"Dear Premies"
Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang at the Holi Festival, Miami Beach, Florida, on Friday 6th April, 1979.
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji and his niece Navi Rawat (young girl)

And what is so great about this creation? What is the difference between this creation - us, the beauty of it all - and a donkey and a pig and a bird and a snake and a rat and a rabbit and a dog and a coyote and a jackal and a lion and a cat and a tiger and a leopard or what have you?

To a tiger, that sunset doesn't mean anything. Food, perhaps, for a nocturnal creature. (If it is. I don't even know if it is. I guess it is whenever it is hungry. It's out for lunch.) And that's all it needs.

An owl: A nocturnal creature for sure, doesn't sit on a branch in the night and say, "Oh, look at those beautiful stars up there. Look at that beautiful moon." But that owl is very sharply waiting for a single movement to happen in those leaves and he's going to attack it.

So, I mean there apparently is a beauty that we can enjoy. And yet it seems like that beauty that we feel we can enjoy - which may be a sunset, beautiful stars, clear night, non-pollusive day, or something like that … you just don't go walking down the street and see a gorilla come by and whistle, "What a nice car you have."

What is there? There is obviously a difference between all that and the thing that you call a beauty and the thing that makes it a beauty to you and not to them. (To them it's business time; time to go hunting or time to do whatever they have to do.) But it's an opportunity that has been given to us in this life. It is a moment, it is a time that has been given to us in this life. And there is no rationalization behind it. Because there need not be any. We want rationalization.

You know, it's like this. A conductor asks for everybody's ticket. "Do you have a ticket? Do you have a ticket?" But nobody asks him for a ticket. Why not? If he's going to travel on that train, don't you think he should also have a ticket just like you and me? But that conductor doesn't need a ticket.

And if somebody was to look at it from that perspective it would sound absurd. "Well, why not? Why don't you need a ticket?"

If you were driving by a prison and your son, uncle, or cousin asks you, "What is that? ", you would say, "A prison."

"What do they do in the prison?"

"Well, there are people locked up in the prison."

"But the warden isn't."

Is the warden also locked up in the prison? No! Are all the policemen in the prison also locked up? No! They're not locked behind the bars.

And in this creation it's the same way. There is a perfectness. And it need not have any rationalization because it is the source. It is the omnipresent thing. It is the omnipotent thing. Its presence is mandatory. Without it, we would not have anything left in us to ask the question, "What are you doing here, perfectness? What are you?" Because it is everywhere, that thing that we seek for…

Okay. Maybe we don't have to call it perfectness. Maybe perfectness to some

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji people is a taboo. "Nobody is perfect." To people, what's perfect is somebody coming along and taking a Coca-Cola bottle, taking an opener and popping off the top really fancy: Pop the thing just right. And you go, "Perfect." Perfect.

Somebody takes a Coca-Cola can and pops the tab with one hand: "Perfect." Somebody takes a Coca-Cola bottle, puts it in their teeth and pops it open: "Perfect."

I can visualize it. It is there. I have been on it. But to you it doesn't exist. And it's okay. It's fine. And these things really need our identification to become known to us. There are things that are so buried under the ground we don't even know what they are. And therefore, they are nonexistent; we don't know any name or anything.

But that's not the way perfectness is. That is not the way that power is that is omnipotent. We don't know what it is, what form it is, what shape it is. And yet we can feel it within us, that it is there. Because it is.

And to me, we can feel it only when we come to that point of being humble … To me, that's being frank. To this world, that's not true. That's not being frank with yourself. That's just - what would they say - "chickening out." You join somebody; you call somebody. But no! It's being frank to say, "Yes, in my life I am missing something." Because it is obvious.

I know that sometimes you go to car dealers or you're buying a car or something like that and you're wrapping up the whole deal. They say, "Well, what about the warranty?" Or, "Well, what about odometer readings?" Sign this and sign that; twenty things they have to do. And you say, "Well, look. I'll just come tomorrow and do it." And they go, "Beautiful. Okay. Fine. Just perfect. Great."

That's perfectness. "Per-fect."

A lot of people, instead of saying, "Okay", or "Yep" - not "Yes", "Yep" - or "Alrighty", or "Okeydokey", say, "Perfect". And that just shows you what the concept of perfectness is in this world.

