Self Seeing

The Benefactor hints at the treasure,
Lying within brimming with pleasure.
Which if realized shall restore you,
To thyself the key to life rescue.
It is all pleasure in itself self sufficient,
Cure of all your ills so benevolent.
You had better look for it a while,
The effort bringing you back from exile.
You had it self-imposed wandering aimlessly,
Gaining some titbits losing enormously.
In it be the realization of self-potentialities,
Lying dormant unnoticed capabilities.
Which tell you you are rich enough,
Against your outward position a poorer stuff.
You then start at one on your goal,
Unmindful of bickering unmindful of extols.
It's the reason why the Guide lays emphasis
On self-seeing self-help and self-analysis.

–C.N. Lal
Ghazipur (U.P.)

42 Life Force - October-December 1988