Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1988As many of you will have heard by now, on Tuesday, 26th January, Maharaji conducted an evening programme in London attended by 165 aspirants from all over the UK. The programme. which was scheduled to last from 6pm-8pm and in fact went on until 8.30pm consisted of a brief 20 minute introduction from Maharaji followed by questions and answers. Maharaji was very pleased with the evening. and for many of the aspirants it was their first chance to met with him personally.

Maharaji then went on to do similar programmes in Hamburg and Geneva before returning to England that weekend to meet with the European instructors. On Monday, 1st February, he went on to Madrid where he met with around 130 aspirants and the following day continued on to Buenos Aires where two Rejoice programmes were held for the South Americans during the first two weeks of February, before returning to the USA.

On February 21st, Maharaji started on a busy two week schedule in North America consisting of four public programmes in Los Angeles, New York. Miami and Montreal, as well as Knowledge selections and sessions.

Details of the recent events in the U.K. are covered elsewhere in the newsletter.

He returned to the U.S.A. on 24th April, and his next major engagements will be a Pacific tour, including an instructor conversion course in Brisbane (28-29 May), and Rejoices in Adelaide (31 May-1 June). Auckland, N.Z. (6-7 June), and Brisbane (12-13 June).

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji 1988Thanks Maharaji

People with Knowlege in the UK and Ireland can breathe again!

After over 18 months without an opportunity to enjoy being with Maharaji, they had their drought dramatically ended when he altered his scnedule to allow both a public presentation and a programme for people with Knowledge only within a short time of each other.

The programme for people with Knowledge took place on 31st March, the public event on 21st April – both at the Wembley Conference Centre in West London.

During his visit, he also did two Knowledge selections and held a Knowledge session for 9 people, the first time he has ever given Knowledge personally in this country.

The event on 31st March was intended to be the only major programme and was to be introductory. It was arranged late in the day, and as a result information only went out through local phone-trees and mailings. Nevertheless, within a few days, over 3,000 people with Knowledge and 1,000 guests had applied for a total of 2,600 available places.

On hearing this, Maharaji asked if the venue would be available on his return from India – where he was speaking on 12th, 13th and 14th April – for him to do a public meeting, in which case the first event could be for people with Knowledge only. The answer was affirmative and the date fixed.

With three "Rejoices" arranged for July-August, and the possibility of a further visit by Maharaji later in the year, 1988 is shaping up as a year of opportunity.

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Rejoice '88

  Rejoice '88

31st March was the deadline for Rejoice registrations, and the process of allocation is now happening. A computer crash has delayed things, but by the middle of May everybody should know whether they are able to attend the Rejoice of their choice.

In most cases it seems it will be likely. The first one, being a weekend, was much oversubscribed, the others were undersubscribed, so unless it was imperative for somebody to attend the first they might be asked to accent a place at their second choice.


The numbers of people registering and the number of places available just about tallied, though we are holding 200 places for Irish people in case their one–day Rejoice, which is not yet confirmed. does not happen.

Registrations are still coming in, and if there is no room for these late applications, they will be put on a waiting list in case another event is arranged. Registration forms can be obtained from Elan Vital or though your local instructor.

Rejoice '88


Many people asked for help in attending the Rejoices. About £5,500 came in as donations specifically for this purpose and a certain amount of the registration figure, totalling £7,500 was also intended for this, giving a 'hardship fund' of £13,000, which will help many people who otherwise would have no way of attending. One last point to help explain what many people have perceived to be an unusally large cost for an Elan Vital event is that the breakfast and lunches plus coffee breaks amount to £36 per person – £41.40 with VAT. This was built into the hotel arrangement, and since no other restaurants are nearby it was necessary. Expensive though it is, it would not be allowed to have people bringing their own sandwiches! In effect, this means that the registration amount was £83.60, which includes a £10 contingency figure, and £4 or so to subsidise people as mentioned above.

Taj MaharajiIf there is any surplus at the end of the day, we hope to be able to donate it to the Elan Vital Foundation, and will let everyone know accordingly.


With confirmations, a hotel booking sheet will be sent out with a variety of hotels in the area and their prices, which range from £10 to £57 a night. They can then be booked directly with the NEC Accommodation Bureau. The Metropole itself is completely full for the first and second events but has 500 beds or so for the third. These are held by Elan Vital and will be released at the time the confirmations go out.

