When Guru Maharaj Ji Smiles

Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang on the fifth night of Hans Jayanti (Thursday November 9, 1978), Kissimmee Florida.

Dear premies, this morning we had a beautiful opportunity to listen to some satsang, and I guess just the way the day went on after that, (it's gotten pretty late - 10:29, that's according to this thing) and you know it gets late, and we get tired as the day goes on … and maybe hopefully tomorrow, (you know, that was it for the darshan today) - and maybe hopefully tomorrow we can have satsang maybe a little bit earlier.

But one of my main concerns about satsang you know, is how much are we absorbing? How much of that satsang that is being given to us … I mean there are different initiators who have been giving satsang, there have been just premies who have been giving satsang - and how much of that are we really absorbing? How much of that are we really taking in? Even at this festival the satsang that is given by me, how much of that satsang are we really absorbing? Are we just waiting for the tapes, are we just waiting for the publications to come out and then we can sit down in the luxury of our homes?

Or in fact, are we really going to try to make that effort to really understand the feeling and the flow of satsang right now in our lives?

Okay, maybe there will be another program this year before this year ends, and we'll all be able to come together and enjoy another program. Who knows? That's possible! And I know that by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, if everything is okay, we will be somewhere around in this world enjoying a Hans Jayanti exactly about a year from now, give or take four or five days.

And yet how much of that … you know, I can make a schedule probably just at random. I know that there are a lot of people who would like for me to do that - just make a schedule of where which program is going to be. Then they can arrange, then it can be very simple for them.

It's true. It would be, I realise that. But really what is the guarantee that we are going to be there? What is the guarantee in our lives that we are going to make it to the program that is going to happen before the end of this year, what is the guarantee?

And if you realise the entire picture, if you look at the entire picture, you have to realise that we, whatever your names are, are very vulnerable in this life. This life is just not ours. This life is not that way. And then what is happening in this life is also very vulnerable, is very touchy.

So what it really boils down to is whatever opportune moment is given to us, we have to take it- as much as possible. Just as it comes, just accept it and take it. Instead of being in the mind constantly, instead of trying to give way to the mind, instead of analysing everything.

When satsang is given I know people sit down and think, "Is he right? Is he wrong?". Or, "Yeah, I know that's really true - I read it in a magazine." And we sit there, and here we are analysing satsang: "Oh yeah Maharaj Ji, that's really true." "Oh Maharaj Ji, I don't know about that one, I don't understand that one." "I understand this, or I understand that." "How can I implement this in my life, how do you expect me to implement this in my life?"

You know it's just like you're constantly thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking. And really what it's doing in basis, is that it's taking us away.

It's like I've said: Mind is a chameleon. It can come in any form; it can come in any colour; it can come in any shape, and we would never know it. And do we really in our lives want to fall prey to that? Do we really in our lives want to get hit by that mind, even though …

You know, what is the definition of mind? What is mind? Who has seen mind? What colour is mind? You don't know. What does it look like?

Yet we know there is a presence of this negative force, yet we know there is a presence of a zero-ness; still we know that there is a very definite presence of an illusion. And this negativity is there. It just haunts us, it just pressures us - pressures us, pressures us, pressures us and pressures us into things that we have been fed, pressures us into things that we have been told all our lives: That that's the way things are, that's the way things are.

The Golden Age 3

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji And concepts come out, and all these things happen in our lives.

In India ghost stories are pretty famous: Ghost comes into people, and a ghost appears here, a ghost can appear there.

I remember that on one side of the residence there was a water tank, more like a swimming pool, but it was very dirty all the time. And we'd take water from there, and the water that would come we would store it there for irrigation and all those purposes. And right next to that - a dingy corner of the house, like a spooky corner of the house at night time - there was this tree there. And nobody really looked after that corner of the house, and sometimes you would go there and this concept would come … this idea would come: "Oh, there is a ghost there." Whether or not there was a ghost there could have been a different story. Just this idea comes: "Oh, there is a ghost there," - a fear.

Or sometimes we are walking at night time, and to Premlata - Wadi - you know to her, what is a ghost? You know to Hansi … well, for instance to Daya, what is a ghost? Nothing! She doesn't know, nobody has told her the story yet. And one day we were just coming home after this meeting with the initiators - coming back from the satsang, coming back down this curvy, windy road. And it was really foggy, it just looked, like, spooky. And all the people who were trying to distract Wadi's attention - you know, to make sure she was happy - just started telling her this story:

That once upon a time there was this guy, he was just parked and he couldn't get his car started, and he was with his girlfriend. So he had to leave, go get some gas, go get some help. He told his girlfriend to keep the car locked - "Don't open the door, doesn't matter what happens."

