Life Force magazineThe Radiance of Knowledge
Shri Hans Jayanti celebrations, November 9, 1990

Prem Rawat known in India as Shri Guru Maharaj Ji gave the following satsang in front of about 50,000 Indian devotees, and about 2,000 western 'students'. Maharaji gave his address in Hindi and was simultaneously translated in a dozen of different languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German.

Dear Premies,

You have already listened so much - maybe too much - but the basic thing emphasised by everyone here was that of love, of affection and satsang. And that is meant for all of us. We have to listen to it and understand it fully well.

There are two categories of people in this world. One is like the sieve which throws out the essential but retains the useless rubbish and gravel in itself. Such people are commonly found in this world. Most of us when faced with some problems, become usually confused and miserable.

The supreme happiness

Those who have received Knowledge, they forget this fact after sometime that what a beautiful opportunity, what a beautiful time they have got. What a grace was conferred upon us that we were able to get this opportunity, to have this Knowledge. And so many times I have given satsang from this stage but the basic thing I have always explained is-"Enjoy yourself. The supreme happiness you are seeking, which is so much desired by your heart is before you. Just accept it" But people are like that sieve (which sifts out the essence of the material and retains the waste of it). They forget the primary thing related to that inner joy. That's missed by them and all that they remember is, "Oh, there is this problem with me. I have this trouble, this grief. And this has happened to me. That has happened to me." They are caught up in such things. And what happens? Then their mind, their brain becomes active.

There are another sort of people who are rare, who are rarely found in this world. They are like a winnower which removes the filth and other unwanted material from it and retains whatever is nice and good. So if there is any choice before us, what should we choose? What should we become? Are we supposed to eschew whatever is useful to us or are we expected to retain it in our heart?

I have had a great experience in this respect that a human being is not one but there are two entities amalgamated into one. One part is that which gets joy in talking about the supreme bliss and the other one is that part which takes pleasure in all sorts of false worldly things. So there is not one but two personalities in a man. I have noticed this fact that in this world the latter part of the human being which is biased towards falsehood, maya (illusion), lust and such other nasty things, that part is usually nourished and fed and is mostly attended to. But that other part, that other personality in man who needs Knowledge, who needs supreme happiness and is inclined towards nice things, is totally neglected.

Now what is good? What is the good thing? That which can be experienced, that is good. The thing which cannot be experienced, what is good about it? It is just like a person lost in desert and dying of thirst. There is a professor of physics standing before him and that professor lectures on the chemical property of water, what is H2O and what is the molecular structure of water; how the water is available underground and how it can be obtained; how it requires a pumping set to get it out. But what is the utility of that lecture for that man in the desert? Because the theoretical aspect of something has its limitations.

People read books. And there are very informative things written in them, very good readable material. But what is that which is not realized by the people even after reading those books? Recently someone gave me a book and I was reading it. It's name is "The Wine Carrier". That book is written by a saint, but it's name is "The Wine Carrier". In that book it is very beautifully explained how the Master, the preceptor is the person who provides a sort of liquor and his liquor is not brewed from grapes. His wine is prepared from Knowledge, and whenever I drink that wine, that elixir, then that saying strikes a chord in me-"We are the drinkers of the wine of God…."

And there are such poems, you know? That book deals with the same subject. So what a beautiful allegory has been made! That intoxication from that wine which reaches across to my heart, which exhilarates my soul, which may totally engulf it- such a liquor I want to drink Bring me that sort of thrilling liquor. Because the saints and sages have repeatedly put this thing before us in so many ways. They have addressed the human being and advised him: "You should accept that thing for which your heart is so much thirsty, for which your heart cries. You too should acknowledge that thing".

Therefore, since I recognised my heart's desire' I have always tried to listen to the voice of my heart. Because whenever I listen to my heart, I never become angry but when I listen to other things, other people, that can make me angry. Because the case with my heart is different. I have seen a different kind of domain in my heart in which there is no animosity towards anyone. I have found that all is well there. That all beings are the creation of that Creator. Howsoever they may be created, or they may be, but none of them is high or low and nobody is good or bad. No one is ahead or behind. All are equal. And in this world of my heart, there is a special space for my Master who showed me the way to reach within my heart. Otherwise what would have happened to me? I too would have forgotten my heart, as so many people, millions of people have forgotten their hearts.

