Salutations and Prostrations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev

Title: My Calling or My Ambition

Where are you our Lord? Tell us.
Our Lord, why have you forgotten us?
You showed us for a short time your
beautiful lilas
And we heard your nectar like sweet voice
Where have you gone?
Please tell us,
You should not make us weep any more.
Saviour of orphans
and brother of the humble and poor
Please tell us, where are you,
O ocean of mercy.

How can we cross this river of suffering?
If you are hidden from us,
O beloved of the devotees.
You stay in your Place of Truth
You should take care of us.
Without you we have no peace of mind
Our heart is not satisfied
A river of tears ceaselessly flows
Lord Krishna,
let us again see your lovely face.

Our Lord, why have you forgotten us
You promised to remove from us the darkness
The promise is unfulfilled
Will it always remain unfulfilled?
We are your children,
now take care of us.

But when the Lord saw
That the troubles
His devotees were having to endure
Had reached the final point,
He said,
"My devotees can bear it no longer,"
And then manifested Himself
In a human body.
So He has now come
To reveal the lost Knowledge
And to restore true peace.
The Lord,
The True Saint,
The True Guru Maharaj Ji,
Has incarnated in this world.

He is constant
and He is perfect.
If God has changed,
He would have been imperfect,
but He is perfect.
God requires nothing
to be added to Him,
not a single creation,
because He is complete,
He is everything,
He is perfect,
He does not change,
He is constant.

Oceans change.
In Bombay,
sometimes the sea
comes right up over the road,
and sometimes it goes way back.
So oceans change.
Sometimes a river will go
in another direction,
changing its course.
Sometimes human beings
change their way.

But God is perfect
and His way is perfect.
He doesn't need to change.

Satguru is divine.
Guru is divine.
The most divine.
Guru is whatever is,
nothing else but Guru.
Whatever is, is Guru.
Guru first
puts whatever mercy
is left in a body
and then places Himself.
It is said that
one nail of Guru
is filled with mercy.
If He scratches this world,
it is for mercy,
to dig a hole for mercy
in this world.

And if we really
have any experience of Knowledge,
then we must understand
what Guru Maharaj Ji is.
If we realty understand Knowledge,
then we realty understand
what the power
of Guru Maharaj Ji is.
The key to the whole life,
the key to the existence
of this entire universe,
rests in the hands of
Guru Maharaj Ji.

Oh my Guru Maharaj Ji,
I dedicate myself to You.
I am weak and ignorant
And am filled
With the impurities
Of this world.
Oh Guru Maharaj Ji,
Through Knowledge
Please purify me
Of the impurities
I possess.
Reveal to me
The Knowledge of all Knowledges.
Strengthen me,
Uplift me
And reveal the Truth
Within inside of me. Bring me from hate to love, Darkness to light,
death to immortality.
I will follow Your direction
And will never
Reveal this Knowledge
To anybody for any reason.
I will keep in contact with You
Through my devotional love,
Satsang, meditation
And service.

Thank you.

It is like this,
that if somebody comes
when you are drowning in the river,
and saves your life,
now immediately
there is a relationship
that's formed.

And that relationship
is not of a brother,
is not of a husband,
is not of a sister,
is not of wife.

But the relationship
is something else.
And it is greater
than all the relationships
that we have formed and we have created.

That is the greatest relationship
that can ever be formed
between two people.
And you call Him
your Saviour.

Guru Maharaj Ji,
please help!

Help me,
because I don't know
what there is ahead of me.

Help me,
because I don't know!

Help me,
because I am ignorant!

Help me,
because I cannot see!

You have created me.
You have created this bread.
You are letting me eat this bread.
Okay, I eat this bread to stay alive.
But give me a reason,
Give me a purpose.
Show me the path,
Why I should eat this bread
You have given me.
Guru Maharaj Ji
please help!
Help me!

Guru Maharaj Ji
Give me the strength
So I can surrender
To you.