There's Wadi: You know it's all foggy outside, it's dark, and Wadi is really listening to this. And the story is being told along: That next morning what happened Wad? Next morning they found this guy really close to the car all mutilated, all cut up, all bashed up. And the girl was inside the car, she had passed out. And it looked like somebody had been thumping the car from outside, trying to turn it over.

I mean, it's just like such a heavy thing was happening at that time - she really believed it! And now, anytime, all you have to do is just mention fog and a curvy road… and you know what I mean.

We just got into it, everybody was hearing the story. And you can imagine: Walking all by yourself in this spooky foggy night, you can't really see what's coming to you. There are no cars on the road and all of a sudden you hear a noise behind you!

And it was so intense at that time. We had just come from satsang. And to us it was nice - all the initiators were there, of course there were a lot of concepts floating around everywhere.

It got really intense in that motorhome. It was like, wow, just incredibly easily, it got intense.

And premies, really, to me that's the way I see that sometimes. Something exactly like that really happens in our life. Something like that really starts to manifest in our lives, where it's just like this is all we have been fed, concept after concept.

In the past three or four satsangs this is what we have been talking about, that somebody's got an idea of God being a certain way. Somebody's got an idea of how do you go to heaven and how do you go to hell. And people have tried to illustrate hell you know - great big, red fires and people with great big teeth and horns and monsters and red-glowing eyes and all that.

But then to me identification between heaven and hell is not what's going to get us there. But there is a more practical solution. And to me, that heaven, that heaven that lives in our concepts - Guru Maharaj Ji can make that heaven happen in our lives right now. We don't have to wait till we die.

You know in India a lot of people go, "Oh yeah, here is your rosary, here is your mantra, here is your this." You know you have to do this all your life. But you know what this is doing for you … this is ensuring that you are going to get to heaven.

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A lot of times this would happen. A lot of people would come and they would start talking to me. And I would say, "Why mantra? Why rosary?" Can you imagine that when you are dying, at the stage when your body is kicking the bucket, are you going to fumble around the whole room looking for your rosary? Are you going to sit there and say, "How does the mantra go?" Or, "What is going to happen?"

And they say: "But you know, if we've chanted all our life, all our life long, then you are assured to go to heaven.

I said, "Sure. Who's going to find out? Who's going to come back and protest? Who's going to tell you 'Give me my money back, I didn't end up in heaven.?"

And maybe sometimes this is the way mind presents us. We do good actions … I mean there is this whole thing: Do good deeds, do good actions and you will go to heaven.

Now premies, what is a good action?

Prem Rawat aka MaharajiI mean, let's look at it practically: What is a good action? Maybe there are some good actions that you could call good. Okay, so somebody is going to step on an ant, so you can stick your fingers in between the ant and the guy's foot, or the car's tyre. "Wait a minute, don't get the ant!" You know? That's a good action, you just saved an ant's life? Or is it questionable according to the Indian philosophy: That ant is there because it is suffering, so as fast as you get rid of it, the faster it will get rid of its miseries. So it's questionable whether to save the ant is a good idea or not. If you get rid of it, if you let it go then maybe the ant's whole position will be over and the ant will be able to come back as anything he wants. Who knows?

So I mean what is the definition of a right action, of a good action, when we don't know what is really good in this world? To us it is hard to distinguish between good and bad.

There are people, a whole sect, a whole cult in India, and they tie these white, surgical-like masks on their mouth and their nose to keep their nose covered all the time. And whenever they walk they constantly sweep the floor so they don't step on anything. And you know, this is their good action, not to have any violence, not to kill anything - everything has got a right to live. So, to them, one action becomes good.

And what about the other one - where once this saint was walking by and he saw this butcher with a knife ready to cut the throat of this goat. And the saint says, "Don't do that, you are committing sin." And the butcher really laughs. And he said: "Mind your own business - in the last lifetime he was the butcher, I was the goat."

So after all, what is that definition? It's like trying to describe the taste of sugar without using the word "sweet." Not salty? Well, there are a lot of things that are not salty; not tart, not bitter. Things that, you know - things that do this and do that.

Or it's like this: The premies here who cannot speak English, nor understand it except "yes" or "no", you can go in front of them and tell them anything you want. You can tell them this is a good action, that is good action, but they won't understand you. It's just like trying to explain to them the

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1978 taste of sugar. Or trying to describe to them even a stage or a car, which is a very simple thing. A stage - you know, this big, that wide, and all the dimensions. And yet simply because you can't communicate in the language that that person understands, it would be difficult.

