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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at the North American Convention Miami, Florida, 1986
Los Angeles, November 17 1985 Excerpts

You know, all the perils and all the problems we have - it's about time to put it all in one basket and sort it out. And let that joy really, really manifest in this heart.

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India & Far East Spring 1986

Arriving in New Delhi two weeks before the festivities were to begin, Maharaji took some time to relax, meet with instructors and inspect the preparations for the four-day event. He drove around the festival grounds two to three times a day by jeep to the delight of many people. More than 7,000 had gathered weeks in advance to ensure that the needs of 150,000 would be met while living at the site.

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Appreciation Of Love Gala Evening

An elegant five-course meal followed. Throughout the evening, Maharaji's casual comings and goings from the room encouraged people to relax, let go, and have fun.

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Maharaji's Gala Address New York: March, 1986

"We all share so many of the evolutions, and I must say 'evolutions,' that have taken place. Every time I have seen that something has tried to suppress Knowledge or its feeling, Knowledge has always come back, it has always fought back. I have observed this since I was a small child. It's been wonderful to see that that's something we don't need to worry about. What we need to be concerned about is that we are able to spend that "hard cash" that we have today wisely."


When something becomes monotonous, and I think everybody experiences this, there is something inside that simply will not allow you to be monotonous. It comes along and says– go, move, it's time to go. Push. Everybody. I've seen it in everyone. Everyone. It's just this incredible power, this incredible force. And this incredible power, this incredible force causes an incredible evolution to take place. Every being on the face of this earth is still in the making. We're not done yet. The improvement is constant. Just a touch here and a touch there. To see, to be able to see, to be able to recognize that kindness, that love, that feeling that we all have in our lives. That that power will not leave us alone until it has pushed us to such incredible levels of perfection. And it does. Everyone.

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Questions And Answers Vancouver, February 1986

It's very easy for people to call it meditation, and sometimes people do. But for most practical purposes, there is very little in it that resembles meditation in the traditional sense. Sometimes one thinks of meditation as having to do with a cross-legged posture and so on, and that's not quite necessary.