those who passed by without stopping were touched by the fragrances of amber and sandalwood.

"As I sat in my shop one day, a wandering dervish came before me, and began to weep. I told him to pack up his troubles and take them elsewhere, but he replied that it was for me he wept. 'For myself, it is easy to leave this place,' he said. 'I have only my cloak. But for you… How can you leave, bowed down as you are with such riches, jars of fine perfumes, and bottles of henna and kohl?'

"'For myself,' I replied, 'I have hopes to leave this life in poverty and peace, a dervish like you.'

"'We shall see who can die as a penniless dervish,' he said. And he laid down at the door of my shop and died.

"That was the turning point for me. Was I going to spend my time talking about becoming a dervish, or was I going to become one? Talk was no longer enough. I left my possessions and set out on my quest.

"Poverty is like a window," said our beloved Sheikh. "Looking in it, we can see all the people of the world. But silver and gold can cover that window, so that it becomes a mirror. Then you see only yourself. Rid yourself of baggage, if you would journey to the far kingdom.

"The atom has only a seeming brilliance," said our Beloved. "By its nature, it is but an atom: but if that atom can lose itself in the Sun, it will share the Sun's brilliance for ever."

As our beloved Sheikh spoke, we were all amazed. Whatever we knew of worries and fears before we came to this place, was no longer with us. We bathed in the sight of his face, there was no other home for us. We wished for nothing, for the sight of him watered our souls. We wept tears of joy, and knew he had given them. We wept tears of renewal, it was to him that we turned in our hearts. A myriad times more than mortals may feel, we felt in those moments. Our hearts were brimmed over. We dived deep, found new worlds in our hearts.

"Each star at night stands on its own," said our Sheikh, may the mantle of peace rest upon him. "Yet when the veils are withdrawn, we shall see clearly: all stars shine with one light."

At our beloved Sheikh's words, we were one like the stars of the night.

Our beloved Sheikh paused: we discovered night had fallen. He dismissed us, but as I made ready to leave, he touched my sleeve.

"I have words for you, Nuri Nuruddin," he said. "I have words for you. There shall come a time when the shapes of things shall appear on paper, and the faces of men be captured in the pages of books. I have much to say to you about that time, Nuri Nuruddin. Hear me well."

In tomorrow's final episode, the twelfth century muslim poet-saint Attar gives his disciple Nuri (and present day genius photographer Kim Cantor, who has been projected back into Nuri's consciousness by Dr. Leon's time/breath machine) instructions about devotion in the twentieth century.