So what is right? What is that goodness that we have to pursue in our lives? It's all questionable. Varies from cult to cult, sect to sect, religion to religion, people to people.

And yet we're always told: Do good deeds, tell the truth all the time - not even talking about the truth: What is the truth?

You know there are all these definitions. There is the truth, and then there is the kidding around which is somewhere in between the truth and a lie. It's not really the truth and it's not really a lie, and it'll pass. And there is this category of kidding around. If somebody says something to you and you relay it somehow else; or something happened in your life, some incident happened to you and you don't relay it to somebody, then that's a lie. This is exactly what I was told in my school …

One time this incredible thing happened in our school. Remember I was giving you that example that in our school we had this bell and everybody would be waiting for this bell to ring. And one day some kid stole the bell. It was incredible! And when they found it stolen, the bell didn't ring. So there were no periods - I mean it was just like a wild mess.

Anyway, they went around asking kids had anybody stolen it. And it was like: if you know that somebody stole it, and you are not telling ? that's a lie, and a lie is bad for you.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji - 1978What if you have diarrhoea that morning? Are you supposed to go tell it to everybody: "Hey, you know what? I've got diarrhoea!" "Hey, you know what? I threw up this morning!" Because if you don't tell it to someone, it's a lie. You're lying, you're crazy, you're hiding, you're concealing things. And that's incredible you know.

If that started happening we would all die very soon of laughing. But that doesn't happen that way. And really because we are living in a paradox. We are living in a situation which is like a paradox, because we don't know. Only Guru Maharaj Ji can reveal to us what is right.

When we know the truth, when we know the right way, then only, can we say this is the wrong one. We have to have a difference.

I mean, if the sun stayed up all night long and all day long, would there be a night? There would be no night! There would be day all the time. But because there is a very definite transition that happens, it provides a very fine line and in between that fine line you can say, well, this is day and this is night.

But to us what is so definite like that in our lives? What is the incredible experience that we have had in our lives that is as definite as day and night? And then we can say, well this is day and this is night.

And this is what I am saying: The people of this world who have not experienced this Knowledge, the happiness provided by this Knowledge, have really no right whatsoever to say that what their situation is, they are happy in it. How do they know? What is there to counter it? What is there to provide the two parallels with? What is so definite that they have experienced that they know what they are seeing, what they are feeling, is happiness.

You know, a lot of people, to them their family is their happiness. I've a very wonderful wife you know, very beautiful - and kids, incredible. And you would say, okay, well isn't that

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji - 1978providing you happiness? And I can say "Yes and no." And it's true. Yes, it provides me happiness, but I know that that happiness that that provides me is not the true happiness.

So, no. It doesn't really provide me the happiness that you are talking about, because I know that that happiness that we are really all looking for, that makes us smile inside - that really, really makes us smile inside …

You know the other day I saw this little cartoon of Carter. Actually, it was a picture and it said something like, "The smiles are going away." I mean, anybody can smile. Even the idea of smiling - Nelly smiles sometimes, (the dog Nelly), and she looks ferocious! But not now because she's got a few of her teeth knocked out. But she smiles, she shows her teeth like she's going to attack you, but she's just smiling. You could go to a plastic surgeon and get a little cut up here and a cut up here, sew it like this and you'll be constantly smiling. I'm happy see, I'm smiling all the time!

But I'm talking about the inner smile. So yes, when I see my family, when I am with my family it's very beautiful and it makes me happy to see them happy.

We just did this whole recent visit to Disneyland and I personally thought it was completely crazy. There were all these people everywhere, they didn't know what they wanted to do. They didn't know this, they didn't know that. It was incredible. We took Hansi and Wadi and Daya and there were all these premies. And we went to see these pirates. And coming round the first bend they had these plastic, wax pirates doing their trips like this constantly. One thing, one motion. And Hansi took one look at them and said, "I wanna go to Malibu." We had left Malibu hours ago to come to this place, and he goes "I wanna go to Malibu."

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji - 1978When the whole journey was finished, Marolyn was there and I was in the motor-home. She said: "How did you like it?" And I said, "To me, it was completely crazy, but the only thing I liked was, these kids enjoyed themselves. That made me happy." They got to see Donald Duck.

Actually it was very funny. Because Donald Duck was there and John Hampton was there. And John Hampton started imitating, started making the noise like a Donald Duck. And the Donald Duck looked at John Hampton?you know, it was just a nice scene that happened.