But perfectness cannot even have a name because it never can be "perfect" for that perfect. Because it's total. It's absolute. That perfectness is perfect, absolute, total. It doesn't need any identification. Its creation, its identification, is not dependent on us.

You know, somebody went out there and said, "This is the North Pole." Or somebody went out there to the Moon and said, "In the name of the humanity, I claim this land." Or whatever he said. He stuck a pole in there. And marine biologists go down into the deep soil and find something. And there are so many thousands and zillions and zillions and zillions of forms of life that nobody even knows about so far. Nobody knows about it, and so to you and me, they are completely nonexistent.

I know that in Dehra Dun - that's where I went to school - there is a certain street. I don't know the name of this street. And yet to me it exists. It is there. But it has never occurred to you. Has this particular street in Dehra Dun occurred to you ever? I don't think so. But to me, there is a particular street.

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

Look what this world has created: What this world has done. And every faction, every society, every culture is so different. In America alone you have Texans, Californians, New Yorkers. And sometimes you're talking to a premie and you've been talking to him for a long time and then all of a sudden you'll ask him the question, "Are you from west of the Mississippi or east of the Mississippi?" There's an obvious difference in even that. Maybe a Californian will call 33rd Street, "33rd Street". But from New York: "Toity toid Street". That's really true. And that's the way it is.

And you look at the language difference. It's the English language, but it's spoken in so many different ways. And then, of course, the English have their own accent. And then the Spanish have their own accent.

Yesterday, when I came here, Francisco was giving satsang. And I was just standing back there and he was saying, "And I don't know how to approach jew." And I said, "What is he talking about Jews for?" "I don't know how to 'appro jew'."

I said, "Well, what difference does it make if he does know how to approach a Jew or if he doesn't know how to approach a Jew?" Then I finally understood, "Wait a minute. It's just his accent. And what he's trying to say is, 'I don't know how to approach you.' But because of his accent, he goes, Jew'."

It's the same with Celso every time he gets up and gives satsang. You're watching a monitor at the residence. He's going, "Guru Maharaj." And what he's trying to say is "Guru Maharaj Ji". And he is saying it. Because when I first asked him that, he didn't understand that at all, because he does say, "Guru Maharaj Ji". It's just the way it comes out because of his accent: "Guru Maharaj".

And so that's how many differences there are in this world. So many that we cannot associate with some people on a very, very plain basis. On the world with so many bumps on it. Everywhere you go, it's different.

You go to France. It's something else. Look at the laws and the cultures and the behaviour patterns. The French require you to have yellow lights on your car. If you go to France with car that does not have yellow headlights, they will stop you and tell you to put some on. And if you drive that same car from France to England, they will stop you and tell you to put couple of white headlights on it. I mean, all these things that this world is tied in.

"You can do this, but you can't do that." "You can do that, but you can't do this." Such a duality, such a paradox.

I have travelled quite a bit. You go to places and they look at your passport. And they sit there and they look at it. And they look at it. And they go pageby-page, page-by-page, page-by-page. They're just looking at it, looking at it. And you're waiting there and you're going, "Oh boy. This guy is just going to give me some trouble. I don't know what he's going to do." And he's just going page-by-page, page-by-page. Again he flips the page back. He looks at the picture, looks at you. Then flips the page again. Then looks at the picture; then looks at you. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, he just closes the passport and hands it to you without even stamping it. Nothing! "Okay. Have a nice time."

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji I've been to England and sometimes they say, "Okay, how long are you going to be staying? Where are you staying?" And sometimes: "Why are you staying? Why are you travelling? Why are you coming into England?" You show them a ticket. "Why do you have first class tickets?" If you show them economy they'll probably say, "Why do you have an economy ticket?" And sometimes it's really beautiful. And you look at this whole thing.

And then when we were in Swaziland it was incredible. We had to go to Johannesburg and from Johannesburg we then flew this little propeller airplane to Swaziland. In Swaziland they had this great big desk and the Immigration guys were there. Very casual. And they looked at the passport and they went through every page, then handed this premie his passport back. The premie started to walk away, and all of a sudden the officer said, "Wait a minute. Are you coming or going?"

That's the kind of world we live in. Our goal in this life isn't to argue with ourselves, isn't to kill ourselves, isn't to beat ourselves on the head. But the goal of this life really is to understand that ultimate thing. The goal of this life is really to … And not for only Texans, and not for only the guys who said, "Toity-toid Street". But for everybody in this world, it's the same goal. And only for those people who can be humble enough to say, "Yes, I'm lacking something in my life."

