Birthday 1976 Festival

On December 10, Guru Maharaj Ji will be 19 years old.

Birthdays are always special, a day to just celebrate the fact that you are alive. But how much more special is a day to celebrate that our Guru Maharaj Ji is here with us now. And what better way to celebrate it than with His Family? (Unless, it were to be with Him personally!)

So, a retreat has been planned to give premies along the Mid-Atlantic Coast an opportunity to come together for two days of satsang, meditation, and celebration. The retreat is being coordinated by the joint effort (and Love) of the New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. communities.

A beautiful hotel in Atlantic City, N.J. has been reserved for the weekend of December 18 & 19. Enclosed here is a reservation form to be filled out and sent directly to the Howard Johnson's Regency Hotel. The hotel will also host all the Celebration programs, as well as provide its recreational facilities (tennis courts, indoor pool, etc.) for our use. Check out the brochure at your local DUO office.

Registration for the programs will be handled through your local DUO office. Registration will be open from November 20 through December 13 only. There will be no late registration because of the need for coordination with the hotel. Program registration will be $12 (children between 2 and 12, $4.00). Checks should be made out to "BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION '76". The registration cost covers the total cost of the three programs (including one Formal Banquet) and the arrangements for the weekend, exclusive of the room costs, which are to be handled by the individuals, directly with the hotel.

So, again, we recognize that each opportunity that we have together allows us to grow deeper and closer in our experience of this gift that our Guru Maharaj Ji has given us. We come together because we do have an experience of this Knowledge, because we need satsang, and service, and meditation, because we love our Guru Maharaj Ji and want to be as close to Him as possible.


Guru Maharaj Ji has been invited, in hopes that He will join us in this celebration, because we need His Darshan too!


10AM - 2PM
Arrival and registration at Regency Hotel

2PM - 4:30PM

Dinner and Celebration Program

Group Meditation


8AM - 1PM
Group Meditation

1PM - 4PM

Check out and leave for home

NOTE: The only meal which will be provided for is the Saturday Evening Program. The hotel will have a Vegetarian Menu avail- able at their restaurant. They will also have available, information on restaurants and eating places that are in the vicinity.
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