It is a rare, rather exceptional privilege for us to be able to get this opportunity to celebrate and enjoy the 31st Birthday of Maharaji with him on the 10th of December this year. On this occasion a three day festival of ardent love and unalloyed happiness is being celebrated ar Shri Sant Yogashram undo the aegies of Tattva Gyan Prasar Mandal. More than a hundred thousand devotees from all parts of the country and abroad are taking part in this unique and historis festival, Boarding and lodging arrangements for such a vast multitude of people are in full swing. A splendid and spectacular transformation is slowly and steadily taking place in the ashram. Dedicated workers from all over the country have arrived and are busy in completing various essential services.

In this issue we are publishing several special addresses by Maharaji delivered at various places. In one of his addresses delivered previously on his birthday, Maharaji in a reflective mood has described the various achievements and progress made in the propagation of Knowledge during the past years since his childhood. He advises us to step back for a moment, think, organize and then proceed on the goals which we have set and to use the tools to experience what we have been given to experience,

For him everyday has to be a celebration of life. Maharaji is breaking all the barriers that people think they cannot cross. Therefore, the process is very simple now. We can easily face the challenge before us. The challenge in the words of Maharaji is: 'take the world and spread a little happiness. A little kindness. Spread a little of this beautiful gift (Knowledge) everywhere you go. Do it right, do it with quality. And do it in a way that has been never been done before.' He further says that the demand for Knowledge has never been as great as it is now. Because now people are not looking for a religion or a goal. They are looking for something simple and pure. And Maharaji is providing the same to everyone who wants it.

Why does he do it? Because he wants to do it. He loves the task. He has put everything into

2 Life Force - October-December 1988

it, as it brings him great pleasure and joy. He has made extensive tours of various countries of the world several times. That's why this Knowledge is working. It is happening and people are being benefitted with excellent results.

He reminds those persons who have already received Knowledge that we are well past the decision speed. We are committed to go and to do it in the right way. There are not too many directions we can look at, except straight ahead.

In yet another public address at Wembley, London, he has explained that there is something more, something greater that fundamentally each human being strives for in his life. Because he is not satisfied with what he already possesses. We strive for so many things for so many other people, but totally neglect our ownself. We never put this question to ourselves -

"What about me?" We are here as an entity, as an incredible being. There is something within us that we can truly admire from our own experience.

Maharaji has further explained that it is a basic human response – responding to our ownselves. Not so that we can become a better person. He says that you are already a treasure chest and there is an infinite amount of treasure of joy, of beauty within inside of you. In his words, Knowledge is the thing that can put you in touch with that beauty inside of you. And you can really enjoy this life in the true sense on the face of this earth.



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