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March, 1977
Light Reading


by Mitchell Ditkoff

In the beginning was our concept – a concept of how best to produce a Denver premie community newspaper. Guided by our collective intuition, our past experiences, and our desire for an "open" channel that would be both enjoyable and inspirational we brainstormed (and sometimes mindstormed) ourselves right up into our 8th issue.

Then a funny thing happened.

Almost simultaneously the entire of staff of Light Reading experienced a realignment of priorities. Two powerful darshan programs of our Guru Maharaj Ji and a two hour session with Joe Anctil (Maharaj Ji's press secretary) helped us far more clearly perceive what our true service is – to focus on Knowledge and its infinite manifestations individually and collectively within our community.

Guru Maharaj Ji has given us everything. He has shown us the Light of God and how to live within that Light. He has manifested a world family of love. And most of all, he has given us himself. What need is there to look elsewhere? Sure, rebirthing, EST, and pyramids are "interesting," but our hearts and souls crave something a little more substantial. As a gathering of your brothers and sisters wanting to serve, Light Reading had been trying to span both worlds – the world of Guru Maharaj Ji and the world of everything else. In some ways, though our intentions were pure, we were occasionally diluting the very powerful message Maharaj Ji is here to deliver. In our attempt to relate we were sometimes forgetting that the love experienced by a devotee of the Perfect Master is the highest and therefore the most worthy of being related experience in the world.

Why hide our Light under a bushel?

Why subtly deny our Lord?

So, with our hearts and minds further opened, our pride swallowed, and our desire to serve deepened, the staff of Light Reading makes still another dedication to surrender.

It never seems to end. Just as you feel you are sufficiently out of the way to let your Lord shine through you get confronted again by your own imperfections.

Truth is the consciousness of bliss and as all of us become more conscious of the bliss our actions will more accurately reflect the Truth.

But understand one thing.

Light Reading is not a select group of premies arbitrarily living out their projections. We are your brothers and sisters wanting to serve our Guru Maharaj Ji. So in order for us to more effectively monitor the lifebreath of our community you have to help us. Do you have any ideas for articles or interviews? Do you have any darshan experiences you would like to share, poems, short stories, recipes, practical information? Are you new to the community? (We're going to start a 'Welcome to Denver' section.) Have you just had a baby or a new realization? Do you have a business or service you would like to advertise? Let us hear from you. Call us at 377-8856 or simply stop by 1607 Race St.

Let's all join together deeper in devotion to our Guru Maharaj Ji. Let's wear our love like heaven and make Light Reading truly an offering to our Lord …


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