Birthday Satsang

In Love with Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj JiGuru Maharaj Ji's satsang at Prem Nagar Ashram, India December 10, 1971

Rivers flow from all sides to merge with their source, and that is the sea. From the sea they were taken up by the sun into the clouds, and they eventually went to the mountains, then showered as rain, and now they are so great, so fast, they are running to meet and embrace their source. Nothing in the world can stop them. They topple over their edges, they go into the houses, with one purpose only - just to meet with the whole who was their source, who is their source and who will be their source; who exists, who was existing and who will exist; who never dies, who has never died, and will never die; who is forever, was forever, and who will be forever; who was complete, is complete and will be complete. He is perfect, He was perfect, and He will be perfect. Nothing in the world can touch His personality and break it into pieces. Anything you take from the world - maya, this darkness, - is too thin for Him.

His personality is great. His rays are so strong that they cross bones, they cross skin, and they shine out. His light, which is His personality, is so powerful that it crosses the whole body, it crosses the whole maya, it crosses the whole world, but it can't be broken. His Divine Divinity is so strong, His Divinity is so strong that I've got no words to describe that Divinity. A devotee is sitting in America, Guru is sitting in India, but both have a very powerful connection.

So remember. We have to find that God, that person who is perfect. Who is ours and we are His, we have to find Him. To whom we belong, we have to find him, and get together and be one with Him, because if we are two we have got duality. Wherever there is duality there is darkness. Wherever there is frustration there is ego. Man is completely surrounded by it and he is put into prison by the chains of his mind.

So remember, we are part of Him who has manifested Himself as Guru and who has come into this earth, and now we have to completely merge and make our souls one with Him because He is perfect, and once we merge with Him we will also be perfect.

Nothing in the world, whether it is our mind, or the darkness of Kali, can stop it. We will be like the river Ganges. It flows, flows, flows, and has no regard for its importance. The Ganges is highly respected in Rishikesh, but the Ganges doesn't stop there, just because it is being highly worshipped.

Cows are drinking the water, but the Ganges doesn't stop because cows are drinking the water.

Have you seen the tongas here? (tonga: a light two-wheeled vehicle used in rural areas of India)

They take the horses and put two leather strips before their eyes, have you seen? On the side, they cannot see, they cannot see anything. They can just see their road, which is their destination. It is their path, on which they have to run, run and run, till their master stops them. They are not allowed to see anywhere else. In the same way, we have to be tied into the one cord of love. Because, you see, there are flowers in the garden, there is string to tie the flowers, there is everything, but there is no garland. But once the flowers come and are united on the string they form a garland.

There is an autobiography written by Kalidasa, Flowers, and this autobiography says, "0 Lord, ever since you made me I have had one wish. That is that you should please unite me with all my friends into one string of love and put me around your neck so that I may be most fortunate to feel your Divine personality." This is the autobiography of that flower.

So remember, we have to be united in one string of love. Mind is so strong, but don't be frustrated by it, because if the Lord is true and the Knowledge is true, then nothing is there. There is only a black shadow, which is being cast by the moon which itself is taking light from the sun and only for six hours even then. After a little while it will go off and then there'll be no darkness.

The darkness has to come because there is the object. But is it real? No. So remember, we all have to unite in one cord. Not two or three or four or five. And all the human beings that have been created and are living in this world, or on any other planet, have to be united in one cord, only one cord. And this cord is of love and that perfect love is only given by the Perfect Master of the time. None else is able to give that love to you.

You think that your wife, your husband, your children will give you love? No. It is the love of selfishness. Baby loves mother because mother gives milk. Same way, you love everything because of selfishness. But we love Guru without any selfishness. It is pure and perfect love, it is that love which cannot be disturbed by mind at all:

In Love with Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji So be perfect, be in love, do meditation, run smoothly, have a good life, enjoy yourself, be one with Him who has created you, who had created you and who will create you. Because this is what you have to find in the world. There are many paths. Many, many paths. One is blue, one is red, one is green, all seem beautiful. But there is one path which we can hardly look at because it is so bright. People who are people, people who are really humans, walk on it. And people who are not humans and are cowards walk on the green, red and yellow paths. But the man who walks on that bright, shining path always becomes brightness. And God touches him and he touches the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev.

I'll explain this to you. Lord Ram governed Hanuman, but Hanuman governed the Lotus Feet of Ram. Because Hanuman did so much meditation he tied the Lord in love, so much love, that wherever Hanuman wanted Him to go, Ram was ready to go.

