The Grace of the Master

Peace, bliss, joy and fulfilment is within the hearts of human beings. But while looking for it outside in the world, we wonder and wander and are caught up in things and objects of this world where people are busy in claiming ownership of everything and thus, the struggles and wars continue…

Being alive in itself is a natural process, but being alive in the human body is the greatest gift of the creator. Then the purpose of the human beings also must be the greatest one. What is that? Who wants to know it? Knowing requires to be in the process of learning. One who wants to learn is called a student, and he who imparts the learning is a TEACHER, a master. If you want to learn about this life you need the teacher who knows about this life by his own experience. Your life is not in the books or in the stories and the histories of the past. You need to be aware of it within inside of you now. Books, theories, and the message of the past wise men, also refer about the life force within inside. Without this life now, what can we think about the past. What can we worry about the future? What and how can we be conscious of our experience right now–outside or inside? And who can know anything for you without you?

Let us think about the consciousness. When we are asleep, are we conscious of anything? Life is still happening during the sleep. Our soul consciousness and its memory is essentially present while asleep but it is totally different from what we call the brain memory of dreams and our working state of mind awareness. This essence of life which is constant and consistent is the pure truth since our birth until the last breath. It is the vital energy transmitting and transmuting the required powers to the different organs of the body. All creatures have this organic perception of the phenomenon in the world in their respective capacity. Human beings are different from the rest of the creatures biologically, mentally and intellectually. The human potentials are so great that they are advancing more and more towards exploring and discovering in different fields of this material and physical world. We have sciences, religions, philosophies, opinions,

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concepts, ideas, theories and struggles in creating and solving the problems in this world. We human beings are involved in all these actions and reactions socially and communally etc. But every one of us is an individual looking for happiness and pleasures in this world which is always changeable.

In the middle of all these changes, life force remains the same. Its joy remains the same, but our understanding develops, provided we are in the process of knowing about it more and more, accepting it, loving it, and admiring it. If we fail to recognize the truth of this life and its consciousness; how can we trust it? Without the experience how can we have faith in it? This beauty of life is an experience which is far beyond the controversies and debates. This existence is not debatable, which to every individual is gifted by the creator. If one has the longing to be in the bliss of its consciousness while alive then one is looking and searching for the practical experience within inside. When the experience is real, you know the joy. When you drink water you know the joy of being quenched. Likewise, when you find the Knowledge of the truth with proper understanding, you are in the possibility of being convinced with your character within you. Think about your own character and love within you for you to experience. But this is unthinkable. Not belief only, but longing to belong to your beloved within your own soul in the experience. You are the one to perceive things in this world. No other person can do it for you. You cannot be quenched when others drink water for you. The beauty and the glory of the soul within you can only be experienced by yourself, provided you wanted.

Even if you wanted, you have to find the way to reach to the experience within you. The question is how? To know how, is called the Knowledge. And that Knowledge is being offered to mankind in this world today by Guru Maharaj Ji.

It is not out of reference to mention some points about the word Guru–which is an Indian word from Sanskrit. Many people have different interpretations about the word. In some dictionaries it means 'Hindu Spiritual Teacher,' and some say he is a teacher who can teach 'Spiritual.' The word carries the vague meaning in connotation of religion. But there are many religions in this world and you are alive as an individual. You can be connected to one or many of them in the world. But what about you being connected to your ownself, your own soul?

Then some people get involved about definitions of 'self and 'soul.' When Socrates said, "Know thyself' it became controversial. So, what

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does it mean to know thyself? One says, "Yes, I know I am a doctor," or so and so. But the reality of the Self is existent within inside even during the sleep–despite of one having any status in the society. Human potentials can be processed towards the glowing self inside which can bring to the great and super good feelings to an individual. When the master–the Guru–brings to the experience of the inner truth by 'dispelling the darkness' the student is alightened to be in the consciousness of the truth inside which is beautiful. Having this practical experience one begins to admire that beauty inside with faith, love and reverence for that power which holds everyone in this body. The Knowledge of the true master, the Guru,' enables the knower to become one with the known. The more one dedicates to this learning process, the more one has this possibility of understanding, clarity, and acceptance. The bond of love between the learner and the master become stronger and deeper. When the 'Quantum Jump' in the inner experience is achieved which is an unending process, then one begins to realise what is 'The grace of the Master,' without whom this life in this human body misses the opportunity to know the purpose of this human body.

It becomes clear that the message in the scriptures are not only for discussions, debates and theoretical inspiration, but for experience within inside. It does not bring you in competition but in comprehension of the fact of this life, the way it is right now. It brings you to the stage of distinguishing in the oratory and admiration, rivalry and reverence, changeables and unchangeables. True seekers of this experience are flocking around Guru Maharaj Ji throughout this restless world, today.

Peace, bliss, joy and fulfilment is within the hearts of human beings. But while looking for it outside in the world, we wonder and wander and are caught up in things and objects of this world where people are busy in claiming ownership of everything and thus, the struggles and wars continue. Boundaries and treaties are made and broken and the restlessness in men is produced and provoked. Thus, people become loyal to the force bringing them to the material gains irrespective of mental agonies, physical pains and inner frustrations. Thus, the FEELING GOOD inside is ignored. Feeling good is a personal experience. How can this life be loved without the feeling of joy inside! Without the feeling of this love for each other, is there any hope in this world for racial harmony amongst human beings? The Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji brings to the understanding of these questions in the proper perspective.

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Every one has the choice to look for what he wants. Those who have this longing in their hearts for this good feeling of the supreme power within inside, have this opportunity to be in the process of the experience. Do you have time in your life to prepare yourself for this blissful journey? You have your own choice to make.

On my part I express my heartiest love and reverence to my Guru Maharaj Ji, without whom my life was meaningless and misguided. His Knowledge, with his mercy and love, has offered the opportunity to grow more and more in understanding the value of this human life and to evolve in the experience, the hidden treasure of joy in this human body.

In my experience, Maharaj Ji has love for every human being to bring to this experience. But the efforts for this is individual. May God help you to make your proper decision.


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