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Those with memories extending back to the last "Newsline" will recall that 1988 was given the name "the year of experiment". Maharaji had begun to give Knowledge personally, and had defined certain countries as target areas for his teaching, the U.K. being one of them.

Now we are near the year-end, we can see that the title was well justified. Throughout the year he has been active in tours, programmes and giving Knowledge, much of it accomplished in constantly changing ways. Not one Rejoice was exactly like the one before, and even the major development of this year, Maharaji beginning, in the target countries, to give Knowledge himself, has already been taken several steps further, much of the experimentation happening here in Britain.

Throughout it all one theme is constant – the need to develop and sustain the highest level of commitment and quality.

If we look back over the year, we are reminded of the effort he personally has put into what he has to do, both here and around the world.

In January, after similar events across North America, U.K. aspirants met with Maharaji in London for a two-hour long session. Two months later, in March and April, more than 5,000 heard him speak in two programmes at the Wembley Conference Centre, one of them attended by about 1,100 guests. Subsequently, two Knowledge selections led to a Knowledge session for nine people conducted personally by him. Between times, he conducted three Rejoices in Australia and New Zealand, two in Argentina, held a traditional 3-day festival in India, and spent a further period working in America.

In July, after launching the new one-day events, "Contacts", in the U.S.A., he returned to the U.K. for the first three Rejoices at the Metropole Hotel, Birmingham. At a late stage, these were greatly improved by the simple change of holding them in one room only, with himself constantly present, rather than four which he visited in turn. To accommodate everyone, a fourth event was scheduled at the London Hilton at the beginning of September. Altogether, 4,000 people with Knowledge were able to enjoy the inspiration of this very personal and thorough review with Maharaji himself. People who later commented were unanimous in thinking they were the most important events they had attended since receiving Knowledge.

He aiso used the week or so between the first and second British Rejoices to hold them in Israel and Greece.

"Contacts" then took place in a series of European cities – Munich, Rome, Paris, Montreux, Madrid and Lisbon – before Maharaji returned to America in mid-September to develop a further step forward: the use of a small team of full-time instructors specially trained to help give Knowledge.

Maharaji then conducted a Knowledge selection for 14 people in Los Angeles, followed by a session for 5 people in Oxnard, California, and held a meeting with full-time instructors and organisers in Miami. He then returned to England, where in the course of one week, starting 17 October, he conducted a Knowledge selection for 32 British and six European aspirants , and then participated in a session for 18 of them, both in Brighton.

Between the selection and the session, Maharaji fitted in a meeting with European full-time instructors and organisers to review future plans, and the day after the session, on Friday 21 October, he flew back to America in time for his wife's birthday.

At the end of the month he visited Australia for a series of three Contacts, in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and then returned to America to plan next year's activities. At the end of November he flew to India for a two-day International Organisers' Conference, and a three-day event to coincide with his 31st birthday.

Maharaji accomplished his schedule without missing a day through illness, and personally flew himself everywhere, covering over a hundred thousand miles, taking up the equivalent of a week of non-stop flying time.

Besides the activities described above, he held several instructor briefings and conferences, undertook a refresher flight training course in January, spent long periods developing and giving his support to various projects, as well as attending meetings with participants, and managed a short European holiday with his family in August.

We cannot say it was a busier year than others. Just that this time, we in the U.K. were specially privileged that he chose to spend so much of it in our country.

Front coverFront cover: Maharaji speaking in India earlier this year to 167000 people. He is attending a further event in India from December 8-10, 1988.

Contact '88Contact '88

Glen Whittaker attended 'Contact' programmes in North America to assist him in planning the British events.

Following his tour of Australia and New Zealand, where many people attended 'Rejoices', Maharaji returned to the States late June to plunge straight into a series of one day events called "Contact '88".

The 'Contacts' took place in Grenelefe, near Orlando, Florida, on 29th June, the Rye Town Hilton, New York State on 1st July, Desert Springs California on 6th July and lastly in Montreal on 10th July – the day after which he flew to the U.K. in preparation for our 'Rejoices'. Most of these 'Contacts' were held in the same venues that United States 'Rejoices' had been held in '87, but there the similarity ends. 'Contacts' represent a new development in Maharaji's relationship with people with Knowledge. They began with an opening address from Maharaji, followed by a morning practising the techniques of Knowledge. A long lunch break was followed by the showing of a new video (later shown at the U.K. 'Rejoice'), and a long question and answer session.