Oh Guru Maharaj Ji,
Show me.
Let me believe in you.
Let me trust in you.
Let me be with you
So I can see.
Give me your insight,
So that I can see
What you can see.
Oh Guru Maharaj Ji,
Help me.

Here, Guru Maharaj Ji.
Help me!
And here is my effort
that I've already made.
I need that Grace.
I want that Grace.
And here is my effort.
This is the effort
that I have made,
truly and sincerely.
And even that, Guru Maharaj Ji,
is by Your Grace.
And I just want
to keep on
making that effort
more and more
and more and more
in my life,
so that I may
fulfill the destiny
that You have chosen for it.
The destiny,
oh, Guru Maharaj Ji,
that You have chosen for me.
May that be fulfilled
by my effort
and Your Grace
that you have showered
upon me
through Knowledge,
through Yourself,
through Your mercy.
And guide me.

Guru Maharaj Ji, help!
Help! Help! Help! Help!
Take me away.
Take me away from this craziness.
Take me away from this thing.
And give me that shelter.
Make my life beautiful.
Make me a tool.
Make me an instrument.
Make it real.

I do not want any liberation,
I do not want to be liberated,
I want to come
Again and again
As You come
Into this world
With Your body
And to serve You.
I do not want liberation,
All I want
Is to be able
To serve You
Every time You come.

Lord, don't forget me.
For You we are many,
but for me You are only one.
If I get lost, You have others
who can give You so much love.
But in my life,
if I get lost,
You are the only one
who can give me love.
So Lord,
please attach me so firmly
that the sun may break,
fire may break in pieces,
and the sky may be disturbed,
the earth may be moved
from its orbit,
but this cord of love
may not be moved
and may be strong forever
and ever and ever.
Even if the sun breaks,
no matter.
But this cord of love
should be forever.

Oh Guru Maharaj Ji,
You have done
Such a beautiful mercy
Upon this soul
That You have broken
All my ties of my ego,
Of my desires.
Day and night
I was completely into this maya,
Into this world.
And You have shown me
That this is nothing
But a dream
And You have broken my ties,
You have woken me up.
And then I was completely
Into scriptures and going
To all of these holy places
And I thought that this
Was going to bring me liberation
But You have given me
The Scripture of scriptures.
You have unveiled
That that's nothing.
Oh Guru Maharaj Ji,
How can I thank You

Oh my Guru Maharaj Ji,
Let me become a devotee.
Oh Guru Maharaj Ji,
Make me a devotee.
Oh Guru Maharaj Ji,
I am nothing
And You have made me
By Your infinite Grace.
Keep me at Your Feet.

O Guru Maharaj Ji,
I feel that I'm the greatest man
in this world!
I am the greatest
because You are the greatest.
And You have made me the greatest
by just doing it.
The journey that they all talk about
and could never reach,
could never finish,
0 Guru Maharaj Ji,
just with a blink of Your eye
You have put me across.

0 Guru Maharaj Ji,
I want to merge with You.
I want to be something
I never leave in my whole life.
Because what is there for me
at the other end?
I've already ruined it
so far this world is concerned.
I've already ruined it
so far mind is concerned.
And if You let me go,
there is no other place
except to the pits for me.

Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji,
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

You are everything.
In You I dwell.
In You I live.
In You I have found myself.
And You are everything to me.
My world, my life,
My friend, my everything.

And without You,
I can't even take a step.
Oh, I might think I can take a step.
But give me that strength,
Give me that clarity
So that I never think that,
"Oh, yeah, I can do it!"

I want to rely on You
More and more and more.
I want to surrender to You
More and more and more.
Because to me,
What can I become in this world?
What can I become in this world?

I steal your hearts,
I'm a big gangster,
because I steal your heart
and destroy the confusions
within you.

So today,
in the frustrated darkness
of the world,
only the Perfect Lord
is the bright shining sun.

And if you have known Him,
far out.
It is the endless limit
if you have known
the Lord of the time.