Lastly, thanks to everyone for being so patient and understanding about the time needed to process registrations.

We are very lucky to be having these Rejoices and they look like being the most successful and inspiring events ever held in the UK.

Not the Official Line

Unlike most of those who met Maharaji on January 26, Basil O'Fee has already received Knowledge – 15 years ago while studying at Cambridge University. He is now a partner in a West London marketing firm, and an instructor in his spare time. Here is an edited version of his report.

Tuesday evening – 6.00 p.m. A diverse group from around the British Isles filled the function room of London's Kensington Close Hotel to hear Maharaji speak and answer questions. Three hours later they filled the corridors and cafes of the hotel excitedly discussing what had happened.

He had talked for 20 minutes about the Knowledge, the process of preparation, and its practice, followed by a further two hours of animated probing and responses from both the audienceand Maharaji.

No one had known what to expect, but many were surprised by his answers. "Not the official line," he would say before making a point. "This is off the record."

He was asked why some of those who already have Knowledge appeared to idolise him. He traced the spread of Knowledge in the West, and with a wry smile explained that he intended to work with people who have Knowledge in this country. One of his aims here was to help them move forward from any unhelpful ideas and attitudes to a place where they could have more growth and experience.

He later made a distinction between the kind of dependence upon a teacher that stifled growth, and forms of involvement that are helpful and stimulating. Continuing this theme, he talked of the challenge that faced him in grappling with the religion that had grown up alongside all his earlier efforts to spread Knowledge. "I could write a book about it," he said.

It might have been easier to let things ride, but he had decided to tackle the religion and fight for a situation whereby Knowledge could be presented free of unnecessary trappings to the people of all cultures.

One girl asked why Knowledge had apparently changed over the years. He replied that things that can change will try to do so, like the essence of Knowledge, would never change.

To someone who felt frustrated with their progress Maharaji said that much of the frustration while preparing for Knowledge is internally generated. They should enjoy the process and see how much they had already grown.

Throughout the evening he talked with such good humour and simplicity that one participant asked how such simple examples as TVs and bicycles could address the essential issues of life. "I don't know," he replied. "But it does work, and always has."

It was touching to see questioners reach forward in their understanding and grasp some point that Maharaji was making – I watched several questioning spirits being calmed by his insights.

One girl asked a question about child-rearing, another about disarmament issues. He dealt with all these concerns from his own experience and feelings, often with humour. Gently, he would direct the questioner back to the essential message of the evening.

"Do people need Knowledge?" "No," he said. People don't need Knowledge. People are fine and are surviving without it. But some thirst for the quality that the experience of Knowledge can bring into life, and he was there to cater for that thirst.


"Why doesn't he give the Knowledge himself?" has been a constant question people have asked instructors over the years, and the answer has usually been, "He is too busy."

Last year, Maharaji began to think about this, and decided, "If I'm too busy to give Knowledge, then I'm too busy, period."

The plan slowly germinated, and in January Maharaji took the first steps with a series of programmes in America and Europe for aspirants the name often used for people wishing to wishing to receive Knowledge.

They were a great success. Maharaji enjoyed them, and so did those who were seeing and hearing him for the first time. What follows are the impressions of three people who attended the meeting in London.


Dyane Meziane a 36 year old restaurant manageress from Shepperton.

"I had no expectations of what was going to happen, but I felt very nervous – I thought I was going to receive Knowledge, and didn't realise it was going to be an open meeting.

I had decided I was just going to let whatever happened happen. I wanted it all to be a surprise, and didn't want to spoil it for myself. I didn't even realise there would be chairs in rows. When they let us in, I could have sat in the front row. But I thought that was too pushy – so I sat in the second.

Then he came in and was introduced. I was trying not to cry, I felt so grateful to be there.

He was very easy to listen to. It was similar to the way instructors speak, only with more clarity. He seemed so sure and solid.

During the coffee break in the middle, I didn't want to talk much. I just wanted to stay with that moment, and was looking forward to getting back in the hall.

Afterwards Maharaji answered questions. I was quite irritated by a couple of them and didn't know why they were sitting in that hall if they were asking such things. The only questions I have are when can I see him again and when can I receive Knowledge?"

Richard Godwin, 24, doing a Ph.D. in literature at London University.

"I had seen videos of Maharaji talking, but being there with him made what he was saying much more personal. It was curious that in such a large group, it was so intimate. He seemed to be talking both to the whole audience and each one of us as individuals.

