The following excerpts are from interviews with people who have received Knowledge recently. Each shares a little of what he or she experienced in the process of preparing to receive Knowledge - what each liked about it and what sometimes made the voyage difficult.

RALPH:ralph (9K)

I was on vacation in Guatemala, riding in a school bus, when I met an American who seemed to be exceptionally serene. We talked and became friendly. Later, he told me about Knowledge and how important it was to him. His sincerity was very impressive. After a while, he gave me an instructor's phone number who lived in New York. One of the first things I did when I returned to the States was to go to one of the meetings my friend had told me about. After the meeting, the instructor and I had a lovely conversation. I was able to talk to her about where I was at and what my interest was in pursuing Knowledge, even though I still didn't know what it was.

What amazed me was how wonderful the people were who were involved in Knowledge and how consistently positive everything was. For the first few weeks, I went to one meeting a week. I thought I was "ready," but the instructor encouraged me to take my time. Waiting turned out to be good because I realized that unless I valued Knowledge, I wouldn't take it seriously. Also, I was really enjoying the meetings. Something beautiful happened there.

Being a skeptical person, I saw the possibility that some people might approach Knowledge as a cure-all, and I worried that maybe I was doing it myself. But that was really just my fear, not what was actually happening. What was happening for me was very real. Something deep within me knew I was cultivating an appreciation of life. I knew that in coming to Knowledge I was achieving a greater connection to myself.

The whole process was a microcosm of life. I had the choice to enjoy it or be anxious about it. I could struggle to understand it or accept it as a flowing thing. I found out that Knowledge wasn't something I could force. I had to let the process unfold. I had to appreciate it. Which is what I did.

JOANNE:joanne (10K)

I heard about Knowledge from a substitute teacher in a class that I work in as a Special Assistant. Usually, the kids do not react well to substitutes, but this particular substitute was able to handle things better than anyone I'd ever been with. We got to talking and she told me about an "experience" she had been shown. I was really impressed with what she had to say and ended up going to a meeting in someone's house to hear more about it. it was very informal and the people were very alive and friendly and enthusiastic. I really liked what they had to say. I also liked that they didn't treat me any differently because I was blind. I kept thinking I had to prove something to them, but they didn't seem to need it. When they started talking about Maharaji, I kept thinking "someone like that can't be real." I also kept thinking "there's something he's going to ask me to give up." But I didn't want to - especially since I like to be in control of things. So I said I didn't want to receive Knowledge until I heard Maharaji. But nobody seemed to mind. They just invited me to come to as many meetings as I wanted.

When I heard Maharaji, I knew this was for me. I still can't remember a word he said, but the feeling I walked away with is still with me. It was raining outside that night and it didn't even bother me that I got wet. I felt so alive after he spoke, so good about what he said, and felt so much better about myself.

During the time I was finding out about all of this, I really appreciated the people who told me what the Knowledge wouldn't do. It wasn't going to make me a sighted person. It wasn't going to change my life. it wasn't something I could control. Once I received Knowledge, I found out it had the power to really help me be more comfortable with my life. And I really appreciate that.

LESLEY:lesley (13K)

I had a friend, someone I did business with, who had a very special calm about him. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was the kind of quality that inspired me to ask him what it was that was so different about him. Basically, he told me he had an "experience." Then he gave me a card with a number on it and encouraged me to call. So I did. I remember being terrified at the time, wondering what I was getting into. I knew nothing about it. No one was holding my hand. Still, something in me knew… I remember going to a meeting soon after and feeling that every word was spoken just for me. There was nothing being said that I didn't need to hear. Looking back, it was a slow, unfolding process - with a lot of care being given to me. I spent a lot of time listening, being quiet, trying to identify what I was looking for and whether or not the thing being talked about was going to satisfy my need.

Some of the words that were used to describe Knowledge threw me - words like "fantastic" and "beautiful" and "incredible" and "unbelievable." This was even more disconcerting after I received Knowledge. Since my experience was one of quietness and calmness, I felt that maybe the experience wasn't happening for me. It took me a while to realize that my experience was okay and that it was fine for my process to grow and bloom at its own pace.


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CORKY:corky (9K)

When I first heard about Knowledge, I wasn't sure what it was because I'd never encountered anything like this before. I was really interested in it, but I was also afraid. I was afraid I'd find out things about me that I wouldn't be able to live with. I thought it would be like going to a therapist or something. And then I found out it wasn't at all like that. It really does make you just love yourself. It helps you find peace with yourself.

I have to admit that after I received Knowledge, I was a little upset about it. I thought this wonderful thing would happen to me overnight. It didn't. And then one night I came home and thought, "I'm going to do this." Afterwards, I felt so wonderful that I started doing it all the time. I had been fighting it for a while because I was afraid of what it would do to me. I guess I was also expecting so much from it that I set myself up to believe that nothing was going to happen. But I have to admit it is happening. It's happening, you know, in the privacy of my own home within me.

MARC:marc (14K)

My process of coming to Knowledge had stages to it. In the beginning, it was a little awkward. I wasn't sure if I was really into it. I was always wondering if people were expecting something from me or if there were things I wasn't being told.

What I liked about the process was that it stimulated a part of me that knew it was simple. The people I met who had received Knowledge were obviously pleased. They were happy with this "something simple." it worked - whatever it was. I liked the fact that it was OK for me to be who I was. I was being offered something and it was totally my choice whether I wanted it or not.

Having gone to more than my share of seminars and metaphysical lectures in the past, I had a very low tolerance for the kinds of questions often asked. And yet, I always felt great at these gatherings. The love was there. People had obviously connected into something. And I wanted to experience it for myself.

BARRY:barry (15K)

I first heard about Knowledge from a woman I was dating. I got interested because I saw how much pleasure it was giving her. Later, I met her friends and really enjoyed spending time with them. When I found out they were also enjoying Knowledge, my interest increased. Ordinarily, that's where it would have ended for me, but because no one ever pushed it on me I began to think about it more and more. Eventually, my friend invited me to hear Maharaji speak. I remember feeling very comfortable with what he had to say about enjoying life. I think it was the feeling more than anything else that moved me. I was also struck with how wonderful the people were that night. It wasn't a feeling of "mass followers," but one of genuine respect, interest, and affection for what Maharaji had to say. I sat with that feeling for a while and didn't pursue it any further. But something started opening up for me nevertheless. I was especially pleased by the lack of hype about it at the meetings I went to. No one was pressuring me to pursue it. Everything happened at my own pace. Eventually, I began to feel that this was something I wanted for myself.