And it was like, what will happen? And these kids just did this and did that, and they really liked Peter Pan 'cause he can fly. Hansi was sitting on the stage here one day and I said, "Do you wanna fly Hansi?" And he said "Yeah." "Do you wanna fly all around here?" "Yeah."

They really like this character of Peter Pan. They read books you know, and everything. And we went into this Peter Pan ride and it was flying all over London. And then the car, the carousel started coming towards the skull rock - and they both got really scared.

It was a nice experience for them, but that was it. I've been to Disneyland a lot of times and personally, to me, it's like an illusion that this whole world is like - just put up in one place. It's intense, and a kid can fulfill his fantasy. And it's nice, a kid can go there and enjoy himself. But you don't see that many kids, you see a lot of adults - and it's just like that illusion. We went early too, so that we would avoid the whole traffic mess. As it was, more and more and more people were coming, and more people were coming, and more people were coming.

So premies, happiness to me … If somebody were to ask, of course I'm happy. But that kind of happiness will only put a smile on my face, but not

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Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaji Ji in my heart. To see my kids happy, just the worldly thing, can put a smile on my lips. But what puts a smile really in my heart and on my lips is when I'm truly happy - that's the real happiness.

And the world doesn't know that their heart can smile; that their heart can laugh; their heart can enjoy itself. Not this heart - this thing, just dook, dook, dook, dook and one day it just goes da-poop, and that's it!

But somewhere in here you know, above your belly and under your adams apple, is a heart somewhere. And this heart is what I'm talking about. I don't know it's exact location - here; here, but above your belly and under adams apple is a heart. Not this one, but a heart. It's a pleasure inside, a joy inside.

And how can we put a smile in that heart? It's only possible by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. It's only possible when Guru Maharaj Ji smiles at us - then really our heart smiles. When Guru Maharaj Ji smiles at us then our sun comes out. When Guru Maharaj Ji smiles at us, then our real world becomes a reality.

Because this world that we live in, we come from somewhere and go back to somewhere. So you have to understand that all we are doing is visiting, because why do we come from someplace and go back to that place? That's our place, even beyond all our concepts of heaven and hell.

You know personally, I don't want to go to heaven. I don't want to go to hell either, but I don't want to go to heaven. Because what is in heaven? What do you get in heaven? Cadillac Savilles, Rolls Royce limousines? Or get a couple of wings so that you can go anywhere you want to. But what is in heaven?

All these shots they have of heaven, all the concepts of heaven - either there are angels who have got wings and they've gotta always do something, (clean this, blow their trumpets, or come back to earth and do something nice for somebody, or something like that), then there are the big shots. They have their chairs and they relax.

But you never see a whole bunch of people, a whole crowd who are not hotshots and just have that heavenly luxury which people refer to so much: "Oh, this is like heaven." Never see

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those guys: Wonder where they are? And it's this whole concept that we base our imagination upon - hells and heavens, burning fires.

I don't want to go to heaven and I don't want to go to hell. I want to go to the place where there is no heaven and hell, because if I am always subjected to heaven and hell then fifty-fifty - those are my chances. If there are two places, two things, how do you divide your chances between two things? Fifty-fifty. If I make a boo-boo I go to hell; if I don't make a boo-boo I go to heaven. When (it is said quite clearly) human beings make error, that drops my chance of going to heaven even further down!

But one thing: it doesn't matter how many sins you have done in your life, doesn't matter who you are, doesn't matter what happens, there's one place where there is no distinguishing one place where everybody can go, there is one place where there is perfect satisfaction. And this is what Krishna talks about.

If you want to cut a tree and you want to do it with a spoon He said there is a place where there is no day and there is no night; there is no cold, there is no heat. And in this place the light is so incredible … that inner light is so incredible that even hundreds and thousands of suns put together in the sky cannot equal to that light.

Because you see, then it becomes simple. Instead of putting your bets on two things, you put your bet on one thing - and have Guru Maharaj Ji as your guarantee. And you can't lose, and you'll get there to that place, to that abode, into Guru Maharaj Ji's world. Join into, become one with Guru Maharaj Ji's world.

If we keep constantly tugging away, tugging away, tugging away, into our concepts, we will soon find ourselves confused more and more, and more and more and more. You know, we can only be so much confused; after that, we run out of space to keep our confusion - we run out of the capacity to be confused, because we are totally confused. You can't confuse that person anymore, he's saturated with confusion. And there are people like that.