The true masters and their teachings

Whenever Masters came, they did not establish any religion. These so many religions were created after they left this world. For instance, Buddhism came into existence after Buddha. So just think of it, how many religions have been created in the name of those Masters ! When those Masters left this world, people said, "Oh, all this must continue." So they hatched up these big religions. Has any Master ever advocated that you devastate the creation of God? Has there been any Master who might have said, "You don't respect anything created by God." Was there any such Master? Actually people have forgotten the teachings of those Masters but have given priority to their beliefs. Because whenever great Masters have come in this world, they have always spoken about the heart. And that is what makes all the difference.

There are so many great orators. There is no dearth of them.. There are also big story-tellers. There is no scarcity of such people. But there is no one who talks about the heart. Because they haven't any connection with the heart - no connection, no synchronization at all. With whom are they in synch ? With that mind. And that mind has not yet dyed, as has been said:

Why, you so-called yogi, You have only dyed your clothes but not your mind !

Why? Because it is very difficult to dye this mind. It is very easy to get the clothes colored. But what is the use of dying the clothes and not this mind, not this heart - in that color in which they are expected to be dyed.

Now, I remember when I was in school, there was a period allotted for Hindi everyday. In my Hindi book there was a couplet:

The radiance of my beloved is of such a red hue
That all I see is crimson everywhere.
I went to see that radiance,
And I have turned crimson myself!

Today, in this world, teachers are in abundance. In school the teachers are always ready to give a good drubbing to the students, "Oh, you don't read !" But that teacher never asks himself whether whatever he is teaching can be so boring that the poor student doesn't like to read it. Because the students are always ready to listen to some interesting or meaningful teachings.

In my school there was a teacher. When I asked him the meaning of that couplet: "The redness of my beloved is such that whenever I see, all is wonderfully red! …" He says, "Oh, yeah, it means that the redness of my beloved is of course red. And when I went to see that redness I also became red. That is quite clear. Isn't it ? Because that saint saw a sort of redness."

But that teacher has no idea what sort of a redness is implied here because he himself is immersed in another sort of redness. He has not the haziest of idea about the real redness referred to. So he teaches in the class that the meaning of that redness is 'red in color.' So when that saint went to see that redness, he also turned red. But really what is that redness? What kind of redness is being referred to here ? What is the significance of it ? Someone should come forward and explain it. Someone should explain the true meaning of that bhajan of Brahmanand Ji. But they have no courage because they do not know themselves. And that's why they do not teach the correct meaning of that bhajan:

"O' Sadhu (Practitioner of Knowledge), I have seen a great amazing phenomenon,
There is a palace erected without any support of the earth,
And it is fully illuminated from inside."

Just consider this fact -"Without any earth to support it !" This should be told to the engineers. Go and tell them in their college where they get education that there is such a palace which has no support from below and it is illuminated as well. Is that possible? And you go to a medical college and tell those doctors that a blind man goes and enjoys the scenic splendour of that palace and then narrates all his experience. Then, of course, it will be a great fun. And you also go there where there is a music class going on and inform them that there is a place whew you can hear the sound of gongs, conches and drums without their being beaten, blown or played by anyone. And then you go again to the doctors and tell them about a deaf person who is so engrossed in listening to those sounds that he has lost awareness of his physical being. Do you know? And then again go and ask the food minister and all these ration-card people whether they have any Knowledge about such a living person who after dying, revives again and comes alive. He becomes hale and hearty with a new vitality in him without taking any food. And then go to an osteologist and tell him whether he knows about a person without arms and legs who climbs an immensely high place without any staircase and there he drinks pitchers full of an ambrosial elixir.

