A Personal Experience

Maharaji, by his amazing grace, has revealed to me the essence of this life and the source of Love within me. I think that he is the reflection of it and we have to connect ourselves, mind and feelings with it; with this pure love, so instead of being aware of the human creation and the forms of this-manifested creation; to be aware of the creative power, the Divine Self, the God within – to know and to BE – just to BE and not to do. To be still and to feel and experience the peace and the love and let it take us to wherever it wants us to go. It is so beautiful to let the wind of Grace blow the sail of our lives and to surrender our ideas and concepts and to put them aside, because they are of NO value.

So when our will is one with his will then our action and thoughts are blessed and all our lives are blessed – then we are pure and in his light we shall live.

So, we have to always turn within for all our needs and the answer is there.

Maharaji is one with Knowledge. He is the Knowledge. Knowledge is within us. So Maharaji's consciousness and presence is within us always; if we allow him to be. If we get off the way, we will experience him fully, no doubt about that.

We have come to this life to discover who we are. Now, by his grace and through the practice of Knowledge we come to realize that: yes, we have that beauty, wisdom, power, and love in perfect balance.

We shall know all that, only when we merge with him within us and find that truth within us. Then and only then shall he shine through us and his glory will be made manifest and his love and presence will be our true identity and wherever we go that realization shall make him manifest for us and guide us at every step.

– Victor Sorial
Queensland (Australia)

Life Force - October-December 1988 31