Listening to him, I was riveted. I liked his whole approach. He talked around and about Knowledge, and was animated and entertaining. There were some real gems, but what I liked most was the whole feeling he created. And then when he answered questions he adapted so well to each individual.

I felt an overwhelming relief, and realised I had needed to see him for years – both for his single pointedness, and the clarity of his vision.

Having seen him, I find it much easier to remember what he looks like, and can now see where he fits in. It's been a real boost in the process of coming to Knowledge."

Suzy Butterfield runs a fashion business from home, and has two teenage children.

"Just before seeing Maharaji, I felt anxious. Having heard so much about him, what if my expectations came crashing down? The instructors talked about him with such reverence and respect, 'this incredible guy, the teacher of Knowledge,' and I thought, 'If I'm learning to trust the instructors, there must be something in Maharaji.'

But when he started speaking, I felt incredible relief, and could feel all the tension and anxiety draining out of me. I felt such a gratitude to be able to listen to him.

There was such a feeling of kindred spirits in that room. If only there was a colour that would describe it, I could put my finger on what it was like.

One girl who asked a question seemed like a lost soul. It was so lovely the way he reached out to her.

When I was at boarding school and was miserable, I used to think, 'I must be here for a reason, and yes, I am special, and something good is going to happen to me'. It's taken 38 years, but I feel it comes when you're ready for it.

Part of me can't wait to learn the techniques, but it's just such a lovely experience coming. Our instructors put forward who they think are ready, but the final decision is with Maharaji, and he'll know.

Having seen him, I would like to see more of him. My joy would be to meet and talk with him, one to one."

Maharaji at Wembley

31st MARCH 1988

by Dave Burbidge

Prem Rawat at Wembley 1988On an evening that saw London's worst ever traffic jams – caused by people trying to leave early for their Easter break – nearly three thousand people milled around the entrance lobby of the plush auditorium in-the-round, the Wembley Conference Centre, where Maharaji was due to speak at 7pm.

Shortly before that time seats still available were offered to the two hundred or so people outside who had come without invitations on the chance of getting in anyway.

By five to seven, everyone was in, and the house was full.

At the same time, Maharaji's car was drawing up backstage. His wife Marolyn and daughter Wadi made their way to their places.

On the dot of seven, MC Michael Finch stepped out to welcome and announce Maharaji, and then, to tumultuous applause, he was there, standing before his podium, a shimmering blue backdrop behind him.

What followed was over an hour of strong, clear speaking from what one person called "this incredible teacher". He spoke with urgency and power, his humour and perception as sharp as ever, his message even more finely honed: "Human being appreciating life is the only thing happening. The rest is garbage". Once the experience of that joy is lost, everything is lost.

While it was plain he was talking just to those who have already received Knowledge, he was also reminding his audience what it means to aspire to this experience.

Prem Rawat at Wembley 1988"Let's rewind the tape a bit … Why did you take up this challenge?" he said, taking them back to when their search for something more from life became conscious.

Things seem against us. At first we don't know existence because we don't exist. Then we are too young, then too busy, then too weak. Finally, we know about existence, but it's too late – we don't exist!

In the technologically advanced countries, we have to spend so much time making money to pay for our food, car and home – just so that we can be happy. But when we have them it's not enough - we want more.

And in the process, we lose the power to feel and appreciate life for ourselves. We would rather believe a TV than ourselves. We look in a newspaper rather than see for ourselves what's happening in the world. And we need to watch a comedy to be able to laugh.

"Human beings are the only ones who can reason, but we base our lives on the things that are most unreasonable," Maharaji said, quoting Henri Bergson, the French philosopher who gave the name Elan Vital to a force that is in everything.

He used a quote he has given at several 'Rejoices', from Kahil Gibran, who said that in the human soul God had placed a cup of joy, which could only be drunk from if one has forgotten the past and renounced the future.

"Forgotten the past? If we forgot the past, Kodak would go out of business," he said, using a personal example about family holiday snaps to drive home the point.

He followed through the Gibran quote by that philosopher's assertion that alongside the cup of joy was also placed a cup of sorrow, which we had to drink from in order to appreciate the cup of joy.

Prem Rawat at Wembley 1988"People have been drinking that cup of sorrow for a long time, and get addicted to that pain." He illustrated his point with a joke about a Martian, a moonman, and an Earthling. The three were caught by interstellar police and sentenced to be guillotined.