It's you!
It's premies that bring
Guru Maharaj Ji into this world.
And does Guru Maharaj Ji
ever come into this world for himself?
There is no reason to.
There is no point to.

And yet,
The only reason why even
Guru Maharaj Ji is Guru Maharaj Ji,
is because of you.

And when you come, and when He comes,
and when we all come,
we make the most beautiful garland.

Whenever we come
by all these illusions
in this world,
by all these things
that we have created ourselves,
we completely get lost.
You know,
that's when it turns out
the most beautiful.

The child is lost,
completely lost.
Well, just imagine
that parent, the father,
has his arms wide open.
And he is running.
He is running
and running
and running,
and this small child
has realized
that his father
is right there,
and that he can reach
to his father,
he can go to his father.
So the small child
is also running
with his hands wide open.
It's so beautiful.

I'm telling
about the mirror
of life, the true mirror.
Have we ever looked
at ourselves
in that?

We never have.
And we will someday,
by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace.
We will find that we are no more
than just a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny,
tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny,
very, very tiny
speck of dust.

And yet
so incredible,
that even the Lord Himself
comes for that
tiny speck of

So, let's get rid of this mind
once and for all…
and we can do it!
You and me.
we can do
I don't know what,
me, I don't know what,
but you and me, we can do anything.

And so,
the Greatest Magician
of all is here.
So premies, the point is
that if you want to watch this show,
and that's what we are here for)
to watch this show,
why don't we open our eyes?
Why don't we sort of wake up?
Why don't we look at the stage,
and watch
the Greatest Magician
perform his miracles,
every day,
every second of the life
that he does?

Open up
to that Love
that Guru Maharaj Ji has.
Because that Love
is so incredible.
That Love is so precious,
so dear, so beautiful,
that if we could realty feel
that pure Love,
then that's where we would
want to stay.
through the worst of the moments,
that Love
stays with us.
Guru Maharaj Ji stays with us.
Through the best of the moments
Guru Maharaj Ji,
that Love,
stays with us.
The only thing.
And that's the Love
that we really want.
That's the Love that we really need.
Because without that Love,
we will drown.
We will!

When you make that little effort,
it makes me happy.
When you make a bigger effort,
it makes me happier.
And when you really make that effort
from your heart and succeed
that's what makes me laugh.
Laugh, not jokingly on you,
but it nukes me so happy
that I can laugh.

Guru Maharaj Ji's world
is made up of everything
where darkness doesn't exist.
It's wonderful.
It's love.
There are not sunsets,
here are no sunrises.
But all there is, is
ove, love, love, Love.
And even greater
than love,
He is there.
Guru Maharaj Ji is there.
Because love, you could say,
takes two people.
But Guru Maharaj Ji
merges the devotee
and Himself.

But that love
is so essential.
And that love from premies
is so essential
for Guru Maharaj Ji.
Because without that love,
without the manifestation
of that love from his premies…
You know,
Guru Maharaj Ji needs that love too.
And it has to be that pure love.
And without that love…
It's like love is the exchange
that has to happen.

And we give Guru Maharaj Ji
our love, sincerely.
And then Guru Maharaj Ji, in turn,
gives us what we want.
But we have to be able to
have that exchange.

That power,
the most ultimate thing
in this world,
is based upon love.
That's its foundation,
that's its basis.
No theories,
no mind involved,
no philosophies.
Just simply based
on sincere love.
true love.

And Guru
becomes crazy
after his disciples.

His disciples attract
Him so much.

They win Him
by their services,
that the Guru
has to follow them
instead of
they following Guru.

Because I love you,
I want you
to have that experience.
If I didn't love you,
then I couldn't care less!

And it's us,
in this world.
Just you and me.
No days.
No nights.
No hot.
No cold.
No nothing.
And that's it.

All I can say is,
please go ahead
and take those three steps
that you really need to take.
Just take them
and let Guru Maharaj Ji
walk those three million miles.
that's Guru Maharaj Ji's pleasure,
that's okay.
He doesn't mind walking
three million miles.