One time I was talking to this priest and we started talking about the Holy Word. And I said, "What is the Holy

The Golden Age 9

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji with Daughter in 1978

Word? What do you think is the Holy Word?" And he said, "The Holy Word is the Bible." I said, "On top of every Bible it says, 'The Bible', so once you've read the Holy Word, what do you want to read the Bible for? What's the necessity, you've just read the Holy Word. That's it, the Divine Word, why do you want to go fumbling through the pages?"

If that's what's going to get you your salvation, then that's it - that's the end of it, that's the beginning of it, and everything.

Shri Maharaj Ji used to give an example. He used to say, (and this is really true), people - I mean it's just like all this imagination… In Gita, Krishna says, "I am bigger than the biggest mountain in this world." And to people, that Gita is Krishna. In Gita lives Krishna, in Gita rests Krishna, and by reading that you are becoming closer and closer and closer to Krishna. Krishna says, "Of all the mountains, I am the biggest. And of all the rivers, I am the greatest."

Shri Maharaj Ji used to say, "How big a mountain can you pick up? What is your capacity? One that weighs 2lbs, 3lbs, 4lbs, 5lbs, 6lbs, 100lbs, 2001bs, 250lbs, a ton? What does the biggest mountain weigh?" And he says, "I'm even bigger than that. I'm the biggest - so how can you lift Gita if that's the biggest mountain in the world?"

So here you know, I'm not trying to confuse you. I'm trying to give you these examples so you can see what a web it is, what a spider's web it is! In the whole concept of the Hindu religion this is the way everything should happen. You get born, and after a certain point in your life all your hairs are shaved off, you're bald. This is when you're little - it's a celebration that's happening. After that is finished and you're completely all bald, then you go to school. You're sent away from home. That's it. "Get out of here, kid." You're supposed to go to this school and study and study and study and study and study. And once you have studied, you have mastered Sanskrit or whatever you want to master. You come back and you look for a wife, you find yourself a job.

So in this whole period this is what you are doing. You have babies and you have children, da-da-da-da-da, and you do whatever you have to do. No mention of spirituality, no mention of anything. And then after it's all over … And that's it: You can't have any more kids, can barely walk and talk. When it comes down to the stage of porridge and crackers, then you shuffle out of that ashram and go into the real ashram - then you look for God. And to me, that's completely outrageous.

And then the same Hindu understanding of overall, if somebody was to follow that, then there is no mention of God, there is no talk of God, you don't look for God unless it's the right time, which is when you're porridge and crackers you know - no teeth left, just gum everything. And that's it.

10 The Golden Age

When the premies open up, In this same philosophy there is this child called Bhaktpralad. From very little he was searching for God, from very little he was in tune with God. It's incredible, because he's really well-known and there's the whole festival behind it - Holi. And it's incredible how great a devotee he was and everything.

He was absolutely wrong - he wasn't supposed to be looking for God unless his teeth were all fallen out. But that's okay, because it's okay. You say so: "It's okay." And that's okay because you say it's okay! What about my life? It can be just dangling from a rope!

How can we set up this whole limit - when are we going to look for God? How can we set up this whole limit? When are we going to have a God realisation, or the perfect realisation, or have the perfect happiness in our life?

Okay, that doesn't apply here maybe. That's not a concept here. Or maybe to some degree it is.

Actually it is you know. You do the whole thing and when you've done your whole thing, you're retired. You can't do any more, so then you move into a monastery. Pray to God all the time. Rosary, chant - everything! Same thing.

You're supposed to go to school, but the first thing is you shit more, you know. Second thing is that you get your diapers changed - give your mother and father some service, and as soon as you stop doing that, then they give you service for the rest of your life. And that is: "Get out of here and go to school. Get out of here and do this."

And then once you grow up, it's: "Hey son, you've graduated. Aren't you going to look for a job?" I mean, look at Bill Patterson's father. Once, on Bill Patterson's graduation day, his father showed up with a bill. He said: "This is what I have spent on you, here's the bill." Maybe some people do that. John Miller told me one time that his father had all his bills, all the money he had spent on him in one place. That's what John Miller is worth - two dollars fifty cents minus … (laughter). All in debt - loans taken out, he even had 15% interest … (laughter),

The Golden Age 11

We are living in a situation which is like a paradox Anyway, all these ideas that people have. Okay, that's a very broad perspective if you want to took at it that way. That is a very broad perspective - you were talking about 20 years, 21 years, 30 years, 40 years, whatever have you, 100 years, 70 years, however long you are going to live.