When the Martian was being executed the guillotine wouldn't work. Likewise for the moonman. But when the Earthling's turn came he said, "I know what the problem is. I can fix it."

"So who's ready to receive Knowledge?" he asked, referring to the time he's spent recently with aspirants.

Imagine a person who knows he's only ten minutes from dying, but isn't in pain. His wife tells him she's leaving. "Be my guest," he will say. His son says he's smashed the car. "It's yours." The bank manager wants £12,000. "Take it." He is told he has won a million in a lottery. "Give it to the guy who wants £12,000.

Maharaji interprets: "Detachment at its best. Irrevocable clarity. The perfect aspirant."

And then translates that to ourselves. "The most incredible thing the creator did was not tell us when we're going to go." It could be 50 years or 5 seconds.We can't take it for granted. Sometimes the odds against us being alive at all were like "steering a needle through the rain and not getting it wet".

Those who have received Knowledge need to be feeling that gratitude and appreciation for what has been given, and to invest in it with "enthusiasm, love, passion. and clarity."

But while we can all come together with him to manifest that joy, and feel that gratitude, we must remember that first we are individuals. 'Knowledge is only for individuals not for a group of enthusiasts."

'What does Knowledge mean to you? Is it like something you must slip into your pocket? Have we ever made a conscious effort in expressing our gratitude for this experience?" he asked at different times throughout his presentation.

Prem Rawat at Wembley 1988He explained why he was taking so much care over the aspirants now: "If you don't value it, maybe you weren't prepared to receive it when you did."

This personal involvement by him in the process of receiving Knowledge is one of the many changes he's introducing. He is now giving Knowledge himself, and the role of the instructors is being redefined. 'Changes do happen, and I admire them. If this was a dogma, things wouldn't have to change, but because at the centre is a live, living person, they must."

"If you have the Knowledge, you haven't got a choice – you're going to change … To me you are a living thing. You need to grow … Things need to change even against your willpower not to."

Even the Rejoices – themselves an innovation, with Maharaji personally reviewing the Knowledge with those who have already received it – were changing. He explained that delays in them happening in this country were caused by technicalities rather than there being anything wrong with us.

So much of what he had said seemed like a familiar message, but for me it felt as though I was hearing it for the first time. I'm always fascinated by his way of putting over profound truths while making me laugh at his zany examples. The laughter is like an anaesthetic for the kinds of open-heart surgery he's performing.

He ended by warning us that we need to open this heart again and again, because there are things we do that close it. He hoped we had learnt something and didn't forget it once we go out of the door.

For me afterwards, as I left through the cheerful, animated atmosphere of the foyer, I hoped so too.

Wembley Impressions

After Maharaji's presentation we asked some of those who were there about their reactions to what he was saying, and how seeing him affects their practice of Knowledge.

He reminded us that Knowledge was still the most important thing that you ever experience and just to go ahead and practice it.

Seeing him makes it easier because there is an inspiration and a refocussing – I find meditating easier and more enjoyable.

When he asked if it bothered him if we don't practice Knowledge, I felt he was saying, "Look, I'm not going to judge you.-

And I felt, yes, everyone else can judge me, but I don't want him to. But I wanted him to care if I don't practice Knowledge because I have this feeling that I want him to hang on to me. Sometimes I get out there and only he brings me back. Karen Livingstone, Artist from North Yorkshire.

He came straight to the point – What is the priority in our life? We have to get our priorities in the right perspective.

It makes a lot of difference to see him again because he reminds us that regardless of our experience the very least we can do is to practice the techniques. And to realise how fortunate we are to have them.

He brings us back to home base. – Rita Sabnani, Temp. Secretary from Middlesex.

Maharaji was wonderful. He always comes back to basics – there's him, and the practice of Knowledge, and you can go deeper.

Being with him is what makes things clear, no one else can do it.

I liked what he was saying about changes. I haven't got a clue what he's going to do next – I never have – but I enjoy that. It's his game and if he's not tied to a role then he can move.

There's always more and it's always fresh for me. I don't feel that I know it all.

Maharaji responds to openness and love. If someone is there with love, he responds. He comes to put that smile, that love, in someone's heart. – Denise Wroe, Interior Designer from Brighton.

Seeing Maharaji doesn't make me practice Knowledge more because I never stop anyway. But I do feel more inspired. It makes me feel like I've just had a service, like a car.