You look at what happened at the time of Jesus. People who thought that they knew a little bit too much were the dumbest. And people who thought that they didn't know anything, proved to be the smartest. Because they opened up. They said, "Yes. We need to be saved. Yes, there is something that we want in this life. Yes, we will follow you. Because in you we see the potential that you can save us. You are the Saviour."

Same thing with Guru Nanak. Same thing with Mohammed. Not everybody took one look at Mohammed and said, "Ga-ga, ga-ga." You know, "I am ga-ga over you. That's it, Mohammed. Wherever you go, everybody is going to follow you." Only those hearts that were open.

And what does it mean to say the hearts are open? What does it mean?

To have a hole in your heart? Or your left ventricle just dangling around somewhere? What does it mean for the heart to be open? (And it's definitely not the ticker. It's not the ticker that they're talking about.) It's that real you, the real you. The real ticker that even makes this ticker tick. It's that consciousness to open up to Guru Maharaj Ji, so that we can surrender.

I haven't done this, but if you were to make a little program for a computer and feed into it: That when Christ came into this world, the orthodox religious followers of the religion at that time, because of the existence of the religion, created problems. Same thing with Mohammed. Same thing with Guru Nanak. Same thing with Hindus.

When Moslems came to India, they annihilated Hindus because according to their law whoever does not believe in "that Word, in Koran", is a Kaffia. And anyone who is a Kaffia should be annihilated. And when the Moslem leader came, he just said, "Look. Whoever is not going to convert, get rid of him."

If you were to make that little program and put it into a computer and give all

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji the Perfect Masters in this world the priority that they are indispensable, (and in fact, they are indispensable), what would you take out? The only thing left to take out is religions.


Because what created the problem when Jesus came? Okay, it was people and their craziness. Of course, it's always that. But what kind of blanket did they hide themselves under? What kind of a blanket did they pull up? "Look. Here it says this can't be it." And it very clearly said, "Look, there is going to be a Messiah coming, a teacher coming, a Perfect Master, a Saviour, coming." And people, out of the blue, went, "This can't be it. This can't be him. This can't be the Messiah."

So now people say, "Look, you have to follow this religion." There's no problem following any religion. There is no problem being an orthodox Christian. There is no problem in being an orthodox Jew. There is no problem in being an orthodox Hindu. But the problem comes when you can not realize, when you cannot understand, your Creator. Then it's a real problem.

It's like tyres are supposed to make you roll better on the road. But when tyres themselves become the thing that's stopping you from rolling, then you've got a problem. And in this world we have to look for that reality. Sincerely, from our hearts. Truly from our hearts. And when we open up, when we are humble…

The example is, when we are like a child - open - and we approach that one that's going to give us that answer, that Knowledge, then and only then does that all click. And what a precious opportunity in this world it is when everybody else is making more and more destructive weapons.

Do you really think there's going to be too much left in this world if all those weapons went off right now? I don't think there is going to be much left at all.

People talk about Grace and people say, "Oh yeah, and you know what happened today? I was driving down the road and all of a sudden I hit the brakes and my car went skidding. And there was a truck following me really close …" or something like that, and you didn't get hurt. So you call it Grace.

I know that one time I was following a truck really close, and all of a sudden one of the tyres blew. And because of the compression between two big vehicles, the tyre didn't touch the motor home, but went clear across it, and hit the windshield of the jeep that was behind. And you can just talk about that for hours and say, "What a Grace! What a miracle!"

And I know a lot of premies who come through the darshan line cannot walk. Or there are some premies sitting over there who cannot hear. Then there are premies who cannot see. And yet if something was to happen right now, I clap my hands or somebody clapped their hands, and all of a sudden everybody was walking around and everybody could see and this and that, everybody would go, "Oh, what a miracle. What a Grace." But what is the value of that Grace? Sub-zero: No value at all. I mean, that's what people call all these things; miracles.

There is only one miracle, by the definition of "miracle": That we are here, that we are alive. And that, by the Grace, by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, we have this Knowledge to practice in our lives. That we have this precious moment and precious Knowledge to really fulfill the destiny of a life, is the greatest miracle. That is, in fact, a miracle. Other ones are really cheap, cheap tricks.

I mean, what is all this? Sometimes a magician comes out and they're really clean with their hands and everybody goes "Wow. Yay. What a nice magician. What incredible swiftness of hands."