Guru Maharaj Ji
is such an ocean of Grace,
what shall I say
of Him?
No ordinary person
can sing about the love
within Him,
about the love
of Guru Maharaj Ji.
Only a true devotee of
Guru Maharaj Ji
can sing about it.

A devotee
is sitting in America,
is sitting in India.

But both
have a very powerful

And only
that pure and humble soul
can then in fact
turn around
and surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji.

Maharaj Ji is that perfectness
Guru Maharaj Ji is that purity
Guru Maharaj Ji is that Knowledge
Guru Maharaj Ji is infinite.

And nothing finite
can come into infinite
and still stay finite.
That finite thing
has to become infinite
before it can
actually merge into

how can the finite become infinite
and the infinite become finite?

Every Perfect Master,
to me, it's like
every Perfect Master has come
in this world
and tried to beat those drums.
And they got somewhere close to it.
But they didn't quite beat it.
Not loud enough.
Not loud enough
for everybody to hear.
And it didn't pierce
the tons and tons
and miles and miles of barriers
that people had between them.

But for some reason,
I have this hope.
I have this dream.
I have this - not an idea.
It is not an idealism.
But as a service to my life,
as the aim of my life,
to beat those drums
so hard, so hard,
that it might
break down those barriers that
people have placed between them,
and that there might be
Peace in this world.

Guru Maharaj Ji, or Guru,
represents something, means something.
It's not a meaningless word.
It's not an image of somebody,
but it is a meaning.
Rather than being a noun,
it's a verb.
What that really means is,
it shows action.

'Guru' is not a noun;
it's not a name.
It's the function of a person,
of somebody who comes
into this world to save us.

And the particular meaning
of the word 'Guru'
is that 'Gu' means darkness,
and 'ru' means the Light.

The one who takes us
away from the darkness
that we are in
and puts us into the Light
is called 'Guru'.

Perfect Master
not only teaches us perfectness,
and that is why
He is Perfect Master,
but He has the key.

And not only does He have the key,
but that answer, that solution,
that experience,
lies within Him,
He is that experience.

The Lord will always be there,
but the opportunity
for you to seek Him,
to find Him,
is not always going to be there.
Because the Lord is unlimited,
and you are not.
You are very limited.
Maybe our lifetime of fifty years,
one hundred years,
one hundred and twenty years,
is a split second
on our Lord's watch.
He is always going to be there;
He's always got opportunities;
He's always going to come
one decade after another,
after another.
Are we?

God is within your heart.
Guru is outside.
God is within us all
but His highest manifestation
takes place outside.
Then He opens his medium to see,
look inside.
"What you are seeing is nothing,
is only the body like you have and I.
So if you want to see me,
Look inside, who I am."
Then he gave him that technique.

Oh my Guru Maharaj Ji,
You are all powerful.
There is nothing in this world
You cannot do.
You can do everything.
I surrender myself
At your Lotus Feet.
Please keep me in your Shelter.
Kindly save me.
Please kindly protect me.
Thank you
My Lord
For everything.

O Guru Maharaj Ji,
you're almighty.
You can do anything.
What can't you do?
What is there you can't do?
Please protect me.
Please give me the right direction.
Please help me.
You can do that, too.
You have the potential.
Guru Maharaj Ji,
it's not like you have two hands,
so you can only do one thing.
You're sustaining the whole world.
Maybe you could sustain me, too.
You are all-merciful.
Your mercy covers the entire world.
And this world keeps on doing sin
after sin after sin after sin to you,
and still you give it mercy.
Maybe you would add on my sins
to the whole sin
and give me a little mercy
Keep me under your umbrella.

