Hans Jayanti '77

This large (250mm x 320mm) glossy production was a folder in which, I presume, the information about the Hans Jayanti 1977 festival held in Rome was contained and distributed to registered attendees. I did not receive the contents as far as I know. This was a very important festival as it ended Rawat's comeback year on a high note. I recall that 10-11,000 premies attended though I have no references for that figure. Rawat commented on the festival on January 7th the following year.

You know, a lot of premies really don't understand. "Well, what happens? What happens?" It's just like there was an incredible thing that happened in Rome. And we still talk about it. And what happened, anyway? And just designing, or trying to just put out all the programs on a piece of paper, how many programs we're going to have this year, was so incredible. Because every time you looked back and you saw that that last program that we had in '77, the Hans Jayanti program, was so incredible. But what happened?

I mean, it was so fast; it was so quick.

It was so incredible; it was so fantastic. It just came and went for those five days. It just came and dissipated, dissipated into our own lives, dissipated into our own experience of Knowledge. And whoever had that experience of Knowledge really understood what was going on. Really understood, and really experienced it.

And for those people who really didn't understand what that experience of Knowledge was, it was just a real big mess. It was just a real big place where you went there and: "Why had it to be in Italy?" "Why did it have to be there?" And so on and so forth. And we had all these questions.

Hans Rawat aka Shri Maharaj Ji Hans Rawat aka Shri Maharaj Ji
Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji Raja Rawat
Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji