Knowledge Information Training (KIT)

Date: Wed, Jan 02, 2002 at 11:27:57 (EST)
From: Chris
Email: None
To: Joe
Subject: KIT - active recruitment

Thanks Joe. I don't seem to be viewing my exiting as a tragic thing, really - just glad I'm finally alerted and wisened up. I'm thankful to people like Dettmers, Macgregor and Mishler for their EPO posts alerting us outfield players of the behind-the-scenes facts, given that news such as that is not exactly splashed across the Elan Vital Newsletter's front page. … It's SO-O cultish.

Yes, the KIT was the last straw for me. My personal opinion is it should be illegal. (At the very least, it was a total waste of one of my weekends.) The material used in the session was the roughly 90-min. DVD/video from Maharaji's Atlanta session, and follow-up group exercises that emphasized teamwork and belittled individual thinking/decision-making and independent action, with frequent reminders to never forget, of course, who the no. 1 boss is. There was a bit of faulty/guilty behavior demonstrating in that we were each asked to recount past situations where we were unhelpful to newcomers and answered their questions poorly or 'improperly'. Also there was a series of about 6, 5-min. filmed shorts (produced by Dunrite in California with hired actors) of different takes of a morning coffee break conversation with a PWK talking to work friends about the event with Maharaji she attended over the weekend. Following each, we'd discuss what were the most effective and ineffective lines used. Then there was the simulator interview session (I'll describe that later)*

It was basically a how-to-sell-Knowledge-without-looking-or-sounding-like-you're-selling-Knowledge workshop. Of course, we couldn't think we were selling Knowledge; we were 'introducing the POSSIBILITY of Knowledge'. I signed up for this so as not to let the group down as they were one shy of the required number. Throughout the session, my thoughts were 'this will be the last training session I attend - it all seems so unnecessary, we really don't need this anymore' and the emphasis on no-thinking-through-for-yourself was a turn-off for me, basically.

*The simulation Q&A period:

A few of us volunteered, one at a time, to go into a side room with a camera-video feed to the main hall where the rest would be critically observing our response to some unknown pretaped questions (some of them quite challenging) from either (1) a newcomer first-time introduced; (2) an aspirant trying to get some things cleared up before asking for Knowledge; or (3) person just received Knowedge asking why he's not experiencing anything, and other 'mind' stuff. The questions were timed - you could get cut off if you pondered or went on too long. There were 4 pretaped endings (depending on your answers) varying from 'Thank you, I enjoyed talking with you; you've helped me' to 'What is this shit - you're crazy; I'm out of here'.

Being curious to see how I'd do and what crappy ideas I might be holding onto myself, I volunteered. I did okay except for the last question - an easy one I've heard many times: 'Can I still practise this meditation and follow my own religion as well?' As my mind seemed to go blank with no answer and couldn't immediately recall any of Maharaji's quotes like 'Yes, if you like ice cream on your pasta' or 'Check others out first and if still not satisfied, keep me in reserve' (which don't really say anything either way), I caved in with an elaborate 'yes'. I was feeling totally amazed at how easily I just let loose some misinformation and/or falsehood (like an embarrassing fart), when they ended the run with the first 'Thank you. …' ending! Everyone was clapping and supportive, but I felt like a liar.

The ensuing instruction on that was 'If there's a question you don't know the answer to, and we won't always have the answers to everything, just tell them to watch a video of MJ talking about it'. This I already well knew, but for me it was both not good enough AND gone from my mind at that under-pressure moment. When the instructor went on with this simplistic pointer, I was waving my arm high out of its socket with the question flooding through me: 'But why shouldn't we know the answers ourselves by now, and if not, to prepare for such interviews, we'd have to make a list of every possible question we can think of and search the library for the appropriate video before handing it to them'. It all smacked too much of being programmed with a run-home-to-mama button -- neither intelligent or honest, really. I wasn't given a chance to ask the question but was told I could email any feedback I have to the group. I did so with that very question, without a single response since.

I'm just finishing Steven Hassan's book on combatting cult mind control, and maybe later I could share some understandings on this with someone. … But I'll end this here, for now.

Cheers to you,


Date: Thurs, Jan 03, 2002 at 22:56:40 (EST)
From: Chris
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To: Cynthia
Subject: Hi Cynthia!

Hi Cynthia, sorry it took me a while to get back - I almost missed you in the entangling threads …

'It occurred to me that these training sessions appear to be completely for profit'

Even though its main purpose was recruitment training, yes I would say they got their profit as well. It was $150 pp and at least 20 participants was the minimum requirement for each session. The only material brought in were the DVD, the Dunrite video and the simulator interview tape. All the rest (hall, food, cam/vid/screen, flipcharts, instructors' billeting/travel, etc.) were provided by the hosting community.

'and propagation has diminished so much one would think he'd give it up already.'

- Cynthia, I feel the deprogramming gears here. It's interesting. …

Have to say, I can't see him ever giving it up. At least for as long as he remains dedicated to spreading Knowledge like he's always been (and hence it's the cult's dedication as well). I think maybe this could be a result of HIS programming. He's been raised since childhood to do this, like continuing in his dad's footsteps, and I doubt HE's ever questioned, re-examined or analyzed that, and so now it's continued on into the umpteenth generation?

However, I can say the quality of propagation has deteriorated right into the gutters. They're actually recruiting from within now by sending letters to old premies advising them of the 'resources currently available to enjoy the speaker's message' (as if they've forgotten where how to ask … - if they want, they will ask …)

But you know, the thing is, the mindset on that from within is they think they're helping the old premies - doing them a favor, even on the chance only that they might appreciate being told about it. …

Talk about it's all in the color of our glasses the way we look at something, or the program belief itself, together with lack of insight and facts. …?

I'm ending this one here, for now. (I've just written and deleted here another half page of drivel on this one - thoughts going back and forth in my head arriving nowhere yet……… :)

'He wants to keep premies in a state of submission and confusion. The double message is 1. With knowledge you will have all the answers, but…2. You must tie yourself to the master because only he
actually knows all the answers and you might be wrong. BUT, here are a few crumbs of information to help you sell the product, m/k, but don't ever say the wrong thing or else. '

- Yes, so much for the premise of ‘standing on your own experience'!

'Thanks again for joining this board… I look forward to more of your posts, Chris.'

- Great, thank you, me too