The atmosphere of these meetings, together with the quality and commitment of the questioning, demonstrated the progress made as a result of 'Rejoices'. With the occasional questioner who expressed a preference for the 'old style' of practising Knowledge, Maharaji left no doubt that he has gone forward and moved into a new area of greater fulfilment and more progress. The key was to practise without expectation. To one man who felt that the "chatter of his mind" was a hindrance to his experience, Maharaji pointed out that chatter was a lot less, the mind was a lot stiller, now than it had been when he first started practising, and people should beware of the "instant results" mentality of our civilisation.

To those who seemed to be stuck in a conceptualised view of Knowledge, he opened up about his role, and the ability of the Master to teach it every time in a completely different way, thus keeping it alive. Every time a teacher isn't around, the Knowledge fossilises. When a teacher re-appears, it becomes alive again, to the benefit and the joy of the people who participate in its experience.

To people who wondered how they could support his work in a fulfilling way, such as becoming an instructor, he pointed out that there are various ways of support, and that no one way is more or less valid than another.

About the practice of Knowledge, he was uncompromising in recommending an uninterrupted daily period. To a taxi driver who asked if he could practise for the odd 20 minutes while waiting for a customer, he said, "What's wrong with spending 20 minutes expressing gratitude for the gift of this life, for the gift of this Knowledge?"

How important is the Knowledge? He often thought of an aviation example, a real story. A plane coming in to land was functioning perfectly, except that the light which showed that the landing gear was in position was not working. So although the gear was down, the Captain did not know it. Instead of using his radio to ask somebody on the ground, he radio-ed back to his base in California for instructions. In fact, the co-pilot and the engineer were all on the radio simultaneously to the base. Meanwhile, the man in the control tower, who could see them clearly, was trying his best to break into the frequency to tell them that they were heading for a mountain and were in great danger. By the time he got a chance and yelled, "Climb, NOW!", it was too late: the plane crashed. Maharaji said that he often felt like that man in the control tower, trying his best to make people aware of something that was extremely vital to this life, but people were too busy trying to find the answer to their problems in other ways.

He spoke at length about how beautiful and important is the feeling and expression of love, and of how especially true this is of the greatest love in our lives – that between ourselves, the Knowledge, and the teacher.

At all the "Contacts", the participants were moved and inspired and gave Maharaji a standing ovation. As one participant pointed out – it's at a meeting like this that the triangle of love that Maharaji speaks of comes truly alive.

Contact '88: a personal impressionContact '88: a personal impression

Merete, who lives in Denmark, attended two 'Contact' programmes in North America and wrote about her time there.

Contact '88 is not a mini-Rejoice. If we consider Rejoice as a new beginning, Contact is the next step. Here Maharaji proves that he is confident that we now know how to practise properly and that we have had the necessary time to digest and become comfortable with whatever adjustments were needed. He is not really checking us and it is obvious that he does not like to play the role of the controller. I feel he wants to trust us. During Contact '88, he just gives us an opportunity, in an ideal environment, to practise for two full hours. (30 min. for each technique witha break between each.)

After an introductory speech where he mentioned that "effort is human dignity", he gently asks everybody to practise the first technique. It gave such a beautiful feeling of togetherness of everybody being in the same boat with the captain present! Later Maharaji acknowledged that there is no substi:ute for the teacher being together with pis students.

This period of practice gave everyoody a rich opportunity to tune into the experience Knowledge gives and after a long noon break the second part of the day's programme began: a new vide,: with a breathtaking pace.

Immediately after the film was over. Maharaji was on stage again, this time to take questions. He was complete 1, available and created an atmosphere c: ease and warmth that lasted for more than two hours. It seems as everybody is feeling more and more relaxed and comfortable each time a' event takes place. I perceived a wise both in Maharaji and the participants to learn more and more about what tit's life can offer.

Rejoice, v. t. & I (Of news or its teller) make glad, feel joy, be glad

Fun and GamesAt the four U.K. Rejoices during the summer, Maharaji met with people who have received Knowledge, reviewed the four techniques and answered questions.Two people who attended the Hilton Rejoice give their impressions, and one of the events' organisers talks about her involvement.

Premie BullshitAshley Alterman lives and works in London

For me, the Rejoice programme (at the Hilton) was an indication of the level of commitment Maharaji has to helping me practise Knowledge.

I feel that I only need to show the same level of commitment to myself to get the most out of what Maharaji is offering.

