Light Reading
April, 1977
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Market Place
Market Place


AUTO REPAIR by conscientious mechanic at reasonable rates, in my garage. Foreign and domestic. Specialty SAAB & Volvo. Call 7336368, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon-Sat for appt. Ask for John.

ANNIE BISHOP and JOHN ADORNEY will be playing at the Global Village (76 South Penn.) on Fri.-Sat., March 11-12. Show starts at 9:00 p.m.

WANTED: 11 or 12 year old girl to be my pen pal. I live on Long Island, N.Y. I like tennis, swimming, basketball and reading. Write to: Lori Rosen, 1 Stirrup Lane, Roslyn Heights, N.Y. 11577.

MY NAME IS DINA ROSEN. I am 9 years old and like reading, sports, swimming and skiing. Would you like to be my pen pal? Write: Dina, 1 Stirrup Lane, Roslyn Heights, N.Y. 11577.

CREATIVE WRITING INSTRUCTION learn how to express in writing what your heart longs to say. One-to-one tutorial sessions. $5. per hour. Call 399-6187 for appointments. JSCA.

GOLD RINGS – Guru Maharaj Ji has asked for a ring to be made with his seal on it to be used for sealing documents and letters with wax. If you have any class rings or other rings you are no longer using and would like to donate, give them to the receptionist or Michael Bramel at the DUO office.

PREMIES IN SAN ANTONIO starting Natural Foods Store and Juice Bar. We need another partner interested in natural foods who has capital to invest. For more information, call Paul Davis, (512) 732-5200, 1012 Lewis, Apt. A, San Antonio, Texas, 78212.

I HAVE A TWO BEDROOM HOUSE in SW Denver to share. I'm looking for someone who likes to practice Knowledge and perhaps gardening. Call Rob at work phone: 761-2912, home phone: 934-7722.

JAI SAT CHIT ANAND RAINBOW patches beautifully embroidered. Mail $2.00 to JSCA, 1319 Elizabeth St., Denver, Co. 80206.

THE TOUCHSTONE THEATER, a non-profit, community theatre located at 1035 East 17th Ave., has announced its Film Series programming for the months of March, and April. Films will be shown on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Admission is $1.50 for single films, with series tickets at ten for $10. Call 722-0843, 831-1299.

After you've received your life assurance from You Know Who, how about EARTHLY NEEDS INSURANCE from me? Bob Doriss. Office: 3649303. Home: 232-4059.

DON'T BE A FLY BY NIGHT PILOT. Learn a new approach to flight proficiency. QUALITY PROFESSIONAL FLIGHT INSTRUCTION. Plane: $13.50/ hr. lnstruction: $7/ hr. Bob Doriss. Office: 364-9303. Home: 232-4059.

STEVE WATT, premie musician, will be appearing on KRMA, channel 6, on Monday, March 14 (repeated Mar. 18) at 7:00 p.m. with a 1/2 hr. solo classical guitar recital. Music by Dowland, Bach and Ravel will be included. Call KRMA if you like it as this will help Steve get more work …

VOLUNTEER CARPENTER NEEDED: to build inter-office mail box for Light Reading. Call Mitchell or Linda 377-8856.

GREEN ENERGY: Anyone interested in working with the Denver Garden Project this summer, especially across the street from the Community Center, contact Charlie Brown at 377-8856.

ROOMS now available in 5-bedroom premie family's home. For more info: 477-6864.

MEOW. Home wanted for Kitty. 9 month old blue-point Siamese. Sweet tempered, affectionate. Free. Call 399-3749.

SEWING. Alterations, repairs, patching, applique, etc. Quality work, reasonable price. Open to trade. Call Sparrow at 322-0070.

ASTROLOGICAL COUNSELOR. Natal charts drawn and interpreted. Proggressions – Transits. Fred McDonald. 2214 E. 17th, Apt. 4.

SALLY CLARE'S HAIRCUTTING: call for appointment. 623-8280 ext. 248 (a.m.'s) 399-7156 (p.m.'s). All haircuts still $5.00.

SWEDISH AND ESALAN MASSAGE: Relaxation is the key to meditation. Enjoy a massge to Vivaldi and Bach. Leave note at my home and I'll contact you. Helen. 1460 High, #4.

NEED HELP FILING YOUR INCOME TAX RETURN? Call Danny Munter, day 320-1664, night 377-6335.

TAX PREPARATION – Let me help you with your income tax. Free confidential interview by appointment. Call 837-1153 or 733-6772. Millionaire Opportunities. L.V. Popat, 666 Sherman Street.

Do you have a car to sell, a house to rent, an old dentist chair to give away? Do you need a roommate, a mountain climbing companion or a ride to L.A.? Simply write your message on a 3 x 5 card and mail it to Light Reading, 1607 Race St., Denver, Co. 80206 or leave it with the receptionist at 1607 Race St. Payment of 10 C per word must accompany your ad.

Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Light Reading has emerged due to the Denver premies' desire to express their love for Guru Maharaj Ji. It is intended to be an open forum for sharing satsang, information and the practical manifestation of how Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge has benefitted us individually and collectively within our community.

Published every three weeks, Light Reading welcomes your feedback.

All submissions should be addressed to Light Reading, 1607 Race St., Denver, Colorado 80206. JSCA!

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