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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1985

Maharaji has received hundreds of letters from people in North America in the last month, many containing comments on the "Getting Together" Convention. A few brief excerpts from some of these letters are printed below.

"The recent program in Miami was fabulous. It was smooth, informative, and inspiring. We've come back here to Toronto energized, and we are "getting together" to try and make good use of it … We'd love to host a public event here for you to attend in the New Year. Looking forward to seeing you.
Toronto, ONT

"…My deepest 'thank you'. It was probably the most powerful program that I have attended with you. A sense of love, compassion, and understanding just permeated the two days … I am also feeling a renewed enthusiasm…"
Washington D.C.

"My first convention since I received knowledge (in 1984) was this past August 3-4. What a loving, indelible impression this experience left with me. It was wonderful! Thank you so very much for all I have received … I am looking forward to the next time…"
Philadelphia, PA

"…A wonderful and special time … It was magnificent! The video was so beautiful, too. Thank you for coming to all the sessions …"
Charlotte, NC

"I just wanted to express my gratitude for this amazing program … so close, so relaxed … I have this simple, harmonious and comforting experience within myself. From this point I feel confident to be able to go about the business of my life and deal with things on a day to day basis that come up … I wish I had the tapes of this convention*… Thank you so much for the lovely letters you sent to all of us…"
Miami Beach, FL

"…I am truly inspired and … I want to be a part of your work in whatever way I can …"
Bayside, NY

"Thank you for your North American Convention. Once again I feel refreshed, inspired and motivated to enjoy the thing that I truly value in this life - that is life itself…"
J. M.
Miami, FL

"I just wanted to thank you for the most beautiful program I have ever been to … It was so personal … I can't tell you how important and beautiful your gesture has been…"
Dobbs Ferry, NY


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*Editor's note: Please see Questionnaire, Part IV.