It was wonderful to see him after such a long time – it made me remember how unique it is to be with him.

felt like a sponge – I just wanted to concentrate on what he was saying and soak it all up. The overall feeling from what he was saying was one of clarity, and how simple it is.

Hearing him talk about the changes he's making I can see he's taking a lot more responsibility on to himself like giving the Knowledge personally. He's becoming the prime-mover in everything that happens with no administration in the way.

But it was not so much the words that affected me, as something I can't really explain - Tony Summers, Computer Programme from South London.


E  V  O  L  U  T  I  O  N

The changing role of the instructor

Maharaji has said that he loves to be on the edge of innovation. Presenting Knowledge globally has never been done before. He's breaking new ground, and not staying still. A theme of instructors we spoke to was the importance of being in touch with him as he constantly evolves.

"It's important to be really up-to-date with him if we want to be involved," says John McClean. "He's got all the creative ideas but needs our resources to help him. He's created ar environment where people can find out if they want Knowledge, but now he wants to do selections and give Knowledge himself. He's walking centre stage."

Changes introduced by instructors have varied around the country. In Northern Ireland Pam McClean, John's wife, says that many people with Knowledge were reluctant to come to introductory programmes because they were too general and bland, "like baby-food." So after Christmas they made the format more structured with ten presentations on different themes – "like evening classes."

These included 'The process of Knowledge', 'The role of the teacher', and 'Common misunderstandings and confusions', where they linked many of them to the history of Knowledge in the West. "Maharaji had wanted to send the seed when he first came, but the Indian instructors who came with him brought the whole garden," says Pam.

People have found it easier to bring their friends to something that is ongoing, and they now have eight people interested in receiving Knowledge.

In other communities some instructors felt reluctant to structure too rigidly, although they all plan their presentations and, to some extent, what they are going to say beforehand.

Helen Brown in Manchester said she didn't broadcast what the themes were beforehand because people might think Knowledge was only a number of topics, or just go to those evenings they felt were relevant. "A structure is only useful if it allows development," she said. "First and foremost there has to be feeling or it's just like giving a lecture."

Manchester now has one 'open door' programme every fortnight to which everyone is welcome, and two smaller evenings for people interested in receiving Knowledge.

In other areas instructors have concentrated more on people with Knowledge. In Wales, Alan Williams held a series of five discussion evenings for them, again on set topics with sub-headings to keep the evening on course. "We created an environment where people felt free to ask questions," he said. They now intend to hold similar evenings in Lampeter, near Aberystwyth.

"There was a lot of re-education and getting up-to-date with what Maharaji is doing, but we were careful not to move into the area of the Rejoices – it's been more of a primer," he said.

In Brighton fortnightly programmes in Hove Town Hall are changing, becoming special events with touring instructors, videos, and information about what Maharaji is doing. Past programmes had occasionally got out of control at question time_ it was like throwing it to the lions.' said Nitza Saunders. "We are now creating a pace of growth, rather than one of entertainment."

The new programmes have given more people the chance to participate. V Brighton there was always the chance to help in Elan Vital's office there, but following a participation evening with forty people there has been more help with setting up the programmes.

"But those who want to help have to approach us," says Nitza, a view echoed by Basil O'Fee who described the change in attitude to participation as being similar to the apparent dismantling of the welfare state. Less a situation of handing it out on a plate, and more one of having to take the initiative.

Helen Brown in Manchester felt that with more help they were able to make their programmes more professional, but she stopped their participation evenings when they became "workshops and problem pages with people getting off on spilling their' oes."

"Towards the end most people said they just wanted to hear about Knowledge and be inspired. But we always tell them they can come and talk to us .whenever they want."

Bruce Corbin from Edinburgh talks to those who have Knowledge about his participation and explains that their help makes his bit happen. He visits :hem in their homes, holds programmes and invites smal. numbers to sit in on evenings for those waiting to receive Knowledge, "as flies on the wall." Seeing the way Knowledge is presented now there is more trust and people feel it is safe to bring their friends who might be interested.

"I see my role is to put out as much inspiration as possible," he says. But he felt there was room for more instructors in Scotland to help the 200 people with Knowledge and the 10 waiting to receive it.