But I'm talking about a more simple prospect. Don't we do that in our lives, in an hour or so? "Let me go to Port-O-Let Street, I'm going to listen to satsang after I come back." Of course. "Let me do this then I can listen to satsang." "Let me do that then I can listen to satsang." "Let me eat, then I can listen to satsang." "… and let me do this, then I can listen to satsang."

Instead of giving that satsang the ultimate priority! "I have to do this; I have to do this, I have to do this; I have to do this, I have to do this - and then I'll do satsang, service, and meditation."

And that horse, that mind, you let it run loose 24 hours a day - then all of a sudden in one moment you want to catch it. You want it in your pocket, you want it where it should belong, you want it where you want it to be! Premies, really it doesn't work that way. We have to understand that our life cannot stay isolated; our life cannot stay independent of Knowledge once you have Knowledge. You cannot have a separation, you've got to merge this life in the practice of satsang, service, and meditation. Because that's the most important thing in your life now. Your life is it.. Your job, your work, your car, your daughter, your husband, whatever you've got - that's not our life, that's not what's going to bring you the true happiness. You have to turn a little bit, and what you have to see is those things as you might see Knowledge. Then you have to see Knowledge as you see those things.

"Oh my car … Oh my this … Oh my that … " If we could make that transition in our lives it would be so incredible. Because we're constantly thinking about our kids, or about our cars, or about our assets.

We go to work every day for the same reason - constantly thinking about our kids, constantly thinking about our wife, constantly thinking about our husband, whatever you've got, whoever you are. If we could be constantly thinking about Guru Maharaj Ji all the time and then come time, we could make that small transition. Then come time, you take that opportunity and then you spend time, or whatever you want.

We have to get those priorities straightened out in our lives. Look, maybe in some people's lives it will never happen: I won't go into that.

12 The Golden Age

When we know the Truth, when we know the right way, then only, can we say this is the wrong one. We have to have a difference. But some kind of transition should happen.

I know that all of you are not going to become initiators. What's so special about it anyway?

All these initiators - you know, when they come through darshan line they're all smiles. Today they were just rolled through. Maybe they are having an incredible experience, realising that they aren't exactly sitting on a great big canopy chair. But their service is the same. Maybe some of you have to realise that too. I mean, they are fortunate to be able to be initiators, that's true.

So I'm not talking about, okay, this is exactly what's going to happen in our lives. Maybe we live in different situations, in different parts of the world. And I don't care what we do and what we don't do. That's none of my business.

But one thing that is my business is that I have to make sure that you make that Knowledge a priority in your life, that Knowledge becomes the most important thing; that Guru Maharaj Ji becomes the most important thing in your life, because that's one thing.

This whole world can kick you, this whole world might go bad at you. And what will happen? Nothing. Nothing will happen. But if Guru Maharaj Ji kicks you, if you go bad with Guru Maharaj Ji, then it is all over, finished. What's left? Nothing! And that's what we have to understand. That's where our priority lies, in our lives.

Oh yes, of course … Look, you can study if that's what your thing is. You can drive a car if that's what your thing is. But you can't have Guru Maharaj Ji in your side pocket and your trip all over you. You've got to understand that Guru Maharaj Ji has got to be the main focus of your lite. Knowledge has got to be the main focus of your life. That's what we have to digest, that's what we have to in fact, implement in our lives.

So premies, I know that I can just keep on going, by Grace. Maybe one of these nights we should try it. Have it spotlighted, have satsang till 4 o'clock in the morning. If there's any of you guys sitting like this - you know, vertically - by 4 o'clock they will all be horizontal.

But the main thing is, as I've said before, we could have one million hours worth of satsang in one day. What's 24 hours? Look, you know what we could do is one day we could take all the tapes that we have, all my satsangs, and turn this PA on full blast after every one of

The Golden Age 13

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1978So maybe even that's possible by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. I know anything is possible by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. You're so fortunate to be able to have Guru Maharaj Ji, to listen to satsang, to enjoy it. To be here. I mean, what else can you ask for? I can't ask for anything more.

Be here. Not Kissimmee, Florida; but here with Guru Maharaj Ji, here listening to satsang right now.

So it's really beautiful, and maybe in our our lives this could take us one step further. Maybe in our lives it can take us one step to where we want to be.

I remember after Tucson, everybody was writing these notes: "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, you were really strong," "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, you were really incredible," "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, it was too much, it was too powerful."

That was the heat, it was too hot outside. And if really in fact it was that way, then is your mind gone? Is mind disappeared? "Oh well, a little bit's still hanging here and there."

And to be able to hack a little bit away more than that. Here we are - to be able to listen to satsang.