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Prem Rawat aka MaharajiAnd in Malibu I had this "Miracle Kit," Magician's Kit". And so I figured I'd show Wadi and Hansi a trick. So I went into my office and opened up the package, and I was shocked. It was such a cheap thing. It was two Pepsi-cola cans which had been cut off at the bottom, and then at the back of them they had two holes. And you had two identical glasses. You took identical fluid and you poured it into the glasses. (You can't do it in front of everybody to set all this thing up, but they were playing in the other room.) So you take a table and you take the two glasses and you put the cans over them. And now here come Hansi and Wadi and it's like, "Okay, look, Wadi." And you lift one can up, and you let the glass go. You don't put your thumb through the can and hold the glass against the side. You just let the can lift off. And they don't see anything.

It looks all complete to them. They see a glass sitting there. And they go, "Oh yeah, okay. There's a glass there."

And you say, "Well, I'm going to move the glass from here to there - in that can." And they're going, "How are you going to do that?" You just do all the funny things you want to do. "Adabracadabra cajalas-mahal. Bippity-boppityboo." Anything. Flip a coin. "If the cockroach can get back on his feet, the glass will move." Or anything. All you have to do is you just take your thumb and put it all the way in, and press the glass against the side; lift the can up, and the glass is gone. But the identical glass, exactly the same look, same everything, is sitting on the other side. And when you lift this can this time, you do the same thing. You just don't squeeze the glass against the side and there is a glass. And it was like, "Wow! How did you do that?" And Hansi goes, "I want to do it too." And I said, "It's okay, Hansi."

This is what our miracles are. This is what our fantasies are. But definitely without the understanding of Knowledge, without the understanding of that Truth, that is exactly what mankind is going to be believing.

So how beautiful it is to have that opportunity now in our lives to really open up to that incredible miracle. The most incredible miracle that can only be performed by a genuine Magician, not every "hocus-pocus" sayer in this world. The Magician has to be genuine, and automatically his magic will be.

And this Magician does not promise to do a hundred magic tricks, but to do simply one, which is the root of all. This Teacher doesn't say, "Look, I'll teach you math, algebra, geography, geometry." He says, "I'll just teach you one thing that is the root of everything in this world."

And where does our effort come in, in really understanding that Magician? It is not just a part where the Magician is going to come, he's going to do his number, and that's it; you will be the audience. No. There is no audience. You are a part of that miracle. Every one, every soul existing as of right now on this entire Earth, is a part of that miracle.

Today, suppose your arm broke, and you go to the doctor, the doctor fixes it. And you go, "Thank you, doctor. Thank you for fixing my arm." Your leg breaks, you go to the doctor, doctor fixes it; "Oh, thank you, doctor." And there is one doctor that's constantly fixing you up so you're going and going and going and going. And when that doctor decides to pull the switch on you, there is no doctor that can turn on that switch again in this whole universe. There isn't a single doctor who can flip the switch of that consciousness back on.

How fortunate we are to be part of that magic, to be part of that love, to be part of that affection. Not just merely a projector, film, and a screen. But to be: To be there. To be in it. To be alive. To have that experience of Knowledge.

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji To have that opportunity now. Because that is the reason why Guru Maharaj Ji comes. And that is the exact reason why Guru Maharaj Ji gives us that chance: Says, "Okay, here is your chance. Here is your opportunity. Here is what you have waited all your life for. Here is that medicine. Here is that Knowledge. Here is that reality. Here is that Truth."

A thirsty man in the desert cannot afford to turn down the water. Why? Why, if the same man was to be in a fresh lake, would he squirt the water out of his mouth if it got in? Why? What is the reason?

That man in the desert understands and realizes … feels that thirst. He feels that emptiness, and knows that that emptiness alone can be the cause of his death. But the man in that fresh lake knows that there is an abundance of water. And if he just skips a drink one day, if he is thirsty and he skips it at that time, and gets a glass of water when he gets twenty miles out, to wherever his home is or whatever, it's fine, it's okay. There is no problem with that. But really, even if he was sitting in the middle of that fresh lake on that raft, and wasn't allowed to drink water, do you think he would survive? Of course not.

It's the same thing. It's the same exact thing. That water is the factor. And the circumstance pressurizes us to realize that factor in that way. The circumstances force us to realize that factor in that way. And that is the difference.

