New Year Greetings to our patrons

Dear Brother/Sister

We want to convey our best wishes to you for a happy and prosperous new year.

We have been trying to disseminate the dynamic message of Maharaji through our magazine, 'Life Force', for the last five years. As you are aware, Maharaji has been extensively touring most parts of the world during this period. We can hardly estimate the amount of energy and efforts he has been putting in the propogation of Knowledge.

During the past three years alone Maharaji has personally piloted a jet air craft over 625,000 miles, which is equivalent to 25 times around the earth. During this period he has come into contact with 1.5 million people at 277 events in 88 cities, in 33 countries. This is simply a colossal achievement accomplished by him. It is impossible to encompass Maharaja's teachings in such a small magazine.

How fortunate we really are that our Master is at hand and always ready to guide us. He has been offering enormous and astounding possibilities to us all the time and showering his inimitable gra e and blessings over us. In one of his programs held this year he graciously announced the dates of the forthcoming Vaishakhi event to be celebrated at Shri Sant Yogashram, New Delhi in the month of April '91. It is now for us to fully avail this opportunity.

We can certainly utilize the two magazines, viz. 'Shabda Brahma' (Hindi monthly) and 'Life Force' to spread his message throughout India and abroad. Unfortunately at present the 'Life Force'is being published on quarterly basis due to our meager resources; though actually we want to publish this journal on monthly basis. This can only be possible if some spirited and zealous devotees amongst you come forward and help us physically and mentally in this laudable and worthy project.

We would appreciate if you would continue your subscription and inspire others as well, to subscribe for these magazines for 1991. In fact these magazines have been proving powerful instruments of propogation in the path of learning. We try to publish the latest discourses of Maharaji delivered by him throughout the globe.

We will again request you to please send your articles and valuable suggestions to us from time to time. If they suit us, we would certainly publish them in our magazines.

Again with our best compliments,

Yours sincerely

S.L.Goel Editor

Life Force – October-December 1990 35