Spring 1978
Divine Light Mission

Continued …

Illustrations by Lisa HenderlingThe Frogs and the Well

As retold by Jim Bass

One day two frogs met. One of the frogs came from the ocean while the other lived in a well. The ocean frog stopped in at the other's well and inquired, "May I share your well with you tonight? I'm far away from my home, the ocean."

The well frog replied, "Sure, come on in and make yourself at home. Here, pull up a lily pad." As the evening wore on the frogs became friends. They talked about their lives and issues of importance to frogs. Finally the well frog's curiosity got the best of him and he asked, "What is this ocean you talk about?"

The ocean frog replied, "Oh. It's a huge body of water. Huge."

"Really?" "Is it as big as this?" he said as he outlined a circle inside of his well.

"Much bigger."

The well frog then outlined yet another circle. "Is it this big?"

"Way bigger than that."

The business of the well frog drawing circles went on until he had gone to the limit of his well. But according to the ocean frog that still was not as large as his ocean. The well frog didn't want to offend his new friend, but he had trouble buying this story about the supposed ocean. So he asked his visitor to take him to the ocean the very next day.

That is exactly what they did. When the well frog saw the ocean he nearly swooned. He tried to see the limits of the water, but they were far beyond his sight. "I'm glad I saw this," the well frog said. "I never would have understood the size of this ocean after having lived my whole life in my little well."