Divine Light Mission
Spring 1978

Why I Love Guru Maharaj Ji

Q: I know it's difficult to describe, but could you try to describe your love for Guru Maharaj Ji?

Bertha Trujillo, Typesetter: The love that I feel for Maharaj Ji really goes into a different realm of love than I've ever experienced before. That's why I'd have to say it's devotion. A lot of people get upset when they hear that word and say, "Devotion to just another person – that's not right." But to me, it's not a strange thing at all. It's a sort of love that is based on trust, that is based on a particular kind of relationship in which I feel that Maharaj Ji has something to offer me beyond anything that I could ever repay. It's not a reciprocal type of thing where he gives to me and then I give back to him. It's just that he's something of a source. He's really full and he's really vast and he's really loving, and he just gives to me and gives to me. My position is to learn to receive, to learn how to open up. That's what puts it more into the dimension of devotion for me, instead of a give-and-take kind of love.

Beth Bewley, Accountant: It seems that Maharaj Ji is the one point in my life that I can focus on that is always true and is always constant. He's shown me the only way I've ever seen to be able to live my life in love. And as a result of that, he's very important to me and I love him.

Sandy Stewart, Secretary: It's just that in my whole life I experienced a lot of love for a lot of different people, and I still experience a lot of love for a lot of different people, but there's something about Maharaj Ji that is just beyond, that's just completely beyond a love that I have for anyone else. Five years ago when I received Knowledge I really those to dedicate my life to him. I really saw that he could bring peace to this world.

Henry Wyman, Janitor: In my life I was always looking [or love – from my childhood on. Just to experience love, not love that has limits, but love that makes you satisfied. And this is what Maharaj Ji is showing me. I really see that he is the source of it and I'm completely grateful to him. Even saying I ant grateful doesn't explain it. Even that love I have for him is nothing. It's like comparing a candle to the noonday sun. When I experience Maharaj it's love, I feel like I don't even know how to love. It's for everybody. This is what people who don't even know that they are looking for love actually are looking for. I haven't met any person, no matter how agnostic or sarcastic he is, who, when I really level with him and challenge the motive of his actions, isn't also searching for satisfaction. Even a person who does things because of hate, he just needs love. This is what Guru Maharaj Ji reveals. Even more than peace of mind – this is not a physical love that comes and goes, but a love that has its roots in the whole creation.

Sally Reeder, Correspondent: My love for Guru Maharaj Ji is deeper than the ocean, it's more than the bird feels for the sky and more than a mother feels for her baby. It's the love that I have for the one who dreamt of me and created me and is sustaining me and giving me all the hope I could ever want for a beautiful life. It's the love you have for someone who is giving you gifts all the time, gifts which are perfect and which are exactly what you need at that moment, not just to live, but to really, really live, to live in love and to know that this whole life is an incredible creation, and you're in the center of it.

I love him more than I could ever, ever say. I love him more than I ever loved anyone. And I know that his love for me is infinitely greater than that. So, all I can hope to do is just open to his love …

Prem Rawat, Unity School, Denver, Colorado, 1975

Bill Grenga, Teacher: My love for Guru Maharaj Ji … I guess I could describe it by a few examples. One was on our retreat last weekend. I was just being there, just experiencing pleasantness. Then, we had an opportunity to talk to Guru Maharaj Ji, or at least a possibility of talking to him on the phone. As soon as I became aware of that possibility, I just felt such an urge, such a "Wow, I hope that happens." All I want is for that connection to be there, to be able to give to him, or just to be able to sing a song for him somehow.

My love for Guru Maharaj Ji right now is something I'm trying to recognize as trust. In trying to do that, by trusting him, he can show me the purpose of my life via the experience of Knowledge. Via meditation.

Simply by trying to follow his direction as closely as I can – that's it. See, love is like a blanket that you get wrapped around in. In order to experience love with Guru Maharaj Ji, it just seems that doing what he asks is the way that I can wrap myself in that blanket. Because there's nothing I can give him other than what he asks for, and what he asks for is for us to follow his direction. He says, "Give me your love and I'll give you peace." The way that we give our love is by doing what he asks; I can't describe it any better than that.

Margie Bailey, Occupational Therapist: It is just a feeling, a warmth that I feel inside, I guess in the place you'd call my heart. It's a beautiful feeling, and it's not for any big, external thing, but it's something that if you really feel it, you carry it around with you. It's not something for any object outside of myself. Of course, when I see Maharaj Ji in person, then there's that person and I do feel that love in person, but for the most part it's something that I just feel.

It makes me feel warm, kind of warm and tingly. It manifests in wanting to do whatever he says, because I trust him and I know from experience that what he says is the truth.

John Warner, Carpenter: The love that I feel for Maharaj Ji is something I feel inside of me way past all my other feelings and desires. It's a deep feeling. I wouldn't even call it love, except that seems to be the best word. It motivates me to practice this Knowledge. It's the motivation to practice service, satsang and meditation and go to see him.

It works on that inner devotion. It sort of straightens out everything inside of me 'til I come to a calm place of peace inside myself. It's a recognition that Maharaj Ji showed me that thing, and that's the love that is not like any other love. It's always waiting for me to go at it and just connect wijh