When we first sit down to receive Knowledge, an initiator comes along and says, "Do you really want Knowledge?"; that's our situation in the desert. We need it. We want it. Because we know that without that, being ignorant in this life, simply just being ignorant in this life, is not fulfilling the purpose of this life. And then, once we realize it, we go, "Oh! I've got it. It's there. It's fine. Look, I'm a little too tired. I'm not exactly going to do meditation today. I'm a little too busy."

And you think that you can afford to miss it. That's where another factor plays a very, very, very, very important role. And that's like mind.

You're in the middle of the ocean and there is water, water, and nothing but water. And you are thirsty, thirsty, nothing but thirsty. And yet, you can't drink that water.

Mind comes along and says, "Look! It's okay. It's fine. It's great." I know that every one of us give that mind exactly what that mind wants: Exactly what that mind has specified. No more, no less. And yet how ignorant are we being, to have that water with us all the time, to have that Knowledge, to have that Light, to have that Truth which can completely get rid of any ignorance, any darkness in the world, and yet be totally blind to it? To not know that, "Look, in my life, it's not as simple as what I am going to think.

'My life has a purpose, has a meaning. And I really want that water." I'm noc saying that that's all we have to do in our life, sit there and drink water all the time. But that we cannot take that opportunity, we cannot afford that opportunity to say, "Well, I am thirsty.

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

None of us sitting in this hall have that guarantee. We just cannot have that guarantee. Because we are here one day and we might be gone the other. It is now, in the presence, when we are here, that we have to take that advice - and maybe a little bit more than "that advice" - that Agya that Guru Maharaj Ji gives us in our life, and implement it in our lives, now.

I know that Peter Dawson was giving satsang just before he got the signal to finish (crossing throat with finger). He was talking about Los Angeles Airport, and he was saying, "What a zoo! What a place."

I've been to Los Angeles Airport a lot of times. And I have missed flights there, and I've seen cancelled flights.

I have seen people cussing at each other, and I have seen people stealing: People arguing. You know, here comes this guy who's a real health freak and doesn't want to go through the x-ray machine, and so the guy has to frisk him. And he doesn't want that, either. I have seen when three flights come at the same time, and everybody just rushes to get in their car. And all of sudden, at the same time, all the cars start moving. If you come to L.A. Airport there's a certain short cut. And if you take that short cut, you can just cut the airport in half, but if you miss that, oh boy, you're probably going to miss your flight with it. And it is crazy.

But there's nothing wrong with Los Angeles International Airport. San Francisco Airport is crazy too: So is La Guardia; So is New York: So is Paris: So is Miami: Every one. And it is not the fault of the airport. Obviously not.

It's the fault of the people in it. And they are the people who do not live 24 hours at the airport, these are the same exact people who drive on the street, live in apartments, houses, restaurants, hotels, theatres. I look at people in this world and I say, "Yes, people are crazy." But then I also know why. Because they don't have that Knowledge. They don't have a purpose of this life. They're running around in circles.

They have been, I think since the first time this guy picked up something and went "Dunkk" (Pretends to throw something). This guy who used to walk on his knuckles, had hairs all over the place, all of a sudden one day picked up something and threw it at the other person and killed the other person. From that time, man has been going around in circles. From the ground to the trees; from the trees to the caves; from the caves to high rises; from high rises to basements. I mean, man's gone all over the place; all over the place.

But what about us? Okay, this world has an excuse. They don't have Knowledge. What about us? We do. What's our excuse? What is our excuse for getting into the mind? None. None whatsoever. What is our excuse for spacing out? None. What is our excuse for sitting there calling this world crazy, and not telling the world why it's crazy?

I can't put at all what this world thinks about. But there are people in this world who wouldn't have Los Angeles International Airport any other way. They love it just the way it is: The hustle and the bustle. And they sit at

12 The Golden Age

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji cafeterias with eyes as big as owls, just looking at everybody coming: The escalators-full of people going up and coming down and going up and coming down. They would not have that airport any other way. That's the way they want it.

But we, for ourselves, as individuals, have to realize our opportunity that has been given to us; just us. That precious Knowledge. That life that has been awarded to us by that Creator. We are alive. How many thanks, what kind of thanks can you possibly give to that Creator? What kind of compensation can there ever be for it - for one life, one creation? None whatsoever.