He has such an incredible amount of patience as a teacher, everytime I see him he tells me the same things over and over again as though he knows that eventually I will get the message and understand what he's saying. I'm so grateful that he feels that I'm worth taking the trouble with,k as I don't think anybody else would bother to keep repeating himself for my benefit. I really hope I can see him again soon.

Jane Brand, who lives in London, helped organise z1;e 4 Rejoice Programmes

It was a real treat, a privilege, to be part of the set up at the UK Rejoice programmes – to help look after the guests, so to speak..

I was in Brighton for the several months' run up to the Rejoices, for the operation.of pre-registering everyone who was going to attend, and stayed on for the time between the programmes. It sometimes seemed as if I ate, slept and breathed Rejoices in all their detail …

'It was a revelation to discover how many facts, how many individuals' circumstances (about three and a half thousand people's) could be handled by an .Amstrad p.c., one full timer and occasional volunteers–with a minimum of hitches. And, when the red letter dates finally arrived, very satisfying to see how in the event, the organisation we had set up ran smoothly and was almost invisible to the people who came, took up their long-awaited places – and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Not that it was all smooth. It could be, and often was, exhausting, infuriating, very stressful. But it rarely seemed like "office work". There was an extra dimension to it, which didn't equate to being involved in some worthy cause either. Less of an office, more of a great melting pot, where changes were constantly brewing people's individual changing requirements, massive schedule changes – and yet, however much it might stretch you to take in, to bend with these changes, you knew it would work out in the end, and that the end result would be quite gorgeous (not usually the same with office work).

So, paradoxically, there was a real sense of freedom that came with the quite unpredictable, non-social hours. I hadn't felt, for a long time, so utterly content to be me! I didn't envy anyone, I didn't want to be anywhere else.

And by the time the Fourth Rejoice happened. I didn't care whether I was in the ballroom or outside it. I would do it all again tomorrow.

Roland Klepzig lives in West London

Before the Rejoice programme, I knew I wanted to attend but I wasn't completely sure why. As it turned out, many longstanding wishes were fulfilled, some previously only partially conscious. Because Maharaji explained the techniques of Knowledge personally, I was left in no doubt that I knew how to practise Knowledge properly. I felt relieved and reassured in a way that I hope will be with me for the rest of my life. And by being able to practise the techniques with Maharaji present and to ask him questions in a relatively intimate situation afterwards deepened my trust in the techniques, in myself, in my ability to experience and in him. And perhaps for the first time I felt a programme with Maharaji was totally geared to my needs, a one-man show, no intermediaries; I was struck throughout the event by Maharaji's commitment to me as someone who had taken on the challenge of Knowledge. The final session was like a magnificent firework display of glorious images of hope and inspiration leaving me determined not to deviate from his priceless advice.

Maharaji meets with instructors in the library before the first U.K. 'Rejoice'.

A Beauty Inherent in every Human Being

A Beauty Inherent in every Human BeingEdited extracts from a series of presentations given by Maharaji in North America earlier this year.

To experience or not to experience

Los Angeles: February 21

To me, in this life we have options. We, as human beings, have choices. Choices that are real, not somebody's imagination. Choices that we can make. Either to be with that quality, either to be in that beauty that is inherent in every single human being, or not. It is something very subtle, but it's there. And we have a choice either to experience or not to experience it. We have a choice to further this life or not to further this life.

What about enjoying, for a change, that very thing that allows you to enjoy all those other things? Because that must be accessible as well, because it is fundamentally inside every human being. That's what makes the difference. You can go on, of course you can live your life, do what you do and probably do it well. But remember, there's something inside there knocks as well, "What about me?" Something inside says, "Just you. Just you." Not everything else. "Just you." What is that all about? What is that life that you have been given, that you have been gifted with? What secrets does it hold?

If we can start to realise that there is beauty of incredible proportions that we can enjoy, we can actually be a part of this incredible festival of life. And we need to remember that. We need to understand that. It doesn't matter whether we have Knowledge or don't have Knowledge. It doesn't matter if we are just starting off or we have found it. It doesn't matter.

What difference does it make?

Montreal: March 6

You have been given eyes to see and most wonderful things have been placed for you to look at. Not just that you were given eyes and nothing to see, that would be a bad joke. But you were given eyes and wonderful stuff to look at. You were given ears so you could hear, and then you were given most amazing things to hear. What haven't you been given? What don't you have? You have in you the potential, the power to make a judgement. You can say, "This is bad." And you can say, "This is good."

