Prem Rawat's Birthday Satsang

So dear premies, thank you very much. Thank you for coming. Been a wonderful party. I'd like to thank the premies who put the skits together. They were okay.

But even this idea of having a party or whatever - it's only true if there is devotion. Because Guru Maharaj Ji - I mean this is what I feel. There are so many, so many, devotees in this world. There are twelve thousand premies in India right about now gathered at the new festival site that they have just acquired. And so much happens every moment, so much happens every day. If there is devotion, then we are tied to Guru Maharaj Ji, then we are bound to Guru Maharaj Ji.

And there is absolutely nothing - nothing in this entire universe, nothing in this entire world - that can stop us from reaching Guru Maharaj Ji, that can stop us from reaching our destination.

When we lose sight of devotion to Guru Maharaj Ji - look, there are a lot of theories. And you can forget about them, for a moment at least. Yes, there is liberation. That's true. Yes, there are all these different aspects of yoga. That's true. There are all these different things. It's true. But for a devotee - and that's you - a human being who loves, who has devoted himself, that's premies, devotees - to them there is only one thing that's real. That's their Guru Maharaj Ji.

And what makes Guru Maharaj Ji real for them is their devotion. That's it. In that essence, when that essence is true, when the devotion is real for Guru Maharaj Ji, when the devotion is alive for Guru Maharaj Ji, then Guru Maharaj Ji becomes alive for you. The day your devotion dissipates, the day your devotion starts to falter, so will everything else. There will be nothing left for you.

It's so beautiful that here we are. Just this opportunity. I was lying on my bed when I thought up this party. "What are we going to do?" Because last year it was a beautiful birthday, but the premies were outside the gate. They weren't inside the courtyard even. And there was just a handful of premies.

Perhaps there is that possibility that we could all come together like this. It's been wonderful. In one sense there hasn't been too much concept, just straight through - whatever. And yet if we open up a little bit more towards Guru Maharaj Ji - look, we don't have to open up to any philosophies. We don't have to open up to different aspects of all the things that exist in this world. If we open up just a little bit more to Guru Maharaj Ji, then and only then something becomes real for us, only then something becomes alive for us. If we focus, if we take our time that Guru Maharaj has given us in this world, and concentrate on different philosophies of this world, then all we will become is a philosopher. And what is a philosopher? Just another being who is born and who dies, who never fulfils any purpose, who never has a real purpose, and who can never ever have a real purpose.

To me this entire Earth is created for devotees and Guru Maharaj Ji. That's the purpose. When Guru Maharaj Ji comes, the devotees come. Then there is a meaning to those apple trees. Then there is a meaning to this whole universe. Without that it's aimless. It's senseless.

And again, I'd like to thank you again for this - to be able to come together just to have this party.

One thing you can always do is remember Guru Maharaj Ji. In Guru Maharaj Ji you will find satsang, service and meditation. And that's the key.

And so, just keep trucking. Just keep going towards Guru Maharaj Ji. Just keep coming towards Guru Maharaj Ji. In that there is real love, in that there is a destination. There is nothing else in this world that has a destination.

Sure, there is this fancy party or all the little things that have gone into this party. And to me, the essence isn't this six or seven layer cake that we have. It isn't the cold cheese plate that you had. It isn't all the confetti and the balloons that fell on your head. But it is that you came to see Guru Maharaj Ji, and that Guru Maharaj Ji came to see you. And that makes it purposeful. That makes it meaningful. That makes it real.

And yet all that manifests because you are a devotee, because somewhere in your heart you have that devotion that wants that love from Guru Maharaj Ji. That makes you a devotee. And it's so wonderful to be in Guru Maharaj Ji's shelter. It is so wonderful to experience that Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. There is nothing more to it. That's just so real.

And so premies, I could go on for … just experience Guru Maharaj Ji, that's all. And thank you very much for coming. Enjoy your cake and I hope I'll see you next year. Maybe even this year. Who knows?

Okay premies, thank you very much. Good-night.

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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) At His Birthday Party,  Miami, 10th December, 1979
Prem Rawat (Maharaji), Hans Jayanti, Kissimmee, Florida, Nov 1979