Getting Together Although there have been many get - togethers at the Miami Beach Convention Center, there have been none like the "Getting Together" meeting held August 3 - 4. Organized as a convention, the gathering featured three addresses by Maharaji and a videotape presentation about his recent world tour. In a surprise move, he took part in the six separate information sessions held on key issues - How to Communicate about Knowledge; Instructors: Role, Responsibility, and Interaction; Resources: Combining Financial & Personal Capabilities to Facilitate Maharaji's Work; How to Keep in Touch While Living in Remote Areas; How to Invite Maharaji to Your City/Area, and Open Forum.

Maharaji was introduced by his wife Marolyn at the opening session, which featured a "global perspective on Maharaji's work."


Maharaji referred to the experience of Knowledge as "standing still in constant motion," adding "The greatest prize is to be alive."

And he emphasized: "The purpose here (at the convention) is for you to be able to find out all the things you wanted to know; … and that you are loved, you are valuable, and, yes, you are very capable of participating in this wonderful cause in this world. For my conviction is that it is going to be human beings - people - who are going to make the difference. Just people, like you and me, who can make the difference."

Expedited ticketing, streamlined registration, refreshment areas and lounges inside the lobbies contributed to a relaxed, happy atmosphere. Computerized alphabetical lists of those who preregistered" eliminated long lines.

"My conviction is that it is going to be human beings - people - who are going to make the difference. Just people, like you and me, who can make the difference."A Personal View

For all of us caught up in the day - to - day concerns of our personal lives, "Getting Together" with Maharaji and each other at the Miami Convention provided a refreshing change of perspective from "getting it together"! For two days, time stood still - or, rather, it was possible to stand outside time's momentum, in that place which Maharaji described as "stillness in motion" and simply enjoy.


Maharaji himself set the tone for the informal and intimate weekend as he joined his family and the audience to watch a "home video" of his recent world tour. A catchy, rock beat underscored the hectic pace of Maharaji's travels and soon it had all of us laughing and clapping along. It was sweet to observe how similarly people all over the world respond to the experience of love which Maharaji shares.

In the opening address of the convention, Maharaji expressed the main theme, that love is a human need - as he put it, "all the time." And during the course of the next 24 hours, he took care to ensure that each person in the hall experienced the following, most fundamental understanding - "You are capable. You are valuable. And you are loved."


Maharaji's appearance at all six "information sessions" came as a surprise to us all, as he stood informally at the front of the room answering questions. At the information session entitled "Resources," he said that it is people, not just world leaders, who are going to make the difference in this world. He then invited those of us with a desire to participate in his work to write him and let him know in what way we would like to do so. "And if you don't know what to put under the heading 'resources,' then just write 'ME!'." He also encouraged people to become involved by working closely with the instructor in their area and in making a contribution to the quality of what happens at the local level.

As Sunday's address drew to a close, the feelings of love and inspiration shared by those present were warmly expressed by Maharaji with these parting words: "It was wonderful seeing all of you - certainly one of the most enjoyable conventions I've ever had at this Convention Center! And I hope we can get together again like this - just to come, see, feel, be together. A little hope goes a long way. A little love takes you even further. So, I hope that all that's right, all that's beautiful and joyful comes your way. And let it be - because the simplicity of life is the simplest thing there is. Enjoy! Enjoy this existence, because there is nothing more - a lot of promises, but nothing more. And remember that you are so very much loved. I can't speak for anyone else, but at least from my side, I love you very, very much."

by Marta Kepes