And then in that bhajan, Brahmanand Ji has described the true qualification of such a person. He says that only a saint of exceptional quality can understand the hidden meanings of that bhajan.

Now, what does he want to convey ? If somebody wants to become a doctor, first of all he has to go to a school then to a college and then has to learn the art of medicine. After that he has to undergo internship for sometime in a medical college. Then only a person is able to become a full- fledged doctor. The same is the case in the engineering line. You have to attend school and a college, and then finish your course in engineering in an engineering college. After that you have to appear in an examination. And if you have fared well in it, then someone would give you a paper with a seal on it to signify that now you have become an engineer. Similarly, a doctor also possesses a paper with a seal on it to symbolise that now he has become a doctor. But Brahmanand says that only an exceptional saint will be able to understand his purpose. What does this imply ? In which engineering class of a good standard will it be taught that it is possible to erect a palace without any foundation ? And then such a palace which is automatically illuminated and the blind is viewing it in an ecstasy of delight ? How the blind could be able to see and what does he see ? Oh, such a scenario that even man having eyes has to become blind to view it. In the whole world the blind people want to have eyes to see but it is such a scenery which demands the closure of eyes, to become blind in order to have a glimpse of it. In the same way, ordinarily those people who are unable to hear require big hearing aids in their ears to be able to hear sounds all around them. But that is such an incredible music that people who are fully equipped with the faculty of hearing have to turn deaf so that they may be able to hear the notes of that beautiful music in which gongs are resounding, conches blowing and drums are being played constantly day and night, automatically. Apparently this appears to be a topsy-turvy set up in this world. People will be flabbergasted when they will try to grasp all this: "Oh, this man already has two eyes, why are you asking him to close them ? This fellow is able to hear quite well then why is he supposed to close his ears ?" But the reason is that they too want to enter into that domain. They also want to experience what is inside of them not outside. Though a man is likely to seek it outside. That's why Brahmanand Ji has told the truth here that only some exceptional sage will be able to understand these subtle things mentioned here. The world cannot understand him. The world is interested in what sort of business you are running, what is your occupation.

Politics and its inadequacy

People even ask me, "What do you do?" And sometimes I laugh up my sleeve at them because if I told them what I am doing then probably then won't be able to comprehend it in even several births. You have only got two minutes time to get a reply this question but even if the questioner puts his whole life at stake in order to understand my occupation, he won't be able to understand it completely. But people often ask me," What do you do ? What are you doing? What is that you are doing?" I can only say that the scenery which cannot be seen with these eyes, that scenery I show to people. That is what I do. And what is that scenery? The world wants everything to be seen with these physical eyes. But I show such a view which is inside of you. When the heart is restless I pacify that heart. By what means? With my own heart. The heart has to listen to the voice of the heart and nothing gibberish. No other useless talks.

When I look at the state of things, I find so many people trying to understand the intricacies of politics. But which country has been able to solve its problems through politics? What was done there by whom, and what sort of solution was possible through politics?

I was talking to a person. He is a premie. He has received Knowledge. We talked for hours together. I asked him, "What is this stuff concerning politics you are talking about?" And he says, "It seems that perhaps you are against politics." There is an English word which means 'a person who does not like these things, who wants all should be free, all should be open.' I said: listen man, you are free to add any suffix or prefix to my name, but the reality is quite clear. You just look at the past history. If anyone comes to you and says: 'I want to serve you. I am a driver and I want to serve you as a driver. I know how to drive a car.' What will you do? Will you tell him, "Okay, you can drive my car?" Or will you ask him, "Where is your driving licence? Show me the licence?" Because when you see his licence then you can be sure whether he is a driver or not, isn't it? If any rustic or illiterate man comes to you and says, "I will teach your children." Then obviously you will ask him, "Well, show me the certificate, where do you teach. What do you know? After that you can teach." So we require credentials for everything. We want to ascertain whether somebody has served before or not.

