A Beauty Inherent in every Human Being

A Beauty Inherent in every Human BeingEdited extracts from a series of presentations given by Maharaji in North America earlier this year.

To experience or not to experience

Los Angeles: February 21

To me, in this life we have options. We, as human beings, have choices. Choices that are real, not somebody's imagination. Choices that we can make. Either to be with that quality, either to be in that beauty that is inherent in every single human being, or not. It is something very subtle, but it's there. And we have a choice either to experience or not to experience it. We have a choice to further this life or not to further this life.

What about enjoying, for a change, that very thing that allows you to enjoy all those other things? Because that must be accessible as well, because it is fundamentally inside every human being. That's what makes the difference. You can go on, of course you can live your life, do what you do and probably do it well. But remember, there's something inside there knocks as well, "What about me?" Something inside says, "Just you. Just you." Not everything else. "Just you." What is that all about? What is that life that you have been given, that you have been gifted with? What secrets does it hold?

If we can start to realise that there is beauty of incredible proportions that we can enjoy, we can actually be a part of this incredible festival of life. And we need to remember that. We need to understand that. It doesn't matter whether we have Knowledge or don't have Knowledge. It doesn't matter if we are just starting off or we have found it. It doesn't matter.

What difference does it make?

Montreal: March 6

You have been given eyes to see and most wonderful things have been placed for you to look at. Not just that you were given eyes and nothing to see, that would be a bad joke. But you were given eyes and wonderful stuff to look at. You were given ears so you could hear, and then you were given most amazing things to hear. What haven't you been given? What don't you have? You have in you the potential, the power to make a judgement. You can say, "This is bad." And you can say, "This is good."

Now what difference does it make if you find out what that joy is within you or if you don't? None. You can live the rest of your life without it. And you can live the rest of your life with it. And I know that there are some of us who are willing to take on that endeavour and to say, "Is there something more?"

To some of us, living this life is a rat race and that will suffice. But to some of us there is the question, "Is there something more?" And to those of us who are willing to take on the endeavour, who are willing to make their search from subconscious or unconscious to conscious – it is those people and only those people who can benefit from what I am talking about.

Know the simplicity of life. Know the joy. Know the celebration. Know this privilege that you have. It is a unique privilege. After all, you are alive. You exist. And that is the most incredible thing happening to you right now. This is that festival of life that we are all a part of. We feel our pain, we feel our suffering, and yet we need to know that we can enjoy this life as well. And that Knowledge makes possible. Knowledge. A way. A very simple way that can allow you to connect to something that is inside of you, if you wish.

This is the deed of incredible compassion. That you are here on the face of this earth. You have invested in many things, and maybe you have won, or maybe you have lost. But maybe now it's time to invest in life. And it's important to invest in life because what you invest here will always be yours. What you invest elsewhaere? Easy come, easy go. Ask any business person.

A Beauty Inherent in Every Human Being

Maybe there is something more

Miami: March 1

This simple quest for quality is going on inside each human being, and that's not ro change regardless of which stage of life we are in. Regardless of that happens, that is always there and it continues to go on. Do we about this quest? Do we know that something very deep within our beings _:-^ds a quality?

Not too long ago I was talking to someone who said, "I've been searching for sor--.--,:qing and the search was intense. Then I found out that what I was searching for existed. And it was the biggest relief in my life. Not that I had found what I was 'poising for, but that it existed."

It is that quest that says, "Let me try to see what a banana and a coconut taste Ike together." It's something that pushes you, something that allows you evolve, something that permits you to go on, sometimes that gently nudges you forward. It is this quest that begins when you say "Maybe there is something more." And there is something more.

It is there and always will be there. You want a friend? Look within. You have a friend who sticks by you. When all the other friends go home this one is still there, within you. And when all is lost, this friend is still with you. During every rough ride, during every mountain climbed, something is inside perpetually, gently, moves us along.

Committed to life

New York: February 28

Look. you're the Captain. It may not seem like that to you, but you're the Captain of this life. You're not the Boss, but you're the Captain. This is all yours. You run it up on the cliffs, it's all yours. Go ahead. You run it onto the reefs and sink this thing, that's yours too. And to me, in one sense that's the way it feels, we're the Captain. We've got this life. What are we going to do with it?

Knowledge allows us to come to that beauty which is inherent in every human being on the face of this earth. And to be committed to life, not what we do in this life, but to be committed to this gift that we have been given. To be committed to this existence. To be committed to this love, this incredible act of compassion. That is something really worthwhile to commit to.