You & I

You show, I see.
You speak, I hear.
You sing, I dance.
You call, I come.
You smile, I laugh.
You know, I learn.
You care, I thrive.
You walk, I follow.
You give, I receive.
You trust, I acknowledge.
You love, I live.
You fly, I try.
You listen, I cry.
You embrace, I submit.
You inspire, I evolve.
You transmit, I transform.
You encourage, I dare.
You are, I adore.
You will, I know.
You exist, I rejoice.


Printed and published by V.P. Sharma for the Divine United Organisation,
Shri Sant Yogashram, Shahurpur, Mehrauli, New Delhi-110 030
at M/s Repro Offset Printers, A-248, Okhla Indl. Area, Phase-I, New Delhi-20
& Lasertypeset by High Tech Creations, K-34/B, Kalkaji, New Delhi-19.

Editor–Shanker Lal Goel

Life Force April - June 1990

Registered with the Registrar of
Newspapers for India RNI 43060/85

Individuals are the solution. They always have been, and they always will be. And when that individual awakens, when that individual, each individual starts to recognize how beautiful and important this life is only then will he have the eyes and the time of the day to look up and say, "My god, that sun is beautiful!" And only then will he have the humility to look down and say, "This earth is precious to me." And only then will he have the courage to look at a tree and say, "This should not be wasted." And only when he can admire life within himself would he look at a vale and say this shouldn't be wasted either. Before that anybody's guess what's gonna happen.

Brussels (Belgium)