I know Tucson was incredible. There is this thing that a lot of premies are really afraid of strong satsang, they really are! Really afraid of strong satsang. They don't like strong satsang. They like sweet talk, that's what they are used to. you has come here. You can't leave; we'd lock off this whole area and we'd play those satsangs non-stop until they are finished. Not a time, not like nine o'clock you end it - but until they are finished. All on tape.

I'd go back to sleep. (Laughter) I'd go back there and I'd go to sleep. Of course I would! You can sit here and listen to them and see if by four o'clock in the morning you feel like perfect souls or realised souls.

Well I can guarantee you one thing: you won't. You'll be sleepy souls, tired souls, hungry souls - in essential need of Port-O-Let Street, maybe … Full use of Satisfaction Crossing, have a coffee, eat something. Then, showers and use the Port-O-Let Street. And that's all.

But if we were to open ourselves up to it, instead of constantly thinking, open ourselves up to that - then in fact that transition can happen. And it doesn't take one million years to become a realised soul. It doesn't take one billion years to realise, "My God, I really have to click to it - my life And click it. It takes one moment, just one second. Phtt! And it's done. Really, isn't that incredible? Did you ever know that?

Yet first of all, the most important thing before any relay will click inside of you, before any change will happen, and before anything will happen to you - the first thing that has to happen is that all that mind has to be hacked away. Piece by piece, by piece, by piece.

If you want to cut a tree and you want to do it with a spoon, all I can say is, okay - but it's going to take a long, long time. Get a chain-saw. Maybe it's a little noisy, a little crude, but it gets the job done real quick.

So maybe in our lives sweet talking and all … Jesus, we'd finally be able to carve the tree some day. And little by little, little by little, little by little , some day there will be a dent in it. I don't know if you'd be able to cut a tree with it, but it'd be sweet. You know, no brr-brr noise, or anything like that.

So premies, we could all do that. We can just sweet talk ourselves into it. Throw in a movie of Steve McQueen while we are watching Shri Maharaj Ji's movie; throw in a nice Donald Duck cartoon for our kids. For all

14 The Golden Age

the children, (laughter). Not for us. Of course the children would be in the play area, and here would be all of us watching it.

I remember there was one example that I gave. I think it was quite a while ago - about Bugs Bunny and Elmer J. Fudd. Some premies made a video out of it. It was in the part of the satsang, and it was completely incredible. Because you know, it's not the point of the video - see the video and have realisation …

How about making a video of your inner self? You know, take a little fibreoptics tube, swallow it, put a TV camera at the end of it, take a picture of your guts. I saw a picture like that, and it was horrible. It was really ridiculous. As a matter of fact this was in England. It was in the morning time too, just the right time to wake you up with. You know, bending over in your toilet, instead of sitting on it, you throw up.

It was "Open University" this program, and they were just telling people, (I guess a course was happening). And I just turned on the TV, and it was like: My God -- this thing was going in lung!

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

So we could do that. I know many of us would have enjoyed it if in our registration package, where we got a little booklet and an instruction booklet, we give you a barf bag each! Then Joe Anctil would have to get up and make an announcement: "Please don't leave your barf bags anywhere you want - premies may step on them." I don't know, they're Joe Anctil's announcements - famous announcements. And that could be possible.

But no, that's not the reason why we are here. That's not what's going to get us across. That's not what's going to do this trick. If we really want sweet talking, that's one way of doing it, isn't it? And of course you can do it that way.

A long; time ago- I know Australians are here, where are they? There! (Laughter) They made this movie called Keep on Truckin'. And in this Keep On Truckin' movie they actually showed trucks. Oh, professionally talking, it was an immaculate movie. It was incredible, professionally talking. But so far as trying to relay its purpose … Keep 0n Truckin': So they have these trucks, and - bah-bah! - horns are going like this.

That's like trying to make a movie: "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, I give you my heart". And there is this premie on his knees, and his heart is there. "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, I give you my heart." You know? That wouldn't be too bright, too hot. (By the way, so far as Australian premies are concerned, it looks like I'm going to be there next year, pretty soon.)

You see where all my tours begin - I've got this piece of paper. it's got this world on it, and we take a tape or

The Golden Age 15

crayons and we scrub this random line and try to clean up … No!

So far as that is concerned, I hope the line of how the tour should happen is there now. So somebody just has to type it up. Australia- so it looks like this tour will be happening very soon. It should be very beautiful.

