Prem Rawat's First World Peace TourReport of the World Peace Tour of Balyogeshwar Shri Sant Ji Maharaj

In the grip of 1960's Summer Of Love and LSD enchantment many young men thought themselves troubadours and free of any critical impulses determined to spread their enthusiasms to all by the wondrous literary creativity that they had discovered. The fruits of these poetic outbursts have rarely stood the test of time. Should you wish to read the limp and turgid masterwork of Brian Pitt aka Mahatma Param Saphlananad then Click Here.

To the Master Balyogeshwar-
May this work prove acceptable as an offering.

The mind is a subtle instrument with a two-way function:
It serves as a sort of window to lead the attention outward into form,
ben concentrated,
by becoming like a mirror,
to reflectthe pure Light of the Self,
back to itself
without any loss of consciousness
or life energy.
Thus a way is provided within the Human frame
for the consciousness:
Apparently entangled in the universe of form,
to return to the original Void Consciousness,
free from obscurations
and obstructing attachments.

Like eight spokes on a wheel
by means of which the inner self
experiences outer phenomena.
At the outward extremity
the eight faculties of external perception
are: smell, taste, sight, feeling, hearing,
identification, discrimination, and intellect.

"Eight spokes from the centre of this wheel
outwards directed, by which all beings fall,
and by which the wise return to the One
from the many, when their worldly race is run."

By using these faculties to know
the inner being as well as using them
to experience the world,
the healing knowledge of the Self
dispels the Bloom of ignorance.
We should therefore endeavour to smell
the perfume of the Inner Being,
and taste the blissful nectar of life;
see divine Light;
feel the movement of life
and consciousness within;
hear the Word,
which is the changeless form of life's vibration,
and enjoy the eternal music of the spheres.

Identify the self with the Real,
the Infinite,
and discriminate
between the real Self and illusory appearances;
comprehend through insight the
unity of all things:
That the Void Consciousness and Nature
are One;
and strive to communicate one's experience.

How flimsy is this physical body –
a horse of water and a rider of air.
Yet the Name dwells within
like a precious imperishable diamond
surrounded in mist.
At the dawning of the after-death state,
the first breath of morning air
will dispel the mist of the body;
but the diamond is forever:
So while we live we should know
the Imperishable Name.

The great work is to perceive the
signs of consciousness
by means of the inner organs or sense
faculties arising out of the
eight-fold division of Nature:
earth, water, fire, air, space,
instinct, logic, and intelligence:

In seeing, see Light,
around the Word shining;
in hearing, hear music,
all space intertwining;
in tasting, taste nectar,
scent the perfume within;
in feeling, feel the movement
from which all begin.
With the ego, identify with the Real.
With reason, weigh it with the unreal;
when inner worth is seen greater than pleasures
let the intellect seek to reveal Truth to others.

By these eight experiences of the Real,
the Infinite One,
the eight avenues by which
the mind leads the consciousness outward
are stopped, and turned inward
on the unknown.
The vacuum centre is seen to be filled -
with peace, with knowledge, with love,
with bliss, with all powers, with life
and with Truth;
yet pure and clear like the sky.

When the Self is seen in His effulgent glory
compassion for all living beings
floods the heart,
for He dwells in the hearts of all.
When the undivided attention of the mind
is focused upon Pure Consciousness,
all dualities and distinctions
melt away into nothingness;
knower and known and the process
of knowing are one.

As gold, purified by heating over fire
gives up its impurities
and attains its own lustre,
so the mind, through meditation,
gives up its attachments,
and freed, one attains the Supreme Reality,
being pure, and blissful Consciousness.

If one sits down
to attempt this inward voyage without guidance,
many lifetimes, many ages,
might pass without certain success;
for each discovery blocks off the way to the next;
veil after veil may lift,
but there will be veil after veil behind.

Not many hear of Him, and of these
few reach Him;
wonderful is He who can teach about Him
and wise is he who can be taught.
Wonderful is he who knows Him
when taught.
He cannot be taught by one
who has not reached Him,
and He cannot be reached by thought.
The only way to Him is through a
Teacher who has seen Him;
He is higher than the highest thought;
in truth, above all thought.
This sacred knowledge is not attained
by reasoning;
but it can be given
by a True Teacher.

(Katha Upanishad)

The Supreme path to Liberation is
the Way of the Word.
The Word is infinitely subtle and primordial.
This does not mean that it cannot be imparted:
A True Master is He who reveals the
Original Word of Life,
which is uncreated, ineffable,
and cannot be described;
and who reveals the shining Light within.
His kindness and Grace is the
all determining influence
which flows from the spiritual power
of a Real Teacher.

The True Knowledge for the attainment
of the Eternal
must itself be eternal.
Just as only a light can remove darkness
so only the practical method of imparting knowledge
of the Word and Light to the soul
removes doubt and delusion
from the mind.
Just as only a burning lamp
can light other unlit lamps,
the Knowledge of the Word,
which is a supremely Holy and most
secret mystery,
can only be imparted by a realized soul.
Just as only a living doctor can diagnose
and cure a disease,
so the Spiritual Master must still possess
a human frame
in order to reveal the Reality
practically to the keen aspirant.

If one is fortunate enough to meet a Living Master
one who has realized the Word,
the subtlemost vibration;
who has attained perfection and gained
complete mastery over mind and senses;
who is pure and an ocean of mercy -
one would benefit most
by becoming His disciple.