The overwhelming feeling among instructors is that Knowledge is a process of evolution and that change involves confronting problems. These might include dealing with the apparent insensitivity of people with Knowledge laughing when someone who has come for the first time asks an intelligent question, as happened at one recent London programme. Or dealing with a community like Leicester where 60 per cent speak only Hindi or Gujerati. Or even just defining terminology.

"'People interested in Knowledge' is often used as a synonym for what used to be called 'new people'. But needs to be realised that people who have received, or who are waiting to receive, Knowledge are all interested in "Knowledge," says Mike Finch. As one group they have many common needs.

John McClean sums up: "The feeling is that over the last couple of years people had been asked to enter into a participatory process when receiving Knowledge, discussing every aspect of it with instructors. Maharaji is saying they should engage in a process of learning. And now people with Knowledge want to join in too."

The Year of Experiment

The Year of Experiment1988 is shaping up as the year of experiment for Maharaji. Never before has so much been subject to change in the way Knowledge is being given.

Who could have anticipated the day when Maharaji would give Knowledge himself? Yet it's happening, and it's happening successfully.

Not only that, but he is now talking about conducting personally the whole process involved in coming to Knowledge.

The mind boggles at how this could be possible, but the mind also boggled at the possibility of him giving Knowledge personally.

One fact that has become abundantly clear is that there are no sacred cows – that anything can go and be replaced by something else, if it is better, or looks like it might be a better way. All we know for sure is

His recent Knowledge selections, where from over 40 aspirants deemed 'ready' to receive Knowledge by instructors, only 10 were selected by him, demonstrates how much higher his standards are. Of course, he is at pains to let the others understand that their turn will certainly come, there is no question of rejection.

As some instructors point out in an article about them elsewhere in 'Newsline' the best thing to do is to stay in touch, to be in synch with what he is doing, and to be available to help in whatever way we can.

And as for "the year of experiment", it's going to be very exciting to see how it develops. Several spontaneous changes have already been made to Maharaji's international schedule – potential Rejoices postponed or cancelled; and three whole months in the Autumn still completely blank – though hopefully they will include a spell in Europe, along with the UK a 'target area' for the year of experiment, and a return visit in the UK itself.

'Newsline' is also changing, as readers will see, to keep in step with what is happening.

And all that can be said with certainty about what is happening is that it is bound to continue to take us by surprise!

that Maharaji is dedicated more than ever to his role as our personal guide and teacher, which means making our experience of Knowledge even better and even clearer.

Who Comes First: the teacher or the teaching?

by Ole Grunbaum

An old question goes: who came first– the Teacher or Knowledge?

And no doubt many an interesting thesis could be written on the subject.

However, it may be even more interesting to look at how the question is answered in practical life.

For a lot of people the question popped up right away. They became interested in Knowledge and wanted to meet the teacher they heard about. Maybe they even expected to see him straightaway at the first introductory meeting they went to, and when this didn't happen they turned to the ones who had brought them along, and said: "OK. That sounds really good. Where can I meet him?"

And we went, "Hmmmm, hmmmmmm … You see …" and tried to explain to them that he couldn't possible talk to everyone who wanted to learn about Knowledge.

Some people had to wait for one or two years before they could be face to face with him and figure out on their own exactly where he fitted in, or even what kind of person he is, why he is doing what he is doing, and so on.

Other were luckier and heard him speak before they were instructed in Knowledge, but the rule for most people was: first you get interested and prepare yourself for receiving Knowledge. Then you get instructed and start to practise. And then you meet your teacher.

Of course it has to be added that at different times there were a lot of magazines, videos, audio tapes and ven smal! books to help you

For most of us, it was a case of relying on his helpers until we could meet him. And by then, maybe all the different explanations we had received about him would not so easily go away and make room for a first hand experience.

I remember that it took me a couple of years to really understand beyond any doubt that Maharaji has a very definite role to play in my life with Knowledge. There were too many other people in the picture to focus clearly on what a living teacher could do for me.

This whole situation has been radically changed over the last four months, at least in North. America, UK and Europe. Maharaji has been meeting the people who wanted to receive Knowledge in as many as eight places on the two continents and has conducted two Knowledge Sessions in the US and one in London.

It seems that Maharaji has set his mind on getting in there right from the star: and establishing a relationship with the people who want to learn about Knowledge.