Now what difference does it make if you find out what that joy is within you or if you don't? None. You can live the rest of your life without it. And you can live the rest of your life with it. And I know that there are some of us who are willing to take on that endeavour and to say, "Is there something more?"

To some of us, living this life is a rat race and that will suffice. But to some of us there is the question, "Is there something more?" And to those of us who are willing to take on the endeavour, who are willing to make their search from subconscious or unconscious to conscious – it is those people and only those people who can benefit from what I am talking about.

Know the simplicity of life. Know the joy. Know the celebration. Know this privilege that you have. It is a unique privilege. After all, you are alive. You exist. And that is the most incredible thing happening to you right now. This is that festival of life that we are all a part of. We feel our pain, we feel our suffering, and yet we need to know that we can enjoy this life as well. And that Knowledge makes possible. Knowledge. A way. A very simple way that can allow you to connect to something that is inside of you, if you wish.

This is the deed of incredible compassion. That you are here on the face of this earth. You have invested in many things, and maybe you have won, or maybe you have lost. But maybe now it's time to invest in life. And it's important to invest in life because what you invest here will always be yours. What you invest elsewhaere? Easy come, easy go. Ask any business person.

A Beauty Inherent in Every Human Being

Maybe there is something more

Miami: March 1

This simple quest for quality is going on inside each human being, and that's not ro change regardless of which stage of life we are in. Regardless of that happens, that is always there and it continues to go on. Do we about this quest? Do we know that something very deep within our beings _:-^ds a quality?

Not too long ago I was talking to someone who said, "I've been searching for sor--.--,:qing and the search was intense. Then I found out that what I was searching for existed. And it was the biggest relief in my life. Not that I had found what I was 'poising for, but that it existed."

It is that quest that says, "Let me try to see what a banana and a coconut taste Ike together." It's something that pushes you, something that allows you evolve, something that permits you to go on, sometimes that gently nudges you forward. It is this quest that begins when you say "Maybe there is something more." And there is something more.

It is there and always will be there. You want a friend? Look within. You have a friend who sticks by you. When all the other friends go home this one is still there, within you. And when all is lost, this friend is still with you. During every rough ride, during every mountain climbed, something is inside perpetually, gently, moves us along.

Committed to life

New York: February 28

Look. you're the Captain. It may not seem like that to you, but you're the Captain of this life. You're not the Boss, but you're the Captain. This is all yours. You run it up on the cliffs, it's all yours. Go ahead. You run it onto the reefs and sink this thing, that's yours too. And to me, in one sense that's the way it feels, we're the Captain. We've got this life. What are we going to do with it?

Knowledge allows us to come to that beauty which is inherent in every human being on the face of this earth. And to be committed to life, not what we do in this life, but to be committed to this gift that we have been given. To be committed to this existence. To be committed to this love, this incredible act of compassion. That is something really worthwhile to commit to.

Something wonderful is happening on our planet.

While others struggle over territory and ideologies, or try to stop the deforestation, the disintegration of the ozone layer, the extermination of species, or the exploitation of one human being by another,

One man is constantly travelling, tirelessly working, to show each person the way to be themselves, to enjoy the real experience of the pure joy and beauty of existence, to provide the key to a life of quality, a quality that continues to improve and grow richer.


The Elan Vital Sponsorship Programme is designed to allow everyone who wishes to help support this important work in a regular and responsible way. For details write to the Elan Vital Sponsorship Programme, PO. Box 131, Hove, Sussex, BN3 1JA.


Making Music with Maharaji

Fuzbee Morse is a professional guitarist, keyboard player, and song writer who has played with a wide variety of innovative musicians, including Frank Zappa, Jean Luc Ponty, Peter Gabriel, Bono, and the Cars. Nine months ago, he spent two days in a studio with Maharaji, collaborating on "Feel It" , a song Maharaji had written. Following are excerpts from a telephone interview with Fuzbee about this musical collaboration.

About nine months ago, I got a call from Michael Wood asking me if I'd like to work on a song Maharaji had written. I was absolutely floored. Thrilled. "Yes," I said. "I'll start yesterday." Michael then read the words to me over the phone and I wrote them down. Simultaneously, the same thing was going on with la Chanteuse Inconnue in Connecticut.

Kim then came to California and we worked out a couple of versions of the song. Then I worked out the music at home on various synthesizers and samplers and sent Maharaji a tape. Soon after, Kim and I went into the studio for two long days and nights.