And not to only have all that, but by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, to have the opportunity to be able to realize Knowledge in this life. What else can you ask for?

And only when we let go, instead of letting our minds hang from everything, when we really have that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, when we really have that feeling to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, when we really have that love for Guru Maharaj Ji, and when it's a reality, not hogwash, when it is real, when it's coming from your heart, when it's sincere, then it all happens, then it all manifests. Then Guru Maharaj Ji takes those steps.

Guru Maharaj Ji's not going to take those steps if you keep sitting there on the line and bluffing him; putting one foot forward and withdrawing it; one forward, withdrawing it; one forward, withdrawing it. Guru Maharaj Ji is not going to react to that; obviously not. If you think you are smart, well, obviously Guru Maharaj Ji is a lot smarter than you. He has to save you. He has to be smarter.

And when we try to do that bluff … and that's what we do. For so many reasons we sit there and we bluff Guru Maharaj Ji. And if we don't bluff purposely, maybe we do it some other how, but we bluff.

"Guru Maharaj Ji, I am doing this meditation. I am saying this prayer to you from my heart. Could I please have a son?"

That's ridiculous. Your heart; that true heart, knows of no gender: Male, female, has nothing to do with it. All that heart wants is not a boy, not a daughter, not an orange, not an apple, not a Mercedes, not a Pinto; it wants that pure Love. Period. The real Love that it seeks, that it looks for, that it thrives on. And that's when we bluff Guru Maharaj Ji.

We put the foot in the fire and go, "But you know, Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace is there."

Oh, really? Really? What is there in this world that is going to force Guru Maharaj Ji to give his Grace to you? Just because in one of these sessions you somehow convinced the initiator that you really were sincere, and then he gave you Knowledge, does that mean it's all sealed? If you think that's it, then you are a coyote, running around in that desert. And the road runner's achievements are what you really want. And it's just not going to happen.

Because you sit there and you will put all your bets on it. "Oh yeah. I'm a premie, man."

The Golden Age 13

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji What makes you a premie? Premie is very, very, very technically a Hindi word. 'Prem' is one word. 'Prem-ie' is the other word. And by no qualification whatsoever, just because you have Knowledge, does that makes you a premie.

'A premie' in India, in the Hindi word, stands for two lovers. It can be said for pidgeons, caterpillars, butterflies, and, as most commonly used, for two lovers. There are other people who say, "And, premies … " Premie is just a word.

And I am not talking about, "Let's change it." I'm not saying that. I am saying that when it really becomes sincere, when it really becomes true, when it really becomes original, when that 'dear' really is 'dear': close to heart, and 'premie': the true lover -when it is true lover, the true love, not originated because you rig it up somehow, but from the experience of Knowledge, when it comes alive, that love, that's when you become a premie. When you have that implicit faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, when you have that implicit love for Guru Maharaj Ji, when you practise that Knowledge implicitly, when you open your heart up, when you surrender, that is when you truly become a lover. And not only a lover to yourself, or not only a lover in your qualifications, but in fact become loved by Guru Maharaj Ji, do you in fact become qualified as "Dear premies."

Because obviously there is something more to it than an expression which can be, "Howdy folks. Howdy-dowdy." "Ladies and gentlemen." And I don't want "Dear premies" to become exactly like, "Ladies and gentlemen." You know?

I mean, sometimes they get up there, and they know everybody in the audience is a wild nut. They'll still get up and go, "Ladies and gentlemen. . There's no ladies sitting in the place, and there are no gentlemen; there are people who are wild, no ladies and no gentlemen: Just because it is the matter of speech. What are you going to say, "You nuts out there"? You can't say that, they'll "boo" you off the stage, literally. You have to say something, and they figure the most common way to put it is, "ladies and gentlemen."

They have these bathrooms: "Ladies," and "Gentlemen". Then where it says "Gentlemen", you look about three feet down and there's a hole in the door. Somebody kicked it: A gentleman who came along and kicked the door very hard.

But there is - I tell you, man - there is a lot, lot, lot more to be a premie.

When that "Dear premies" is said by Guru Maharaj Ji, it means, 'Dear' … "Dear premies." 'Premies.' Lovers. Not traitors. Lovers. And not loving because, "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji, I am glad that you wear a suit. That is why I love you." "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji, there are 50,000 premies, and that's why I love you, too." But, no. To love Guru Maharaj Ji to love Guru Maharaj Ji. No reason at all.