Maybe if Indian premies can get their trip together by that time, maybe I'll hop over to India. You know, for a little stop. (Loud "Bhole Shri- " from Indian premies). This is exactly what they did in Rome. A year ago I told them: "Get your trip together and I'll show up." That was a year ago. I don't know if they realise that or not- this is exactly what they did. All the premies were sitting in this room and "Bhole Shri Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki jai", and everybody just sounded like that. And they were all just going, "Wow! Incredible!" And they went back to India and it was just like - too hot there, you know?

But I mean, really, we have to sit down and talk this out, (the Indian premies), get this squared away. And if everything is okay, then this would be very much on my line; To go to Australia - stop over there - Japan, Hong Kong. You know- (speaks some Japanese). That's all I remember from Japan. That's about it. But anyway, a lot of that is possible.

But we can't illustrate it like that. This is what I was talking about, right? You can't have those conceptual illustrations for what our mind wants.

Just so far as sweet talking is concerned, we could do that. Everybody gets up … It'd be about this big; this is how long the satsang would be: "Dear premies, very glad to see you. I think you are all trying to make effort, aren't you? Thank you very much," and leave. What else can you say?

I mean, when I say, "Aren't you all trying to make effort?"- that's it? All the satsang I give you is so that you would make some effort in your life. Well, when I say: "Aren't you trying to make effort?", you go, "Yeah!". That's it. I asked you a question and you gave me the answer. What else is there to say to it?

But boy oh boy, would that mind come in and swing a golf ball at you - just real fast! So hard you wouldn't know where it is - you know what happens with a tiny little golf ball when somebody hits it too hard and it ends up in a lake?

There it is: There comes the swing, and-pump! - hits it. You can't even see the ball, and if you're not looking carefully you wouldn't even see it go down in the lake. That's what we would be. We would be the golf ball. Because mind is very strong.

But by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace,we can make that little effort. And I really don't think that I have to go around with an Indian accent and go: "You better do it, you better do it."

Then do I think I really have to go: "Aren't you all making effort? You nice premies!" You know, "You're incredible, you're so beautiful.

This is it. Go back home. Relax. It's much warmer there. What are you doing here? Please, you might catch a cold. Pick up your Nycol or Vicks as you go out there."

It's cold up here, because the air conditioning is on. There is a heater in this seat. It's not working. This suit isn't exactly warm. So far as other points are concerned, we are about the same. The thing is that I feel very warm. Don't tell them to turn on the heater, Marino. It's okay. I feel very warm. It's cold up here, but I feel warm - because of the love. And that's what we all need. We need love, you know?

Everybody comes up to me and says: "Guru Maharaj Ji, what are we going to do about this? How are we going to have these bands, these registration bands? Or this band, or that band; this identification system and that, and that."

And here I was, started talking about these computers. That you could have these computers and when premies come for registration, they put their hands on this little black box, right?

And it finger-prints both hands, (because sometimes premies fry one of their hands). We'd have both hands, take their impression (in case one is out of commission): Both hands. And at the same time, when both your hands are there, you tell the premie that you would like, you know- seven-day-meals two times a day, or you would like a tent. And da-da-da-da-da-da - and food. And here's the money!

Well of course, that's not going to be the system any more, hopefully. All programs are going to be free if it's possible. And then when you want to go for dinner, you're sort of having this band Criss-crossing this out and doing this and doing that. You'd just put your hand there, and the door would open up and you can go in. And if you've already run out of meals, that's it! You could have this system- pretty incredible, no bands, no this, no that.

You could have another system too where for the darshan line you use the same system. As premies are walking by you put your hand there, and if you don't, a spring-loaded welcome mat there just pops you out into the air!

But nevertheless, you could have all these systems … and the guy with the broken leg (you know, he was obviously trying to go through the darshan line twice), and finally he'd be hauled away to the medical tent. They'd put a cast on him and on the cast they'd write: "Don't try to go through the darshan line twice." That's it.

What I really realise is that that's not what's going to do it. When the premies open up, when the premies are sincere about it, when the premies are not going to go around bothering other premies, when premies are not going to go around hurting other premies - when premies are going to really understand the significance of Guru Maharaj Ji's Agya in their life; then everything is going to work. Everything. But so far as premies don't understand the significance of Guru Maharaj Ji's Agya in their life, when it's all just a club, a membership type of trip, you could have anything. Look, we don't even spend that much money on these tags and all that stuff. The United States Government spends millions and millions and millions of dollars in identification systems, and it doesn't work.

So what is going to happen? If we can become sincere, everything that we want- peace, happiness, everything, is only going to come by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace and our effort.

Hope I'll see you tomorrow, premies. Thank you very much.

The Golden Age 16