0 Guru Maharaj Ji,
who am I really,
to even request?
But you are everything
and can I please
even request to you
to help me?
Because I know
that I am full of mistakes,
and I will make mistakes,
and will keep making mistakes
But you are full of mercy.
To you, there are thousands.
To me, you're my only one.
You are the only thing
that I can have in this life,
and any lives beyond--
I don't know.
I'm ignorant.
You sustain me now.
You will sustain me always.
But could you please
even just look at me?
Could you please
even just accept me?
Could you please even
--you know--
Because you are all-powerful.
You can do it.

Guru Maharaj Ji, help.
Help me, hug me,
Hold me, pick me up.
Don't leave me here.
Hold me now.
Pick me up now.
I want that grace.
I want that shelter.
This whole world
Is just eating me up.

Let me become humble,
keep me humble.
Always let me be humble.
Do it.
Because of my insincerity,
darkness, illusion,
I always tend to go to maya,
grab the feet of maya,
kiss the feet of maya.

0 Guru Maharaj Ji,
I know Your arms are full
With Your devotees,
With all Your creation,
But could You please
Just fiddle me in somewhere?
Just put me in somewhere
So I can be on Your boat?

I come to You,
Because who have I got
in this world?
You are my father,
You are my mother,
You are my brother,
You are my sister.
You are my friend.
You are my everything!
You are riches.
You are wisdom.
You are my all,
My Lord,
to me.

And Guru Maharaj Ji,
make that
a reality in my life.
Make that true
in my life.

Oh Guru Maharaj Ji,
Do not forget me.
To You there are thousands.
But to me,
You are the only one.
And if You forget me,
Then I've had it.
Your Love and Your Grace
Is what I depend on.
I do not doubt Your mercy.
And I do not doubt Your faith.
But I doubt myself
And so give me the strength.
Make my effort manliest.
Give me the strength
So that I may never forget You.

Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji,
To You there are thousands like me.
But to me, You are only one.
And just never to lose me.
Guru Maharaj Ji,
Don't ever lose me.
Don't ever kick me away!
Don't ever forget about me!
Because I am nothing.
There are thousands like me.
If you lose one of me,
What is it to You?
But if I lose You,
I've lost everything.
My life, my faith,
My love, my devotion.

Oh Guru Maharaj Ji,
Please hold my hand.
Oh Guru Maharaj Ji,
Hold my hand,
Pull me out,
I need you!

If there are people
to be called the worst,
Then here I am.
It's me.
If there is somebody
who is the worst of the bunch,
Here it is.
It's me.
And the more you see that,
that it's me,
Please help me more.

My ego will haunt me.
My confusion will pursue me
to do everything else.
But I know that Your Grace
can pursue me
to do that You want me to do.
Your compassion and Your love
can destroy the greatest darkness,
can destroy the greatest evil
that man has ever known.
One blink, one little finger,
One little sight,
and You can do it.
And yet who am I
to even ask You,
"please do it to me"?
But I know
that You have the compassion
to maybe somehow listen to me.
Someday, somehow,
will You please
find it in Your heart
--if You ever do, Guru Maharaj Ji--
to just save me from this world?
Take my mind away.
Take me and put me
into Your feet
where You really are.

The happiness is not anywhere else
except where You are.
The happiness is not pursuing
the pleasures of this world,
but pursuing You
is my happiness.
Being with You
is my happiness.
Watching You
is my happiness.

And give me the stength,
give those eyes
so that I can see You.
Give me that strength
so I never forget You.
Give me the brains
so I can never forget You.
Make me that You want me to be.
Let me do that Your true wish is,
what Your true command is.
You are everything.

Let me become humble.
Keep me humble.
Always let me be humble.
Do it!
And I know
that You have the power
and the strength,
You have the love and the compassion,
have that mercy on one tiny soul.
Don't let it wander.
If it takes being
under Your Feet,
then that's what I'll be.
What I want to become
is Your wish.
What You don't want me to be
is Your wish.
And give me the strength.
And I know You can!
Give me that sight,
Because I know You can.