I love you. And there is absolutely no rational reason in this world. There doesn't have to be. But we have to completely comprehend the gist and the true meaning of "Dear premies." To be worthy of that. To be worthy of that. So when Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Dear premies," he is meaning you, as individuals, not as 10,000 people sitting in a hall. And only when we let that love fill our hearts, not our minds. But that true love of this Knowledge, that

14 The Golden Age

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji true love, that true devotion, when we truly become devotees in the true meaning of devotees … To be devoted.

"Oh yeah, Guru Maharaj Ji, I am devoted to you."

And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Oh yeah? Why? How can you?"

And only a sincere lover, a sincere devotee, can answer that question, for the answer of that question is not in words. It is in true experience. It is in true feeling.

And what a wonderful thing. What a wonderful thing that everything in this world, you don't have to be sincere about. Nothing. There's nothing in this world you have to be sincere about. You can be completely insincere and get away with it.

I've seen people - at least in movies I've seen it, and I guess the idea came from somewhere - who have taken little coins, drilled holes in them, put it in the telephone box, and then pulled out the quarter. And here comes your coin, too. This one guy put a coin in the telephone, and all of a sudden the thing went like a jackpot, and all the money in the telephone came out. What did he do; he turned it over? Of course not.

In this whole world, you can get away with it. If the guy goes, "I want to get to Honolulu", you can tell him a complete eight-ball way, and he'll say, "Thank you," to you. That's the way this world is.

But one thing you can't get away with, because it simply doesn't work, is to be insincere with Guru Maharaj Ji, to be insincere with the Knowledge. And the way it's built in is, just imagine this world where you go to this telephone booth, insert a coin that has a cord tied to it, put the coin in and start to pull it out, and two arms come out and grasp you. That insincerity you will feel for yourself.

Nobody will tell you, "Look, you are not sincere to Guru Maharaj Ji. You are not sincere to Knowledge." Nobody has to ever even mention it to you. You ou will feel it yourself, because this Knowledge is a perfect mirror; is a perfect, perfect mirror. And what you are, and how sincere you are, it shows that. And you don't have to tell anybody. But you know.

And so premies, just to let go of that mind, to let go of that ego, and just to be sincere in that love of Guru Maharaj Ji. To be able to deserve to be called, "Dear premies." When Guru Maharaj Ji comes out and says, "Dear premies," he's not talking to the person sitting right next to you, behind you, or in front of you, but talking to you and you know it. You feel it. You understand it. It's thumbs up. "Yeah!" You know?

"Yes! I am your premie, because you are my Guru Maharaj Ji. And the more you are my Guru Maharaj Ji, then the more I am automatically your premie. And because you are my Guru Maharaj Ji, you are real for me, it is sincere, then I know that this whole world can disappear, but I will still be your premie, because you will accept me if I am open. This is sincere. This is true. This is real. Not my mind, not my ego, not my anything, but this is what I am. This is all what it is in."

What a wonderful relationship to have, to know. Not to assume. No 'A' 'S' 'S' comma U comma 'M' 'E'.

But to know from your heart: To know for real. And nobody has to tell

The Golden Age 15

you. And it can happen for you, it really can.

So anyway, it's getting pretty late. But tomorrow is Holi. Holy Holi. I think there are going to be a few blown minds out there. Because there is absolutely no justification for us to be having Holi tomorrow. Nothing. Nothing to do with it.

Already Holi in India has been played and is over with. Finished. So far that festival is concerned, it's done and finished with. It has nothing to do with here. And spraying tons and tons and tons of water has nothing to do with it. Absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact, they do not play Holi the way we play Holi, in India. It's really true. It's not tied to anything. It's not like, "Oh yeah, today is the day it was decided that Holi has to be played." That's already a long way away, already finished, already done. I think there is probably hardly any trace left of it in India, if there is any. Done and over with. There is no rationale for us to do it tomorrow, for nobody. And yet, there's such an excitement. Why? I mean, why? And that is the reason. I mean, I don't know what these guys (the press) are going to think about it. " 'Squirting Water'. Now, wait a minute. That's wrong. 'Playing With Water? Nah, that's wrong. 'Throwing Water? Nah, that's wrong."

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

I mean, how do you even write an article like that? How do you even imagine? You can see it, but that's a different thing to then to sit down and write it. "Ten thousand people come … Orange Bowl … And then this one guy squirts them all." I mean, it's not going to make any sense to any of the readers. "That's ridiculous."

