Prem Rawat formerly Guru Maharaj JiGURU MAHARAJ JI

What's your mission in the world?

My mission is to bring peace, love and Truth into this world. Jesus came and he gave something. He gave the lesson of love. But he didn't only speak of love, he gave something that put people into love. I am doing the same thing now, giving something to people so they can be in complete love, that true love which flows toward God rather than toward materialism. Love toward God is very pure and such a love will increase and spread.

What I want to bring down onto the Earth is peace. That's my purpose, to reveal to people this Knowledge, this Word of God, this Light.

Is seeing "Divine Light" the end goal of your Knowledge, or just the beginning?

The point is, that in talking of Light, we use the word "light" because there isn't any other terminology to use. We don't want to sit here and not talk about the experience we have. But actually this is an infinite experience and not like the light we can see with our eyes. If we want to reach that level where we can see


Divine Light and experience God, then we are forced to become infinite, and to become infinite is the process of Knowledge, of knowing what is unknown to us.

Now there are many things that are unknown to us, but there is one unknown thing that is inside of us. And the revealing of

that unknown thing is called receiving Knowledge. When we know it and when we understand it, we become infinite and big enough to see God and be one with God. Unless and until you have had that experience, it's difficult to talk about where it starts and where it ends. Before you have this Knowledge, it's just a word, it's just a sentence. It is impossible to understand the experience theoretically because theory is limited. But when you come to the practical experience of Knowledge, it's unlimited.

Does it take long to understand the Knowledge once you receive it?

To describe yourself would probably take you a long time. But if I put a mirror in front of you, you could see who you are in an instant. Receiving Knowledge is instant because the whole thing is shown directly before you.

But first you have to be receptive. If one channel is open, you understand something a certain way. If another channel is open, you understand things another way. And if all channels are open, you understand it that way. If a man comes eager to know this Knowledge, he receives it one way. If a man comes as a press reporter, he understands it another way.

Knowledge is an instantaneous process but the question is, how much do we want to know? Are we really receptive?

What makes a person a happy person?

You see, it's not in man's hands. A person by himself is


nothing. Many people believe they are this or that, but these people are nothing. There are some people who live for hundred years and other people who just bark and die. It's not in man's hands.

God has three properties, Generator, Operator and Destroyer. G-O-D. God has generated us, He will destroy us. But the middle point, He is operating us, is the biggest point. To some people that means nothing whatsoever, though they are living, though they are breathing.

What is the power that makes us breathe? Unless we know it. we are not satisfied. We cannot be happy. Because there is a source that is activating the happiness. If we realize that source we will always be happy, regardless of what happens to us. Then we can be in the nature of what Jesus spoke about, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Only then is it possible.

There are so many religious people in America. but happiness has not been accomplished. Look at the whole world and you will see that people are not happy, are not satisfied. Happiness is the thing that man wants to gain and if he can just understand the thing that activates happiness and get into it, he will always be happy, because happiness comes from that.

Happiness is knowing yourself … ?

Knowing yourself and understanding yourself. Getting into infinity which has no end. Because why do you get sad? Happiness comes and it ends. And when the happiness ends you are sad. But if you become infinite, there won't be any end to it.

You see, God has been made into a balloon. People have made images of God and tried to shape Him into them. But who is God? What is God? See, there is a very thin membrane between us and God, and this is a membrane of illusion. A Guru has a device so he can cut this membrane and it becomes practical and easy for us to see God.

Guru means the one who takes us away from darkness and puts us into Light. He takes us away from ignorance. Whenever our Perfect Master comes in this world, he has never just stayed in the caves or in his room, but has always come out and shouted before people, "Come and realize, come and know, come and understand." It is our duty to understand.


This Knowledge is such a great thing that we must go, ask, beg to have it given to us. We must not lose time, we must not waste time just because we are so concerned with these materialistic objects. It's okay if you think your hobby is to be connected to materialistic objects. but connect yourself to the Knowledge, realize the Knowledge also. You are giving food to your physical body, but try to give food to your internal spiritual body, too.

Are you able to travel outside your body?

Outside my body? See. the question is, why should I? God has given me this body and even leaving it for a second is not good. This human body is a precious jewel. Why should I leave it? God has given me this precious body and I always try to stay in it and give peace to people.

There are so many teachers and gurus. How do we solve the problem of knowing who has had God realization?

Suppose you want to buy paint and you know a certain shop that usually sells paints and enamels. You go there, but even though the sign in front says they specialize in paint, they don't have any at all. So you try other shops and finally you find the right shop and get what you need.

What are the different methods employed at Divine Light Mission centers to bring people to God realization?

Well, there's only one method. First you are told about Knowledge by someone. You listen to satsang, the discourses, and understand that this is the practical Knowledge that is being offered, the Knowledge that we are all interested in finding. Then it is a simple process, -Ask and you shall receive; knock and it shall be opened unto you.- A person asks and is given.

The people working in the centers are disciples. And some disciples are called initiators: they reveal this Knowledge, but they do not give this Knowledge. If it were a process of giving, it might be difficult for them. But it is a process of revealing, so it is very easy.


Is it possible to know God without the help of a Perfect Master?

The problem is that God is infinite, human beings are finite, and a finite thing is not able to deal with the infinite. Until the finite becomes infinite, it is quite impossible because a relationship between God and a human being is impossible. But a Guru or Perfect Master -- what is the meaning of Perfect Master? The man who teaches math is called a math master. The man who teaches physics is a physics master. The one who teaches us perfectness, we call a Perfect Master. He is the one who is both finite and infinite at the same time. He is the bridge that can take us from our finite condition to an infinite one.

But today, the whole world is stuck. The scriptures say "God exists," but people are stuck on the point that God exists. When a scripture says "God exists" it means God exists! Realize Him. He is realizable. His existence is provable. Prove it to yourselves. Know it for yourselves. Understand it for yourselves. No matter what religion a person believes in, he must understand that God is realizable now, in this century, in this age of darkness.

So this is the whole process to know God. Once we approach the proper source, it is not at all difficult because Perfect Master knows what to do. We just give ourselves into his hands.

Guru Maharaj Ji, what should I do to be ready to receive Knowledge?

You should listen to the introduction. Listen to more satsang, the discourses, which will provide an idea of what Knowledge is. Then you will be able to see if this Knowledge will really help you or not.

When you go to buy a car, first you ask questions. What is the cost? How long is it guaranteed? How many years will it last? You want all the details about the car before you buy it, right?

In the same way, before you receive Knowledge, before you are ready to receive Knowledge, you should know all the basics, the whole background of Knowledge. You should know how Knowledge will help you and what it will give you. If you know that eating tomatoes is going to give you peace, then you don't require Knowledge. You require tomatoes and Knowledge won't


Premies sharing satsang, the interchange of inspiration and experience that occurs in speaking about Truth.

give you tomatoes. But if you really require peace, then compare it, "Okay. I require peace. This is perfect. I'll receive it."

And you can do that once you have listened to more and more satsang. You have to listen to satsang to become ready to receive Knowledge.