Even if I have to walk through fire,
Even if I have to go through
all of this that the world
might create to stop me
from getting to You,
give me the Grace
So that I can go on. Give me that faith
So that I can have faith in You.
Give me Your blessings
So I can accomplish,
So I can fulfill it.
Give me that love.
Give me that understanding
So I can come to You,
I can be with You,
I can get to You.

Kabir says
that you can take this whole ocean
and turn it into ink,
and you can take all the woods
and turn it into pens,
you can take all the lands
and turn into paper,
and you can still not write
the glory of Guru Maharaj Ji.
Why not?
Cause what Guru Maharaj Ji is,
is opposite of what you think he is.
Guru Maharaj Ji cannot be identified.
This is the problem.
This is the problem you have every day.
Your mind can't figure out
what Guru Maharaj Ji is,
your mind can't.

You can,
by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace,
by Guru Maharaj Ji's blessings.
You can figure out,
when you make that effort,
when you merge with Guru Maharaj Ji.
That's the day
you'll figure it out,
for one second,
and then you'll be merged.

In my realization of Knowledge,
I know that
if it hadn't been for
Guru Maharaj Ji,
Knowledge alone
wouldn't have done wonders for me,
because the wonders
that Knowledge was doing
already existed…
I was alive!

After that,
it was going to go nowhere.
I was alive,
I was breathing,
playing around and so on.
But when Guru Maharaj Ji
came into my life,
everything became different,
it became real.
I couldn't
lose the importance
of Guru Maharaj Ji
at that point
and say, well, maybe
I can just do it
on my own.
it's literally
to do it.

You know,
what's more beautiful,
to be in a lap
or to be walking?
Definitely, to be in a lap,
where you're safe and sound
and have that warmth,
that most beautiful,
beautiful warmth,
that most everybody
in this world
is searching for.
That's why
a baby wants to come to a lap,
though he can walk.
He needs that warmth.
He understands
that it's more significant
to have that warmth
and to be just sitting
in one place
than to be walking around.

It's like,
we have two options,
we can walk,
but we know that
by walking ourselves,
we aren't going to make it,
because we can't cross the waters,
the depth of this world,
the craziness of this world,
by ourselves.
But somebody can,
so why don't you sit in His lap,
and He will take you.

Imagine how beautiful
would that God be
who created all this beauty.
When we say "wow" for this beauty,
what are we going to say for Him
when we see Him?
We can't say the same word, "wow"
because that's what we say
to His beauty.
But that will we say to Him?

you don't have to bother about it.
Because when you see Him,
you won't have to speak
because at that point,
it's no speaking.
It's just no speaking.
Because everything
is just completely into flow,
and it's just perfect,
that's all.
There is nothing more.

You don't want to cry,
because there is no reason to cry.
Who is going to hear you cry?
Who is going to see you cry?
On whose feet
are those tears going to fall?
Who is going to pick those tears up?
Who is going to take you anywhere?
You know, that's it!
You have fumbled it enough;
you made a complete mess.

And then,
it's such a beautiful thing
that happens.
When those vultures
start closing in,
and the rattler
gets awfully close to attacking,
you do drop a few tears.
And you look there those tears fell,
and there are somebody's feet there.

And you turn around,
and there's Guru Maharaj Ji.
And He says,
"Okay, let's go."

in the beautiful
of Guru Maharaj Ji…
when in that beautiful, beautiful
of Guru Maharaj Ji…
because there is
the solution,
there is
the answer.
And we get attracted
by that,
we get directed
by that.
It's like a magnet.

And His little drops of mercy
we can't even imagine them.
How can we imagine that
ocean where it is
always mercy?
But there are
the little

the Lord comes,
He is hungry of love.
He wants nothing.
He has created money,
He has created gold,
He has created silver,
He has created diamonds.
He has created the whole universe.
Whatever He wants
is no surprise to the Lord.

But the only thing
What can be a surprise to Him
is your love,
that is sincere,
that is from your heart,
which comes
right from the depths of your heart,
which shows light,
affection, devotion,
and real love which is perfect,
perfect and lasting love.