We had gotten the basic track of the song recorded when Maharaji arrived. Maharaji was very sensitive to what was going on in the session, sensitive to everyone, gave very clear direction, laughed, told jokes, enjoyed himself, had fun and played the synthesizer.

One of the most stunning things about Maharaji's approach to music is that he neither approaches it as a musician who "knows what he's doing" nor as a non-musician who doesn't. He's remarkably free in that way. He just feels it out until it's right. Along the way he picks up the technical skills and the lingo, but he's always approaching it from a real free zone. The music that he has written and played for me has been quite unpredictable and made its own sense, which is very much like Maharaji himself – completely unpredictable and yet always making his own sense.

Making Music with MaharajiWhen Kim was doing her lead vocal, Maharaji was listening and concentrating very much on the essence and meaning of each line caning across as fully as possible. For example. in the main line of the song, 1 need to feel it", Maharaji told Kim to really feel and emphasize the need in *need' and the feel in "feel", at which point the character of the vocal completely changed and the song took on such a stronger quality and so much more impact. As a matter of fact, that single piece of direction did more to affect the outcome of the song than anything else. Kim started to put her whole self behind each word. And when she would really nail aline both vibrationally and musically, Maharaji and I would look at each other and beam. It was such an absolute pleasure to feel like a coproducer with him. We both had a chance to use our areas of expertise mine being about music and producing and phrasing – and his being about meaning and feeling and the true vibration of life. He covers a bit of a larger territory than I do, but it did feel wonderfully like colleagues.

At one point, Maharaji wanted to hear what it would sound like with strings. So I hooked up about four or five synthesizers and samplers and combined various string sounds to get the most realistic sound. He let me know what sounds he liked and which ones he didn't. We'd both wrinkle our noses when it didn't sound too good and get excited when we found the right sound. He was intimately involved.

By the time he left that night, I had such an amazing feeling that not only was he enjoying what was going on, but that he trusted me. For so many years, I've known how much I trusted him to do the right thing by me, but now I felt histrust. I was so happy that his direction was flowing freely because it gave me a lot to work with. And yet, because I felt his trust, I trusted my own impulses – and trusting my own impulses has pretty much always led me to good things.

At a certain point in the session, I felt the green light to leave all external concerns behind me and to go completely into the music. At that point, I closed my eyes and let the moment move me. I felt no need to open my eyes and look around the room. I just got way in there which is where I go at the best of times of doing music. For the duration of the piece, I sailed off into this wonderfully free atmosphere. When that particular take was over, I opened my eyes and looked at Maharaji and it was really clear that he had enjoyed the ride himself. I don't know if I've ever been happier.

As Maharaji was leaving, I walked up to him and told him what an absolutely delightful time I'd had and that whenever he wanted to do any more songs, I would love nothing more. That's when he said, "I'm going to write many more – I really want to do a lot more of this."

When I Was 54

Marie CarsonSo many changes happen in our lives. One day we look into the mirror and our hair is grey, our wrinkles can't be washed away, our vision is blurred. But more than any of that, the people that we loved and the things that we had are gone. We are left with ourselves and the choice to take a step forward – the choice to look into that mirror of life within ourselves where the real happiness dwells.

When I was 54. I lived in a beautiful home in the New England countryside. My husband owned his own business and we had a Cadillac and a cottage on a lake. Our seven children had grown up and were settled down with their own families. On summer vacations, the grandchildren would come. Holidays brought laughter, the smell of home cooking and everyone gathered around the table – sharing, caring and surrounded with love. My life was my family and home. I wasn't searching for anything. My prayer was that my family would find peace and real happiness before I died.

Sometimes, when I would sit by the ocean and watch the powerful waves crash against the rocks, my husband would ask me what I was thinking. All I could tell him was that I felt a loneliness and a yearning inside me. He could not understand and told me that I had everything: his love, the love of our family and friends, a beautiful home, involvement in the PTA., the Garden Club and other volunteer organisations.

He didn't understand that I didn't know how to be with myself.

I had the time to do whatever pleased me, but I didn't know what I. really wanted. I became president of my local Country Club and went there every day, but so many times I found myself asking, "Is this it? What am I doing here?"

Then one day one of my daughters told me about Knowledge and Maharaji. I didn't want to listen, but I felt something very special when she spoke about what she was feeling. It wasn't the words. It was the love and the feeling that eventually brought me to receive this experience. And three months later my husband did, too.

My husband and I were so happy. My life was so rich and full. I felt truly content for the first time in my life. So full of love. So glad to be alive. Everyone in ow family felt our love and commitment and had such respect for what we were doing.