So, when it comes to politics, it is a relevant poser: where has this politics been successful? You just tell me the name of one country where this politics is working smoothly. There is none. It can't work. It is a sort of an attempt made by some people. And it was a sort of philosophy. Some countries have accepted communism-cum-socialism; some other countries are following democracy-cum-capitalism and some others have accepted democracy-cum-socialism. So different countries have accepted different kinds of polity and all these philosophies were not written very long ago. Not much time has elapsed since these philosophies and books were written. And if you keep track of their history, you will find that all of them have been utter failures.

Under the first political system, the World-War first was fought. And then the second World-War came. After all there should be some track record of them. You have to look at the past history to visualize how much struggle and strife there has been in the past. But in spite of all that, people are busy in following politics. Why is it so? Because it does not come from the heart. When you talk about heart to some people and I have seen this myself in my life, because I visit so many places in various countries. And people come. You might have seen in the video films how many people participated in those events. And what happens there? And what happens in these programs? You see how many people are sitting here. So what happens in these programs? Those people who come, they listen to what is spoken in these programs. And then they enjoy it. All of them enjoy it. And there we talk about truth, we talk about Knowledge. We talk about the Creator, about this human life. And we talk how to get that supreme happiness.

Now, what does happen in these political rallies? The minister stands up, the politician stands up to speak and says, "Well, we will gradually reduce your taxes." Why do you delude people? Taxes once imposed can never be curtailed. That is not possible. Because even if the taxes remain as they are, they are bound to increase due to inflation. And nobody can curb the inflation. It will go on increasing gradually and subsequently the taxes will be enhanced. Then why do you dupe them?

If there is a man, a sober man who comes to you and says, "Gentleman, I am before you as I am, give me your vote. And taxes are bound to be enhanced and there will be no sufficient arrangement for providing food stuffs. The roads will remain in the same rotten condition, and your condition too will not be much improved. On the other hand it would be rather deteriorated. But you just give me your vote." Now who will give him his vote? Though I can say one thing to you, that man at least will be speaking the truth.

So, people come forward and attend all those meetings in large numbers. Millions and millions of them come to these meetings to listen and applaud. When the minister says, "Give me your vote and we will reduce your taxes," people applaud him exuberantly. But are your sure ? If you really understand that he is speaking correctly, then you better get your head examined. And those who talk of Knowledge, they should never have any truck with politics. Not at all. Because Knowledge and politics are poles apart. The Knowledge is a different commodity.

Look, there are two things water and fire. If there is a fire somehow, and if fire and water would have been the same then how could you have been able to extinguish that fire ? So, water and fire are quite different elements. If something catches fire and you pour water over it, it will be extinguished. Similarly, this politics is the solution of something else, and the Knowledge is meant for human beings - individually for everyone of them. Because this Knowledge deals with the heart. So there can be no accord between politics and Knowledge. And this has to be borne in mind by everyone of us that if you want to have fulfillment in this life then you should begin with this Knowledge. You should be more particular about attaining the supreme happiness for your ownself and not too much concerned about your family, about the welfare of your family.

Master - the eternal companion !

Just see, there is a sort of river before everybody and everyone has his own river to cross. That is your river, called "bhavsagara" the ocean of mundane existence, in scriptures, thus everyone has a bhavsagara of his own. Your own son has his own bhavsagara and your wife has her own, as well. Everyone has their individual bhavsagaras to cross. In the same way everyone has their own individual boats with them. You cannot invite any other person to sit in your boat . No. Everyone has to steer his own boat and cross his own personal bhavsagara -and has to cross it alone, with none else. It is not possible to go along with your mother, or along with your father, or along with your son. No. Don't you remember how you came in this world ? You came alone. Have you forgotten it ? How did you come ? You came alone and will go alone. And this world is an ocean, you have to cross it from this side to the other side. And everybody has to endeavor for himself

What do you do at the time of taking your meal? Can you eat for your son? Just think of it. Or do you give your food to your son and tell him to eat that for you ? No. When you are thirsty, do you ask your wife, "Oh, you just drink this water for me?"

