January 1, 1978

Dear Premies,

Jai Satchitanand!

I'm really grateful to have this opportunity to write a letter and share a bit of satsang with everyone. For me, the opportunity to share satsang is always precious, whether it is over a phone, or through a letter, or by being able to be with you in your connunity or at a program. I'm understanding so clearly that our purpose as a Mission and as a group of premies trying to realize Knowledge is always one thing, and that is to stay concentrated in Truth. It is always beautiful to start out satsang with the simple little phrase "Jai Satchitanand", and to really have a feeling of what it means. Guru Maharaj Ji wants us to realize Truth in our lives.

All of us together stand on the threshold of a new year, and I suppose we could all try to imagine what will be happening in 1978. Guru Maharaj Ji said that 1978 has a nice ring to it, but I don't believe we could ever fit what will be happening in this coming year into our expectations. Guru Maharaj Ji is showing me that he will always give me an experience that is beyond my expectations and so much more wonderful.

A year ago Guru Maharaj Ji launched his "Project Action" in Atlantic City. He wanted a lot of action in satsang, service, and meditation, and he wanted every premie to experience the grace of being completely focused in Knowledge. He said that he wanted to beat the great drums of satsang so that, "… all the brothers and sisters in this world could hear the voice of these drums beating. And then they would dance to it, just like you and I have. Every one of them. Every soul in this universe would dance to it. And it would be a beautiful experience. That is my wish. That is my greatest desire." How far he has brought us!

For me this year has been an experience of Guru Maharaj Ji's love. So often I feel the inadequacy of my love for him. So easily I am distracted by the most mundane and trivial things, yet Maharaj Ji always responds with love. Each time that I open myself even the slightest bit to him, he fills me. He is always ready to give of himself, yet I see that so often he has to wait for me to open myself. He has to wait for me to be in that place of giving, so that when he gives his love to me, I don't try to hold onto it and selfishly have it for myself, but in turn can give it to others. The beauty of his love is that it always has to flow. When we grab it or stop it in any way, the flow of love stops and we dry up. But when we are opening and flowing and letting his grace move through us, our lives sparkle with beauty. The beauty of Guru Maharaj Ji can't be hidden.

Guru Maharaj Ji is working with us so gently: inspiring us, encouraging us, giving us his darshan and helping us to open up to Knowledge. He wants to share something so profound with us, yet he won't force us to come to him. The beauty of this experience is that we each can realize for ourselves and surrender ourselves to the grace that is within us. Nobody can force us into this experience because it is only when we are motivated from the deepest place within, only when we are motivated by love, can we know the perfection of Guru Maharaj Ji.

The formula that Guru Maharaj Ji has given us is so simple: Guru Maharaj Ji, satsang, service, meditation, surrender, and the sincerity that we put into using all that he has given us is what gives us that perfect experience. He wants us to have an experience that is unlimited, a joy that has no strings attached. But to receive what he has to give, he wants us to come to him with a pure purpose. We aren't practicing Knowledge because someone is standing over us forcing us to do it; fear can never motivate us into Knowledge. But as we open ourselves more and more to Knowledge, we can experience the beauty that is there, and that beauty compells us to give more. When we come to satsang for no other reason than because we love to be in the company of Truth, or when we meditate because we love the opportunity to focus inside, or when we do service because we love to surrender and be the humble servant of someone so full of love, then Knowledge comes to life. When love is there, satsang, service, and meditation are a miracle that Maharaj Ji can fill us with every day of our lives.

There is always so much to share, yet the essence of satsang is so simple: we need Guru Maharaj Ji. He is the one who has come to help us out of the maze of this world. He is the bridge between what is infinite and what is finite, and he can satisfy the deepest longing in our hearts to know what is true. I hope that in this coming year we will come closer and closer to him, until we are truly one heart loving our Lord. I hope everyone is doing well, by the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. I'm sure that in this year to come Guru Maharaj Ji will surprise us in ways we never imagined, yet every experience of Guru Maharaj Ji is a surprise. Who could ever imagine that he is here!

Jai Satchitanand:

Your brother in His love,


Bill Patterson

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Bill Pattterson