And only the people who can understand the significance of it … Absolutely, we are not playing Holi. If we are truly to be considered as a Hindu culture, then we are very half-baked about that. We don't have Vaisaki. We don't have this and we don't have that.

Holi is a beautiful celebration to me. We all come, hotels are full, can't have enough time to take a shower, so you put everybody in the Orange Bowl and hose them down. And that's possibly one way of doing it. And who wants to lie out in the sun? So spray colored water and everybody looks tanned.

But to us, there is a significance. And the significance merely is, as much as right now I am sitting here and you are sitting there. That's it. Guru Maharaj Ji and devotees. What is more and what's less? Nothing. Nobody's excited about Orange Bowl. An Orange Bowl is an Orange Bowl. Orange everywhere, except green at the bottom. It's about as green bowl as it is an orange bowl. But that has no significance.

And how excited would you be if all of you got there, and I didn't show up? And how excited would I be if none of you showed up there, and all there was was me out there? I wouldn't be very excited. So there is obviously something more than to just squirt water back and forth; to get wet has nothing to do with it. Of course, it's always nice to be wet when it's hot, really hot. But to us, it is no more than to see each other, whichever excuse it be.

Would you all leave there if you were all standing in the Orange Bowl and I walked on there and there were no guns; would that be it? Would you all split? I mean, I wouldn't. It has nothing to do with it. But it is a celebration. We come and we play, and that's it: Whatever play it is.

It is a one-way play. It's more like one guy just kicks the football, and nobody catches it at the other end. That's the way it might seem to people, and yet there is more to it. There is a feel and there is a warmth. And whatever it is, it's going to happen tomorrow. Right?

And all I can say is that everybody should be careful. The guns are very powerful, very, very strong. They take up quite a few hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water per minute - they just eat up water - and they put out water approximately at 75 pounds per square inch out of the nozzle, which relatively speaking, well, a car's tyre takes 25 pounds per square inch and tyre of a motor home takes about 45 pounds a square inch. This is a 75 pounds per square inch coming out of the gun, out of the nozzle.

16 The Golden Age

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji Dancing and Dressed as the God Krishna

And the premies shouldn't push forward Because I am facing you and I can see the front row of premies. But the back premies can't see the front row premies. So they see the thing falling short, and so they start to push. And you just watch all these initiators just getting squashed, squashed, squashed, till they push back. And then when they start pushing back and the people at the very back start pushing back then the middle goes, squash, squash, squash. There should be plenty of water pressure, and everybody should get drenched; of course, unless you don't want to get drenched.

I saw at the darshan line today that there were a lot of new born babies. Please don't bring them in that area. Just don't do it, because it's a lot of mass of water, and it can potentially be very hazardous for those babies, plus it's not like it is 200 degrees out here. It's only going to be whatever it normally has been, and it can be very cold. Don't hang around in your wet clothes. Change them: Take a shower or whatever.

We were going to have permanent colours, then you couldn't take them off. But then Joe Anctil has to wear his suit out there tomorrow, you know. All the press is going to be there. So I figure we'll save him a suit. No, actually permanent colours - I don't think the Orange Bowl people would like it very much. Their grass would be all different colours everywhere.

But nevertheless, there are colours. Hopefully it's going to be very beautiful, but just be very careful and cooperate. Because if in fact I will see that the premies at the very back are pushing very very hard, and somebody is almost near getting squished, I'll just turn off the gun, which would ease the pressure, but it's not exactly very nice. And so don't do that.

Just let it happen and just enjoy it. That's all you have to do: just enjoy it. You know, you don't have to hop along, jump upside down or stand on your head. Just enjoy it. And it'll happen. And just be careful.

Then there are the little children who can walk. The four or five year olds, who are the heros right now; who would be the ones who would claim that they have to be there, literally. That's all okay, but those children should definitely not be too close to the gun at all. It's very powerful. It's about as powerful as if somebody was to stand on a wet surface and not even move, it can just make them move wherever it wants to: A very, very powerful gun. Of course if somebody was to be on roller skates, it would send them whizzing off somewhere.

Just enjoy it. Just be there and just enjoy it. And that's all you have to do.

So premies, I hope I'll see you tomorrow.

Thank you very much.

The Golden Age 17

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji Dressed as the God Krishna

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