And then this breathing. How this process of breathing is governed? Everybody breathes separately on his own. All the people never inhale or exhale at the same time. This process never happens collectively. Someone is breathing this way and the other one that way. All breathe differently, quite differently. Not at the same time. So, whatever we take up to be around us, with us, that is not with us or around us. In reality, dear premies, all of us are alone. Though, however, we may try to calculate or make sure that we have so many companions, that there are so many persons to look after us but the reality is totally different. We are actually alone in this world. We came alone and we have to go alone. In between we try to forge so many alliances and relationships. But have you ever seen anyone giving a few years of his life to someone else, saying, "Oh, you were my relation. You shared my sorrows with me, now you take away two years from my life?" Has it ever happened? Can anyone do this? There is a bhajan:

"O! my mind, this world is only a two day affair. This complexity shall not last long."

And in this bhajan it has been mentioned that even your son will accompany you up to the cremation grounds to kindle the funeral pyre. After that he will leave you. He won't accompany you further. You cannot do so. You are simply alone and in this aloofness if anyone can be your true companion - and I have tested it in my life that if there is anyone who can prove to be your real companion, that is the one who is able to lead you, to escort you to this Knowledge. That is your true companion. That companion will prove to be your eternal companion because he has given you such a precious thing which will be always with you.

Just see, today this word 'guru' has become a ridiculous term, a sort of a joke and people do not know what is a 'guru'. When I fly a plane in India, I often listen to the radio in the cockpit. There are talks going on between various pilots in the vicinity. Somebody would address: "Well guru, how are you?" Because they do not know the true meaning and implications. They don't understand the glory of a guru and Master. Because they have forgotten altogether. They have made such pseudo-guru who have put the whole system to disrepute. For instance, in schools they don't know the correct meaning of a couplet like:

The radiance radiated from my beloved is of such an amazing hue …

They say, "Oh yes, because Kabir saw a sort of redness …" But what sort of redness was it? Such so-called gurus have marred the reputation of this institution. It has been ruined. Actually the guru is such a personality about whom it is said:

I bow down to the lotusfeet of my Guru Maharaj Ji who is the ocean of mercy and is actually Hari (God) himself in human form.
And whose words are like sunbeams to disperse the accumulated darkness of gross ignorance.

So Tulsidas says that he bows down to such a Guru Maharaj Ji, the Master, who is really Hari (Supreme Power) in the form of man.

So the main thing to understand here is that he bows down to the feet of that guru whose utterances, whose expressions are able to illuminate. And what is that which is illuminated by his words? It is the heart which is illuminated. His words are able to sever and dispel the spidery web of illusion, infatuation and ignorance. This I have seen myself and realized in my own heart. Yes, in my own heart!

Recently, several weeks ago I went for training. That was a very intense training. Actually it was a four week training I said that I could not spare four weeks of my time. So, I asked them to make it shorter and I took that training in only ten days. So I was really busy. The training started at 7 or 8 a.m. in the morning and went on upto 2 a.m. the next day. In that training I was expected to learn, to find out where was the aeroplane's electric system and its hydraulic system. How its tyres function? How wings of the plane work ? What is the condition of the fuel ? How the plane turns ? How is it assembled ? Which are the different instruments, and such other absurd things. But they are not absurd for the pilot, they are very relevant to him.