Whenever the Lord comes, He is hungry for love. He wants nothing else. He has created money, He has created silver, He has created diamonds, He has created the whole of nature. Nothing is a surprise to the Lord because He has created it. But the only thing that can be a surprise for Him is your love. That is sincere, that is from your heart, it comes right from the depths of your heart. It shows light,.affection, devotion and real love. It is perfect, perfect, and so it will last forever.

So that love God requires. Nothing else. God created love, no doubt. But He distributed it. And no love is left. And God is only hungry for one thing now. He wants to collect love, love, love and love. That's the only thing He wants. But those people are only able to give love who are determined to shed their forehead on His Lotus Feet. Nobody else. People who have become proud go to that imperfection from where they never return. But the guy who is determined to shed His forhead on the Lotus Feet goes there to that perfectness from where He never returns.

So brothers, united into one love, be one, be perfect, be accurate. Accurate for the love, attentive for the satsang, active for the service and this will make you perfect. Because perfection is what imperfection wants. Remember this, that perfection is what imperfection wants. Imperfect are you and you need your Lord because He is perfect. Perfection never looks for imperfection, but imperfection every time looks for perfection.

So one devotee, he parys to the Lord and says, "Lord, don't forget me. For you we are many, but for me you are only one. If I get lost, you have others who can give you so much love. But in my life, if you get lost, you are the only one who can give me love. So Lord, please attach me so firmly that the sun may break, fire may break in pieces and the sky may be disturbed, the earth may be moved from its orbit, but this cord of love may not be moved and may be strong forever and ever and ever. Even if the sun breaks, no matter. But this cord of love should be forever."

All the saints of India, Jesus Christ and Mohammed also, have emphasized love because love is the greatest cord in the world. It can unite you and communicate you with the Lord. And the Lord is per-fact, perfect for all. To him who goes to Him and asks Him for His love, He never hesitates to give it. Maybe he is the lowest person in the world, maybe he is the highest person in the world. Because the Lord is the embodiment of love and you must realize Him.

In Love with Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji Not only realize Him, but be with Him because He can create you as many times as He likes, but you cannot create Him as many times as you like. So be careful about the golden opportunity He has given you. And don't be confused by the hypnotic shadows of the mind which the mind is creating in you and which are making you frustrated. Once you get frustrated, remember friends, you will not be able to return again. Don't be frustrated. Don't look anywhere, just look at your destination which you have to reach. Don't look anywhere else.

Don't be confused. Confusion is for those who don't know this Knowledge. But once a man has known this Knowledge, he has nothing to be confused about. Because this mind came it can also go away, but only if the destination is there. The horse is hungry, the grass is on all sides, but he can only look to his destination and runs there. He's hungry, but it doesn't matter.

So today, in the frustrated darkness of the world, only the Perfect Lord is the bright shining sun. And if you have known Him, far out. Nothing can be more than that. It is the endless limit if you have known the Lord of the time. So what I have told you just now, I think it is important. Maybe it is not for you, but is very important for me. And only through this principle, only by following this basic outline of how to be one, can you be one. For this solid thread of love has been carried over from centuries and centuries, ages and ages.

And my Guru also taught me first of all this thread of love. And then I was able to realize the importance of Guru, this embodiment of love. He is white, but if you wear blue glasses you won't be able to see Him. He is white, but only if you have white glasses will you be able to see Him. In this world, everywhere there is darkness. You can only get white glasses by knowing that white, bright, shining Light. So if you go to Him, ask. Ask and it shall be given, knock and it shall be opened unto you. So if you have asked for Knowledge, very good. And if you know the Knowledge, go ahead and meditate.

This is the only thing which increases your love. And love increases you and makes you one with whom you have to be. It is so beautiful, it is so fantastic to be one with one who is perfect, because you are your own no more, no more are there weights on your shoulders.

When you have been united to the Lord, you are the most free person. Water cannot be in one place, it does not rest. It runs, runs, runs and runs to be one with him, one with the sea. Maybe the sea is salty, it doesn't matter. The water has to go and be united. So meditation is the only medium through which you increase your love, and love will spring forth, will make you one, and finally everything will be organized.

So I hope you will pay close attention to whatever I have been saying. It holds value for all devotees. Because, first of all, of any line of spiritualism, that spiritualism which opens Knowledge of God is the only thing. But if you don't know the topic of love, then it is like owning a car which is perfect, but without an engine. I want to find out if you know, if you are really eager to go towards the destination. But without love, you are a car without tires. So can you go?

So realize it and be one with it because this is the aim of human life which has to be completed. This is it. This is the aim of human life. It should be there. It must be there. Because ultimately, if you don't get there you'll find yourself living in great darkness, ignorance and suffering. But once you have realized it, then everything is good for you.