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"All the people who lined the streets and looked out of the windows cried. 'Just look at the Emperor's new clothes. How beautiful they are! And what a long, lovely train!'

Not one person dared admit he couldn't see anything, because if he did it would mean he was either stupid or unfit for his job.

None of the Emperor's other outfits - not even his most elaborate -- had ever met with such complete public success.

Then suddenly a little child piped up, But he has no clothes on!'

'Oh listen to the silly child.' said his father.

Still. the people started to whisper to one another what the child had said. The Emperor doesn't have any clothes on. A little child is saying it and it's true.'"

The Emperor's New Clothes has become a classic of children's literature. because it delightfully highlights a basic human trait. When you don't know what to do. follow those around you. 'When in Rome, do as the Romans.'

A film made in Melbourne several years ago featured a reporter approaching people on the street, and asking the simplest of questions: 'What do you think is the purpose of life?' Though some offered tentative suggestions ('Trying to make ends meet?' 'Making friends?') it was apparent that no-one really knew. And if you don't know the purpose of life, then how do you know what you should be doing?

We grow up in a world where everyone proceeds as if they do know. Wherever we look, people pursue a purpose, be it collecting stamps or managing a corporation. Anything we can put our energy into. to give us a feeling of achieving. And no-one ever came along to tell us that these home-made reasons for existence were not. in fact. the purpose for which we were born.

Asking 'Who am I and what is the purpose of life?' remains in the realm of philosophy if an answer isn't available. Interesting speculation, perhaps. but irrelevant to the realistic details of day- to-day existence.

But when an answer is offered. the picture changes. These become among the most important questions we can ask. A door can be opened once we have knocked: An answer given when we have asked.

There is an experience that makes a human being feel complete. An experience of the source of life inside us. which Guru Maharaj Ji reveals. Belief won't provide us with the purpose of our life, which is why Guru Maharaj Ji calls the experience 'Knowledge'. With that experience, we know our purpose. We know our inner nature.

It can't be written, or spoken. only revealed.

"Pinch yourself and try to describe that experience to some of your friends. They will never be able to feel it. So don't talk just go and pinch them. And this is what this is. I am just trying to introduce you to this Knowledge. And I know it (this introduction) isn't perfect. because to understand what it really is, you have to practically receive it."

- Guru Maharaj Ji

It's a very personal. individual experience.

You can imagine that most people in the crowd were very relieved when they realized that nobody else could see any clothes on the Emperor either. Everybody could stop pretending. Even the Emperor was relieved, after a little while. He had become very cold, so he went to put on some clothes.


2 True Knowledge

Television interview with Guru Maharaj Ji at Killarney Heights. Sydney. on his first visit to Australia in October, 1972.

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An interview with Guru Maharaj Ji, from an American monthly journal, Miami Magazine. The article was published in June 1979.

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Guru Maharaj Ji talking at a public program held at the Albert Hall. London on the 28th of May, 1979.

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Short articles by several people who have been revealed Knowledge.

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