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iv12b (17K) The following are excerpts from interviews with six people who recently received Knowledge. They were asked to talk about what it was like for them to attend the July 4-6 convention in Miami.

"The thing that struck me about the convention was how simple Knowledge is and how clear Maharaji is. The question and answer sessions were especially good for me. Many times I had a question, but I wasn't clear enough to verbalize it. So I was always pleased when somebody else asked it. Then I could sit back and reap the benefits of the answer. After the conference, people I know who don't have Knowledge kept saying there was something about me that was different. There really wasn't. It's just that I'd been fine-tuned. Like having the focus fixed on my television set. Or perking up the color."

"After the weekend was over, I couldn't quit talking about it. I felt that something had touched me unlike anything else. I'm the kind of person who gets excited about good things that happen to me, but this was different. There's nothing else I can compare it to. There was so much love there I couldn't help but cry. Happy crying. I've been to football games and events where everyone is centered on one thing - but at the convention everyone was centered on love, on the true identity, on the true meaning of life. I could have stayed in that hall forever."

"The biggest feeling I came away with from the convention was what a shift I've made over the past few months. And how Maharaji was there to help us all grow. I also felt the beauty of participating. I'm glad I had a chance to help out at the convention. It's one thing for me to go within and grow, but it's another to reach out and learn in that way too. I have more of a need now to outwardly express the love I am learning about from within me."

"His clarity, his wisdom, and his humor really affected me.
What affected me most was his simplicity.

"The clarity of what Maharaji had to say at the convention really affected me. So many things he said hit directly to the core of what I was feeling and what I needed to hear. On Sunday evening, at the dinner, it felt like Thanksgiving. There were 6,000 people, yet I still felt that same feeling of comfort. I feel like my concepts about so many things have been changed as a result of going to the convention. I'm a lot less in my head and more in my heart."

"Probably the most meaningful thing that happened to me at the convention was feeling such an incredible warmth inside me when Maharaji first walked out on stage. It was then that I realized we had a connection. Before that, I was confused about who Maharaji was. I had just wanted to learn the techniques. But after he walked out on stage I felt so much love for him. His clarity, his wisdom, and his humor really affected me. What affected me most was his simplicity. Of course, you could read a lot into what he said if you wanted to, but the message was loud and clear. And that feeling of love stayed with me - especially afterwards. I am still able to capture those feelings because now I know how to pull them from within me."

"I was very pleased and excited to have attended the convention. I learned a lot. Never in my life had I been as happy. Really, it was the first time in my life I appreciated what I had. Everybody was so calm, so happy. And I loved the way Maharaji answered people's questions. I think some people expected him to do their work, but he didn't. He helped them learn for themselves. One thing I learned from him was to enjoy ever minute of my life, now. I've always been a happy person, but there have been many times when I didn't enjoy what I had. After the convention, I felt like life was beginning again for me."
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