So in practical life in 1988, the teacher definitely comes before the teaching. Not his name, not quotes of what he has said, not somebody else explaining to you who the giver of

Knowledge is not even videos of him,

A very practical reality is taking shape for these people in the US, UK and Europe who right now are pursuing Knowledge. They get to know the person who is responsible for the whole thing, they get guidance and inspiration from him, they are told if they are ready to receive Knowledge – and if they are, they sit down with him to be explained how to do it.

For these people the teacher is now coming before the teaching, because they get to know the teaching from him.

Is it any different for people who received Knowledge years ago? Some of us definitely have had the tendency to go to the extreme. After we finally found out that the teacher comes before the teaching, we sometimes tended to forget the importance of the method we have been taught and rely solely on liking the teacher.

But Maharaji is a teacher of a rare kind. He doesn't forget the people who rely on him. And the Rejoice programmes coming up in the UK this summer are exactly about understanding the method he teaches and the importance of it.

So things seem to get balanced. Aspirants get a hitherto unheard of dosage of him, and people who already try to follow him get a clarification about the practice of Knowledge – from him. Not a bad deal for anyone. Actually everything for everyone.

Maharaji's Address

The old PO. Box in New Malden for correspondence to Maharaji is now closed.

Instead, letters can be sent to him, as either Maharaji or Prem Pal Singh Rawat, at PO Box, 6110, Malibu, California, 90264, USA. Correspondence sent to him c/o

Elan Vital, P.O. Box 131, Hove, Sussex, BN3 1JA, will be forwarded to him on the nex6t occasion he is in the UK.

Instructor Update

Manchester-based Moira Colman has a new number – it's 061-445 499 while Mary Dunkley, who covers Liverpool and Chester, is now on 07048-79917 … Irene Hall, our full-timer (who was 71 this month by the way), has moved to a new flat in Wimbledon, which she hopes will be permanent, and the number is 01-789 4512 … some instructors have asked to be put 'on hold' over the last few weeks, for either business, health or personal reasons. They are Jeanie Husband (Glasgow), Liam Egan (Redhill), Martin Woolnough (Norwich) and Mike Reid (Newcastle).

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We have over 9,000 names on our maiiing list but we are quite sure many of them have dropped off, moved without telling, or met some other fate.

So this is a rationalisation exercise. In future we shall only send 'Newsiine' to those of you who have returned the card. So please do so.

Rejoice Appeal

Since the Wembley programme, about 100 people have applied for Rejoice registration, many of whom are unable to contribute anything towards their costs, and they are appealing to others with Knowledge to help them. If you can help, please do so, specifying you'd like your donation to go to this purpose.

Programme Video Available

Selected Listening '87Shortly available for sale will be the video of Maharaji's public presentation at Wembley on 21st April, at a price of £30.00 inc. p&p. To receive a copy please send a cheque for the amount to VITAL (VIDEO).

Meanwhile, the audio cassette Selected Listening '87 is now also available at a price of £5.50 (£10.00 for 2) inc P&P.

A further video of Maharaji speaking at Los Angeles at a public programme on 26th March will be out soon, but not for general sale. This will be available to instructors for use at meetings.

United Kingdom Sponsorship Progam

United Kingdom Sponsorship ProgamAbout to be launched in the near future is a new venture in supporting the work of spreading Knowledge the Sponsorship Programme.

It hopes to put the financial support for this work on a more regular basis by helping people understand that their personal participation in the area of support is critical.

"Sponsorship" attempts to move fundraising away from a situation where donations are continually being asked for to one where people commit themselves to support the teaching of Knowledge in a personal and reliable manner.

It reflects both a growing sense of individual responsibility for the financial support necessary to spread Knowledge, and the understanding that, when it comes down to it, Elan Vital is not an impersonal organisation, but is made up of everyone who wants to help the teaching of Knowledge by Maharaji, and everyone has an equal role to play.

The programme has been developed over several months by a team of instructors and interested people, and the next step will be to invite people who want to help implement the programme, to a series of regional presentations and discussions on all aspects of financial support. They will then be able to establish the sponsorship programme locally with anyone else who would like to be involved.

Public Programme

Maharaji's public presentation at Wembley on 21st April was attended by 1500 people with Knowledge accompanied by 1100 guests. A report on the programme will be carried in the next Newsline.

The organisers, by the way, would like to apologise for any inconvenience experienced by the door opening time being delayed. This was caused by the previous users of this venue taking longer than scheduled to vacate the lobby area.

Donations towards the teaching of Knowledge are always needed and should be sent to:

P.O. Box 131

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