Personal Letter on "Receiving Knowledge"

Divine Light Mission

Dear Premies,

Congratulations! You have just received Knowledge and I hope you have understood it too.

You know this Knowledge is like food. It can just be there and will be of no use unless eaten; it will be of benefit to no one. It's only going to be worthwhile if you eat it. Only then can you enjoy it.

Since now you have received this Knowledge it is your duty to do meditation, service, and satsang, and understand this Knowledge through these means. Let me also remind you and caution you about something and that is your mind. This mind is really going to be freaked out because Knowledge is its antidote. And therefore, in the future this mind might really begin to bother you. But do not be bothered, just keep on truckin', just keep on going. Believe me, it will certainly go away. Further, keep in touch. Love is everlasting.

Happy meditation, satsang, and service.

Sant Ji
Sant Ji Maharaj