But right from early in the morning, till very late at night the same taxing routine had to be observed that this is the hydraulic system, this is the electric system, this is this system and this is that system. And an audio cassette was sent to me from here, from which I selected two bhajans. And I got them recorded in another tape before the commencement of my training. In one of the bhajans in that tape there was a sort of instruction that you have just to sit still and the satguru himself would look after you and properly manage your tasks for you. There were two bhajans in that tape and the time it took me to reach the academy for my training from the place where I was staying and returning back from the academy to my residence, I utilized it in listening to those two bhajans repeatedly. I used to come out of the academy with all the books and the big portfolio. My mind was so groggy and dazed, and all those details about hydraulic system and electric system were so bewildering to my mind, as if something was here and something there. And there were rows of numbers whirling and rotating one after the other. And then as soon as I sat in the car and played on the tape, it coaxed me: "Sit still and keep yourself towards Guru Maharaj Ji and not in any other direction, not in any other way. Be in front of your Guru Maharaj Ji and be still in that pose, then rest assured that he will manage all your tasks." And as soon as I listened, I was filled with such a profound joy … Because whatever was being discussed in that college of aeroplane training, in that academy, all those were the things of the mind. Nobody was talking there anything about the heart. So, as soon as the notes of that bhajan sounded in my ears-"Oh yes, Guru Maharaj Ji is there to look after your problems," that was a matter of faith I had only to sit still towards him, I had just to surrender everything to him. Then I had nothing to worry about all those things. So, what happened was that throughout the period I was engaged in that training, I used to listen to those bhajans two times at least every day while going to that academy and then returning back ! It was my daily routine. Nothing else. Just listening to those beautiful bhajans with ecstatic joy.

Really, there are such bhajans which make the heart dance with joy and convince it that it is really the most beautiful and agreeable thing. So I was really impressed.

One of those bhajans was of Nanakdev which you have just listened to. How beautiful that was! Did Nanak ever know that there would be someone who would go to receive such a training and when he would listen to his bhajans, his heart would be overwhelmed ? But it is a fact that there is such a joy in talking about Knowledge that everyone is likely to be affected. And that is called "Lali", the radiance of Knowledge - that redness which is shown by the Teacher. That redness is everlasting. It is such a redness which exists in everybody's heart. That redness that never changes its color, that is always red.

And what devotees they were who had written such bhajans! If somebody might have told Nanakdev Ji about the "Challenger", who knows whether he would have been able to understand about it or not! It is just possible that he had never seen an aeroplane. It is just possible that he had never seen a Mercedes car. Probably he was not aware whether there was any city like Montreal or not. But he has said such a thing which could so much impress and affect a person present in Montreal. Isn't it? Though it was not a participation in actual satsang but what a beautiful feeling that bhajan had generated and with what heart-felt feeling it was written that it could become a satsang in that foreign country, even in that Mercedes car! That is called "Lali" (redness)! That is called the feeling. So you must listen, understand and think over it. Really all of you can derive such a joy, such a profound joy which is illimitable.

Satsang, Seva and Bhajan !

So dear premies, this Indian tour is coming to an end. There is one more place, Kathmandu. There is a program to be held there. After that is one more event for Hong Kong. And after that there will be a program at Rome, though that is not final as yet. Because some such things cropped up that I said that we would defer this matter. Though all the invitations for Rome program had been sent but I said that we didn't want to proceed in a wrong way. And those people who had come for seva (to do service) either they should understand that they had come for doing seva or they must feel that really they had got an opportunity for doing seva, and should clearly understand for whom they had to put in their seva.

You just see that people forget whose seva they are expected to do. People think that the seva is being done for somebody else. No. This should never happen. People are hustled into doing certain things and sometimes they are forbidden. That is bad. I have seen it happen myself during this tour.

Now look, if you have to do some seva, you can do it for only one person and not for more. If you try to do seva for two persons, what will happen ? There is bound to be some sort of mess.

And now, here in Shri Sant Yogashram you can see that this Ashram is improving day by day. Though nothing has been done here-you just keep in mind that nothing has been done so far. I want to get a hall constructed here. That would be such a hall which you will not find anywhere in India. (Applause). You have applauded readily, but who will come to do seva, for that? Here we also want to build a Sadhanaa Kendra (Practice Centre) so that people from all over India and Asia may come here to receive Knowledge and they can receive it there. And those people who come, as you have come, to participate in the program, and want to practice Knowledge, for that purpose we want to build that Sadhana Kendra. It will be a very big and beautiful project so that you may practice Knowledge comfortably for an hour, at least at a time. And if you have any difficulty or you find some trouble in understanding any technique, for that purpose there will be mahatmas available here. They will help you and will explain it. I mean, I want to construct something exclusive for Sadhana, so that whenever people have time, they may easily come here.

