Before Instructor Candidates in the 1980's were accepted into Maharaji's International Learning Center to undergo training, they had to fill out this Instructor Application Survey. Think you could pass this divine test? Those who qualified received their own copy of the Instructors' Manual.



NAME ___________________________________________

DATE _______________

HOME LANGUAGE _________________________________

COUNTRY ___________



There are 10 problems in this section. Some of them have blank spaces to be filled; others have an underlined word for which you must choose a substitute. Put a circle around the answer that you think is correct.

1. He's completely lacking in courage; he's a _______.


a. fool

b. thief

c. vandal

d. coward

2. The man hurled the brick angrily.


a. threw

b. seized

c. grabbed

d. caught

3. The young man got a job as a member of the ship's _______.


a. herd

b. crew

c. flock

d. crowd

4. He had a knife concealed in his pocket.


a. placed

b. kept

c. hidden

d. treasured

5. That girl is very bright; she has a ______ mind.


a. harsh

b. sober

c. stern

d. keen

6. There'll be some baby birds in the nest soon; these eggs are ready to ______.


a. hatch

b. clutch

c. stitch

d. match

7. My son is very tired; he's ______ very badly.


a. pursuing

b. threatening

c. behaving

d. striking

8. You like to play golf in your free time, don't you?


a. leisure

b. selfish

c. grim

d. shy

9. While camping in the mountains we dug a deep hole in which to bury the garbage.


a. pile

b. loop

c. pit

d. dome

10. I'll need a ______ to get that book down from the top shelf.


a. stair

b. lift

c. ladder

d. shovel


Number the reasons why someone did not receive Knowledge in the order of importance. The most important reason is number 1 and the least important reason is number 5.

11. Anita has two young children, a part time job and attends night classes. She was not given Knowledge by the Instructor in her city. Number the following reasons why she was not ready.



She has not listened about Knowledge enough to have a clear understanding about what it is.



She does not have the time to make the commitment that is necessary to practice Knowledge.



There are many unresolved questions.



There are some inner conflicts about Knowledge and other things in her life.



What has been said by friends is different than what is said at programs and by the Instructors. This has caused some confusion.

12. Juan Carlos lives in Spain. He has been attending programs for about two weeks. The Instructor said he should wait longer. Number the following reasons in order.



His mental condition is not stable.



He does not understand why he cannot reveal Knowledge after receiving it.



He has not reached the Legal Contractual Age in Spain.



There is much pressure from others in the family who already have Knowledge.



He has attended only five sessions to hear about Knowledge.

13. Sunanda lives on a small island off the coast of Malaysia. She heard about Knowledge from some tourists. When she contacted an Instructor she was told that it would be difficult for her to receive Knowledge at this time. Number the following reasons in order.



She does not understand Maharaji's role.



She wants Knowledge to help her achieve something in her life.



The proper preparation and follow-up would not happen in this situation.



Her physical condition is not stable.



She feels a conflict with her religion.


There are two questions in this section. Put your answers on the line provided after each question.

14. If it takes one shirt one hour to dry, how long does it take for 5 shirts to dry?


15. For this problem the value of the coins could be: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50.

You have 10 coins in your pocket. If someone asks you for change, you cannot give it to them. What coins do you have?



In this section put an X next to the answer you think is correct.

16. If you are giving a preparation and someone in the audience started swearing obscenities at you, what would you do?



Insist that the person be quiet, so that they do not disturb the others in the audience.



Have a security person escort the person out of the room.



Try to calm the person down and find out what they are so upset about.



Tell the person you will meet with them after the program to discuss the problem.



Ignore them and if it continues have someone escort them out of the room.

17. What does this mean?: People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.



It is easy to break glass.



Do not be too quick to judge, because you are just as vulnerable as others.



Everyone can see in your house, so you should be careful.



If you throw stones at others, when they return them they will break your house.



You will create a dangerous situation for yourself.