Guru Maharaj Ji's Speech (Excerpt): Miami Beach Florida, April 8 1978

Once Upon magazine

And premies, you know, it's just - there are no words that can express what Guru Maharaj Ji has given us. Guru Maharaj Ji has given us four things and it's just incredible. He has given us, ourselves. And then he has given us Knowledge. And then he has given us Grace. And then, and the most important thing, he has given us himself, and Guru Maharaj Ji's there. And that's what we have to understand. Because in this world, it's so easy to get lost. It's like that spider, when it has finished webbing its web, it has to be very, very careful. Because the web is specifically designed for creatures with legs that crawl and fly, to get trapped into it. And we have to be just always, always, always, always be careful.

And those opportunities that have been given to us - because you know, you can knock off the first thing, and it's not good. It's just no good. It's just like all those four things are so important. They interlock each other so much, that if you knock off one thing, kaput! It's no good. It doesn't work. And it's just what would be an experience if we weren't here, if we were six feet under the ground; if we weren't alive? What would be here to experience? But, no, there has been an opportunity given to us for that.

And that's us, we. Or, sitting from here, you. Not your girl friend, not your wife, not your person who's sitting right next to you. No. You are here. You, as an individual. That's it. And that's very incredible. And then, Guru Maharaj Ji has given us Knowledge. By his Grace, he has imparted us the Knowledge. And that's just like, what would this life be if we couldn't have Knowledge? If we couldn't just - and this is what I have been talking about - what this life would be if we couldn't fulfill the destiny.

And then he has given us Grace. And what would, again, Knowledge and this life be worth if there were no Grace?
And then, way, most - sitting at the top, he's given us himself. Guru Maharaj Ji is there.
And what good - and where is the Grace going to come from
if there is no Guru Maharaj Ji?
And if there is going to be no Grace,
there's going to be
no Knowledge …