The True Teacher reveals our own true nature
by making us pure in heart;
He concentrates the mind
so that it can reflect
the Light of the Word,
the self within.

Mind is like a mirror, which has become clouded
by the dust of passions and worldly attachments.
The True Guru gives us a duster,
the True Name,
by which we may clean the mirror of the mind,
and see reflected in it
the Clear Light of Reality.

When the inner self is purified by seeing
and recognizing the Inner Light
and remembering the Word of Life,
it merges with the Supreme Self,
the ocean of bliss.
Nothing on earth, in heaven, or below,
can separate lover from beloved;
for the beloved lives in the lover's heart.
So it is with the Lord and His devotee:
When one has a great longing for His realization
automatically, the Master appears
to give True Knowledge.

The Lord is easily known to one who
has become the sincere devotee
of a True Master.
A True Master is one
who fulfills all the scriptures
of the whole world,
with the came universal knowledge.
He shows directly, the Divine Light,
and removes the ignorance of our true nature.
He reveals within, the Original Word,
which is the primordial reverberation
of Void Consciousness,
unborn and uncreated,

The True Master takes responsibility
for our soul's development,
and personally ensures peace,
by His kindness.
He may be regarded as the highest
manifestation of God.
The real Spiritual Master always
does what is good for our soul:
His every action, every word,
is directed toward the good Of His devotees.
To render Him all service,
and obey Him implicitly
is the most beneficial virtue.

When the world staggers
in the darkness of spiritual blindness
and even the leaders of nations
know not the path which leads to peace;
when all work is done in the ignorance
of selfish thoughts
and men forget that they are each other's brothers;
when the path of Truth and Yoga
disappears in the undergrowth
of materialism -
then the Lord Himself out of His boundless compassion
incarnates in human guise upon earth,
to lead mankind once more upon
the shining path of righteousness.

Spiritual masters come onto the earth
out of compassion for
suffering humanity,
and bring True Knowledge
which gives peace and the bliss
of Self-knowledge.
There have been countless masters and saints
and their disciples became the
messengers of God.
They blessed all who came to them
sincerely desiring
the vision and realization of God,
the Reality;
they removed the veil of darkness within,
and showed the Inner Light.

They baptized in spirit,
giving spiritual rebirth
by revealing the all-pervading True Name,
and focusing the mind onto that
which is deathless.
The Lord sends each Teacher
at appointed time into the world,
for the souls who are ready to fallow Him.
The Perfect Master is
the embodiment of universal love and compassion.

All the Great Masters were
the Word made flesh:
The Word bodies forth as the Master
at the prayers and love of His devotees.
He comes to drive out evil tendencies
and to enlighten mankind
on the path of righteousness.
All the incarnations of the Master
are like the reflections
arising when one stands between
two parallel mirrors.
In order to save mankind from delusion
and suffering,
He can manifest Himself as many times
and in as many forms as He wishes.
In order that we should be saved from bondage and sorrow
we should take refuge in a true Master
who can reveal the mystery of mysteries, the Word of Words.
He should be the embodiment of Supreme Consciousness,
he ocean of compassion, He is the real teacher.

Or he may be a human soul who has realized fully
the Absolute Truth, and purified himself over many births,
who might have merged in at-one-ment with the all-pervading Reality,
but renouncing Everlasting life and bliss infinite
returns to the world taking new birth,
out of compassion for those still attached in ignorance,
so that the knowledge he has gained might not be lost.

We should not concern ourselves over the question
whether the Spiritual Master is the Lord or a man
who has fully realized the Supreme.
The only certain thing is that we need a spiritual leader
who confers liberation from bondage.

From the beginning of mankind's history there has been
at least one spiritual Master in the world.
If we could find a True Master today,
within a single moment He could reveal the Reality.
The Master who is true reveals the clear
undying spiritual light of consciousness,
which radiates spontaneously from the seed of Life the Word
And he whispers the mystery of the Word itself
which lifts the veil of delusion from our sight,
which purifies the heart of the most wicked sinner,
which fills us with love for all God's beings,
and brings us into contact with the Lord himself.
Truly the Master's Word is a boat to cross
the fearful ocean of relative existence.

The Word cannot be uttered nor described.
It is not the name of any one great soul in particular.
It is the true Name of all the great souls.
It is the Word without which no words or names can be spoken.
It has existed changelessly throughout all creations.
It has existed changelessly throughout all ages.
It is our own original "form" and to That all will return.

That Word is the pure "song" of the soul within.
By remembering "it" we are centered in our own soul,
and will merge into the Supreme Being, the One.
This Holy Word is the Lord Himself in dynamic form
creating and sustaining the universe,
and the Word is the essence of our own being.

The Lord, through the Master gives us His Name,
even as he gives us our own Self.
He knows that His name alone has the power to set us free.
He knows that the mind's nature is to be attached.
He knows that only by attachment to that which is eternally free
can we be freed from this world of bondage.
Detachment without attachment to the ever free Name
is as impossible as lifting oneself off the ground by one's shoelaces.

When the time is right the True Master,
by his kindness, power and knowledge,
transmits the knowledge of the subtlemost vibration of life
to His deserving and sincere disciple.
This transmission is a spiritual rebirth
into the mystery of the Word of Truth.

Mahatma Param. Saphalanand