"What is the power that makes us breathe? Unless we know it, we are not satisfied. We cannot be happy. Because there is a source that is activating the happiness. If we realize that source we will always be happy, regardless of what happens to us."

-- Guru Maharaj Ji


Everyone has a question. From person to person the words vary, the phrases differ, the syntax changes. But, still, that longing is there to know … something.

Something that is true. Something that is lasting. Something that makes sense and makes the world make sense.

This magazine cannot answer that question. The answer is something which needs to be shown by someone who knows perfectly. The answer is an experience within your own heart.

Guru Maharaj Ji imparts an experience called "Knowledge." Knowledge is not a philosophy, a system of thought or a teaching. It cannot be described in a magazine or obtained through a book. It is the consciousness of Love, that harmony flowing through you.

This magazine will tell you a little about Knowledge. It contains discourses, or satsangs, given by Guru Maharaj Ji. Although spoken years apart, their message is the same: Receive the Knowledge which brings true satisfaction.

You will also find the words of disciples, premies, who have Knowledge and who want to share a glimpse of that experience which Guru Maharaj Ji so freely reveals.

This magazine is just an introduction to something that has no end.