Eight years ago my husband passed on and I was left alone. It was very sudden and, of course. I miss him. I always will. The touch of his hand. His beautiful smile. And sharing in the growing of our children, grandchildren and great–grandchildren. I wanted so much to spend the autumn years of our lives together. And yet, still there is such richness and joy in my life. Every day is a new beginning.

Two years ago I was given the opportunity to be trained as one of Maharaji's instructors. These days, I am doing what I love, speaking about this gift called "Knowledge" – something that is given with such care by my teacher. Maharaji.

I am now 70 years old, walking with pride, dignity, and joy – and knowing within myself that there is beauty, love and life. Laughing. Crying. Being comfortable with myself. Being true to the thing within me that is real.

The day I received this experience was the most important day of my life because it put me in touch with myself. And it continues to be a never ending process. I thank Maharaji for showing me a way to reach deep within, to really know the true joy.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I'm here and looking forward to the future because there's someone who is travelling around the world, bringing happiness and love to anyone who wants it.

Financial Forecast

Financial ForecastDuring 1989 the estimated expenditure of Elan Vital will be £300,000. This will cover visits to this country Maharaji, including possible Knowledge sessions and selections, resident full-time instructors, visiting full-time instructors, communications, including newsletters, professional services, conferences, and of course our monthly contributions to international tours and activities.

New Mailing List

This "Newsline", as with any future national mailings, is going out to our new, revised mailing list of 5,000 - those who attended Rejoices plus those who sent back the pre-paid reply card asking to be kept in touch.

If you have received Knowledge and would like to receive 'Newsline', please write to 'Newsline' at Elan Vital with your name and address.

Sponsorship Programme

Since the Sponsorship Programme was launched in the summer, around 700 people have joined, pledging various amounts ranging from £2 to £300 per month. The average, however, is around £10, and given the amount of funds needed for 1989, it gives a target number of sponsors of 2,500. About 400 people who are already contributing by Stancing Order have also to be added to the list of sponsors, making about 1,100 so far. So 1,400 sponsors are still required to meet our 1989 costs.

More details on how the programme is goirg, with other relevant news, will appear in the sponsorship newsletter to be mailed shortly.

New Video

A new video has been released by Visions International of Maharaji speaking to and answering questions from aspirants. It is now being shown around the country - you will be informed through the local mailing lists-and was previewed at a number of sponsorship meetings.

In future, new products such as videos and cassettes will be sold not by Elan Vital but by a company run by people with Knowledge who will channel all profits towards our work. You will probably be receiving a mailing from them in the near future with details of what they have to offer!

Christmas Appeal

FlightWe don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Brighton we are receiving many appeals to give to some cause or other for Christmas. This has given us the novel idea of also making an appeal to people who put Knowledge first in their lives - you! for a special Christmas donation towards this work.

1988 has been an expensive year - 1989 looks like being more so - and for the best of reasons. Not only have we had to meet the basic expenditure and our regular contributions towards the international tours, details of which are given in sponsorship meetings, but we have borne all the extra costs entailed by short-notice events such as visits by full-time instructors and by Maharaji himself. Knowledge selections and sessions, and the development of occasional special projects, have involved heavy EXTRA financial commitment.

The bottom line is that we need support urgently, to pay off the existing costs that have been building up, and hopefully to create a reserve for the months ahead.

We know from experience December and January are lean months indeed for income, for perfectly understandable reasons. Please help to reverse this trend by making a timely and much-needed donation to Elan Vital at P.O. Box 131, Hove, Sussex, BN3 1JA.

* * *

After such an appeal, those of you who are sponsors must be saying, "We thought the sponsorship programme was going to take care of the money side!" We all hope it will, but sponsorship is a gradual build-up which has not yet picked up the shortfall in one-off donations. Regular donations, in fact, are the ones which have consistently held up, and now, as the sponsorship programme gets underway, are beginning to show a gradual increase.

But still there is an urgent need for funds, especially at this time, to keep the books balanced. That's why we are calling upon all good men (and women) and true to come to the aid of the party, or should we say celebration.

If you did not receive the recent sponsorship mailing by the way, please write in for it.

Developments in the Presentation of Knowledge

For the time being two instructors – Peter Dawson and Ramesh Raithatha – are giving presentations on Knowledge. Because two instructors are covering a large area there are fewer programmes happening at the moment. Information about them will be distributed through local mailing lists.

This is for an interim period, until a new training conference takes place early next year.

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