I love you
and you love me
is the greatest reason
in this whole universe to be here.

And to always show up
again and again and again,
in time immemorial,
as Guru Maharaj Ji and devotees,
'til there is a blue sky,
until there is a brown earth,
until the ocean roars.

What is Guru Maharaj Ji?
Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?
It is not a question.
It is a request.
It is a thirst
that you want to quench,
to find out
what is Guru Maharaj Ji.
It is…
you cannot put that in questions.

Guru Maharaj Ji
is an

Guru Maharaj Ji
wants you to make
a very small sacrifice.
And that sacrifice is the love
that you have inside of you.

There is something
inside of you
that's filled with the love
and you don't know about it.
Your mind doesn't know about it.
But there is something
inside of you
that's completely filled
with love.
All I want
is the love from it,
the pure love
that's inside of you.

Every individual
has to give that love.
The unquestionable love.
The love that has no reason.

We are here
for a very simple thing.
To be….to be who we are.
Pure in our hearts,
pure in our life,
pure in our thought.
To be merged with that thing
where we came from.
To have the ultimate realization,
to have the ultimate meeting,
to have the ultimate
in our

This is
the threshold.
This is it.
You are standing on
the threshold.
Don't look back.

Knowledge is infinite,
and we are finite,
so we need a bridge,
we need a translator,
who is infinite and finite
at the same time,
who can really
bring us together,
and that is
Guru Maharaj Ji.

it is
only Guru
who is our guide.
Catch his shoulder,
and He will take you
to that point
where when we go there
nobody can come back from there.
So catch the shoulders of Guru
and never leave them,
for He will take you
to that place
where there is

I have given you
the seed.

Plant it in the field
of your life.

Grow and harvest
the crop.

Peace and harmony
will prevail on you.

Listen to me,
for you will hear God.

Understand me,
for you will understand God.

I am always with you.
It is you who should be with me
to harmonize this world.

In His agya,
we will find our happiness.

In His Love,
we will find our life.

And in His satsang,
we will find ourselves.

And in Him,
we will find everything that we need.

Those who lose themselves
into Your Lotus Feet,
They please You oh my Lord
with their surrender complete.

What can be said about Your devotees
who give You all their love.
Their tears of longing for You
bring tears to Your shining eyes.

They beg You to be with them
with such a voice of longing they call You.
Their sincere devotion compels You
to come and give Your holy Darshan.

There will be times when trouble appears
and darkness seems to be all around them.
But they will always turn to You
for You are their one and only Saviour.

Those who lose themselves
into Your Lotus Feet,
They please You oh my Lord
with their surrender complete.

Leaving Your Lotus Feet
Oh where would I go

Who else has the Holy Name to purify me
Who else loves the weary and the weak
Oh where would I go
Leaving Your Lotus Feet
Oh where would I go

Who else has the nature to persistently save me
Who else dries my tears when I weep
Oh where would I go
Leaving Your Lotus Feet
Oh where would I go

Who ever begs You for help and Your mercy
You take them across the ocean deep
Oh where would I go
Leaving Your Lotus Feet
Oh where would I go

Who else has the power to free me from Maya
Who else showers such a love so sweet
Oh where would I go
Leaving Your Lotus Feet
Oh where would I go

I am Yours alone my Guru Maharaj Ji
Please make my surrender complete
Oh where would I go
Leaving Your Lotus Feet
Oh where would I go

We are traders
of the Holy Name

Some deal in copper
some deal in silver
some deal in spices
and grains.

Our trade is perfect
it is successful
We have as cargo
the Lord's Name.

We never lose
on this investment
Our trade divine
we always gain.

No worldly market
can hope to stop us
We trade without
fear and shame.

The precious jewels
produced within
They fill our treasury
like rain.

The source of all
is Guru Maharaj
Ji He is the Giver
of the Holy Name.

We are traders
of the Holy Name