But one thing you should know that my plans are not small, petty or insignificant. Had they been smaller or trivial, then maybe people here would have completed them easily by now. But I don't know why is it so with me that the thing I do once, I do not have the inclination to repeat it again. That should be better and nicer next time it is done. And then again that should be still more nicer and excellent. So, there are so many plans to be executed for this place, so that people may come, listen and understand.

I have seen many people who really aspire for this Knowledge. And I have seen those people too, who are really aspirants but they don't know it themselves. So they should also know that they are aspirants and they require Knowledge. There was a program in Goa for the first time, you know? Many people came and they listened very attentively. And there were so many aspirants there. Because I know that the moment I finished speaking, they stood up and walked away right to wherever there were stalls and information booths. There was a huge crowd at those stalls. People were enquiring, "Now tell us how to find more about it." So in reality the propagation in lndia has just begun. It is in its primary stage.

You people don't know how much propagation was made by Shri Maharaji (Shri Hans Ji Maharaj), beyond Lahore (Pakistan). And then after the division of India and Pakistan, many a premie remained on the other side of Pakistan. Then Shri Maharaji came to India and arranged programs at different places in Delhi - small programs, big programs. There were huge processions organised by him for the purpose of informing more and more people about Knowledge and inviting them to come and listen. But Shri Maharaji did not get a chance to visit South India. And there was this language problem. People speak different languages. He mostly propagated in U.P., Bihar and some metropolitan cities like Calcutta and Bombay. That is why I say that the propagation has only just started, it is in its initial stages here. Because I have yet to visit the major cities of India, I have to go there. I haven't visited Bangalore as yet. So an endeavor has to be made in that direction, so that an event may take place at Bangalore. There has been such a beautiful program at Madras. How to describe it! It was in English, not in Hindi.

lf3Traders of the True Name

One thing more. I have nothing to do with these saffron clothes. All I want is prachar (propagation), you know? If the prachar is possible in saffron clothes, well and good. We will provide saffron clothes. If it has to be in suit-boots then we will utilize suit-boots. Because we belong to a peculiar category:

We are traders of True Name.
Someone may stock bronze and brass,
Or they may deal in cloves and betels
But our commodity is the name of the Lord
That's why our stock is most perfect.

So, we deal in such a commodity that we always earn a lot of profit. And what is that profit? The profit of true Knowledge. And in foreign countries when prachar work was in its initial stage, people used to wear saffron clothes, got their heads shaved, with the result that their heads shone like a runway. So the audience there did not understand what was being explained. Because there were so many people belonging to another movement who wore similar dresses with their heads shaven. So people thought about those mahatmas who were doing prachar work, that they too belonged to the same cult, because they were similar in looks. The same shining skull with a tilak mark on their forehead, wearing saffron clothes. So, I said: do you want to do prachar here, or want to wear these saffron clothes ? So all those who were doing prachar work there have now been made instructors.

And what a love they have got in them! Some of them have come here also, but they get into tantrums occasionally - having the same sort of mannerisms like mahatmas.

Anyway, there will be a program here on the occasion of Vaishakhi and people will come in large numbers. You have to do a lot of preparations. So occupy yourself in that direction. As I have said, the prachar has just begun. I don't know why people think that it has been completed. But actually it has just started.

The golden opportunity that has been given to you has to be understood fully well. Just see, when we remember the old happenings today, so many things come to our mind. Those old memories are being revived before you in reality. They are living experiences now. There are people who turned manmats (devotee of mind) and went away, though I haven't seen myself, but people say that they have now become very thin and feeble, as if they have come directly out of their graves. And that is natural. If once anybody gets the taste of these surroundings, this atmosphere here - it becomes very difficult for them to give it up.

Now there is ample time here for everybody to do seva, satsang and bhajan. So do it. And then, of course, all of you wil1 get real joy and happiness.

Blessings to all the people.

In 'Life Force', Page 5-22.
Volume 7, Issue 2 April - June, 1991
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