Love Is Essential

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Dressed As Krishna

Satsang given by Guru Maharaj Ji in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday, 26 August, 1978.

So premies, it doesn't seem like it was very long ago when I said, "Wow, that was a really beautiful darshan in Tucson." Because it's really been fast I guess, to have this darshan again, to have this opportunity again.

I was listening to Shri Maharaj Ji's satsang and one thing that Guru Maharaj Ji was talking about really struck me. Guru Maharaj Ji was saving that a saint says that, "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, you are everything to me. You are like the stick, the cane, the walking cane, to a blind man. That stick of that blind man constantly protects that person, constantly makes sure that he doesn't walk into a wall, or he doesn't fall into a ditch. Constantly, just every time he uses that cane, it's to feel out what's in front of him, and then he can avoid it."

It's so incredible to put it that way. I mean, it's not the greatest example. I guess. You could say it's not very respectable. But it's true! Of course, how can he talk about Guru Maharaji as being just a cane? But it's true. Guru Maharaj Ji protects us. Guru Maharaj Ji saves us front those obscene things that we keep going into, obscene things that we keep walking into. Because we can't see. We can't see where our destination

22 The Golden Age

"Guru Maharaj Ji takes us to a state where there is no being. He merges you into Himself.
And by doing that, you leave what you are and you become what you should be."

is. We can't see where we are going in this life.

Because, look. Look at this whole humanity. Look at every individual. People are pursuing things and they don't even know what the outcome of these things is going to be eventually in their lives. They don't even know that. They don't even understand that. Because without Guru Maharaj Ji, without that Grace, without that Knowledge, this whole world is one blind dome. And in this blind dome, there are blind people.

It reminds me of that song, that rhyme, the nursery rhyme: "Three blind mice, see how they run … " One gets their tail cut or something like that. And they climb up here and they climb down there, and they're running. And they don't see And it's just like this world. And in this case, there's not three blind mice. There's a lot of blind mice. Infested. Everywhere.

And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look, don't be rats. Don't be that. You are something beautiful. You are, in fact, something that is much more incredible. You are something that shines."

And to people, it's like, "Oh, come on!"

There are so many concepts in this world. People want liberation. People want to get liberated. From what? What are they going to get liberated from? And then you explain to them, "Well . " or they explain to you, rather, that, "Oh, look. If you have done crime or if you have done a sin, if you have done something bad in your life, then you have to go to hell. And the man, this human being, this soul, keeps coming into this world till it has rid itself of all the impurities, and that if you do something wrong, you have to go through 800 - 400 … " I don't even know how much it is.

I guess they have cockroach killers. And they take a metabolism of a cockroach and they develop a cockroach killer. Then they go around shooting cockroaches everywhere, spraying cockroaches all over the house. And some escape, and a modified cockroach comes out that's completely immune to that cockroach killing agent. I don't know, maybe those 840 million or billion or however many that is, are constantly increasing every day. And we want to get ourselves away front that. We want to get ourselves out of that. We want liberation.

Everybody has a picture of hell with these guys there who have this pole with three pointed objects on it: Long ears, a tail with an arrow on it, and long fangs. And they laugh, and they've got red glowing eyes. And, you know, hell is fire and this is it and that's it. And everybody has got a concept of hell.

And everybody has got a concept of heaven. "Oh yeah, in this heaven there's all these little angels, and then there are the big angels. And there are pearly gates."

it was really interesting that someone vas talking about painting the main gate at the residence "pearlescent white." And it just occurred to me: Is that the same kind of paint they use up there, too, and that's why they call them the pearly gates? Or, in fact, are they made out of pearl?

Nevertheless, so many concepts are involved. It's a maze. It's a maze that so many people try to get out of and are completely unsuccessful. And Guru Maharaj Ji comes …

I mean, look at it. How many concepts do you have? Tell me, for how long can you in fact sit down and imagine heaven? You will get tired of sitting before your imagination will run our. As a matter of fact, v our life might end before coo run out of imagination. Such a vast area. Anything!

And it's just like that one example everybody gets a kick out of. There was a rich man, but he was a miser. Mean. So one day he died. And he went to the pearly gates. And he knocked. Again, that's a concept. I guess this story leads you into a concept and then kicks you out of it somehow.

And there was this guy sitting with a long beard and he was a secretary to God. And he looked in his ledger and he said, "Oh scab, what do you want?"

He said, "Well, I want to enter heaven."

He said, "Well, you know, you'll have to ask that to God."

He said, "Well, get me an appointment!"

Finally, he was presented in front of God. And God said, "Well, what do you want?"

He said, "Well, I want to enter heaven. I want to be here!"

And God thought about it - I mean, this is a very "concept-y" story. It's full of it. But it'll give you a fair idea - and God said, "Well, have you done anything good?"

I mean, what is good or bad first of all? Do we know that? And if we know what's good and bad, then we can say, "Yeah, I've done this, this, this, and this. And that's good."

So anyway, according to the concept; charity and this and that are all great stuff. It's all good. And he said, "Well, I once gave five cents to this little orphan."

And God said, "Anything else?"

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Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978 And he scratched his head and thought about it. And he said, "Oh yeah. One time I gave five cents to this beggar.

He said, "Anything else?" God was waiting for this fantastic explanation of something. I don't know what, but some fantastic thing that would really open those pearly gates up for him.

Anyway, then he really scratched and he really thought for a long time, and finally came up with, "Oh yeah. Once I gave five cents to a charity."

And God said, "Anything else?"

He said, "No. That's it. That's all the good I have done in my whole life."

And so God was very puzzled. Again, a concept. A lot of concepts. You can just see that. But God was supposedly very puzzled and couldn't determine whether to send him to hell (it to keep him in heaven. After all, he had done something good. He had given 15 cents away in the name of charity to a beggar, to an orphan, and to a charity. And so God turned around to His secretary - again, a lot of concepts - turned around to His secretary and said, "What should I do? This is completely very strange."

And the secretary thought for a moment. And he said, "Well, why don't You give him his 15 cents back and tell him to go to hell?"

And that's our good-doing.

There is one thing. It's a very simple thing to say. If God is omnipotent and He's got all the power in this world, then can't He replace any good actions that we do in this lifetime with bad ones? Just do the same thing.

We might have hundreds of thousands of dollars on our list to tell God about the good that we have done. And we can say, "And I went to India and I went to Tibet. And I went to Your Shrine And I went to Jerusalem. And I went to the Vatican City. And I went to these places in search of You. I searched for You. I saw You in all these things."

And can't God just say, "Well, wait a minute. Stop." Or maybe from His secretary He gets a suggestion like, "Give him all his good-doings and send him to hell." I mean doesn't He, doesn't God, Who has all the power, have that right to send you to heaven or to send you to hell regardless of whatever you do?

"Well, wait a minute. God has made this rule that if you do this, if you do this, if you do this, you're bound to go to heaven." Well, if God is all-powerful… it's like a walking, talking judge, law, country, court. Why can't God just say (snaps his fingers), "Yeah, I had it. Effective right now, I just changed it." Now, why can't it be just like that? And as a matter of fact, in a lot of cases it is! Our concepts get constantly blown off! I remember I was at this age, and these pundits used to come. And it used to fascinate me. And they used to come and they would clear the room where we used to study, completely clean it off. And then they would have this square table about this big. And they would take flour, and they would take different-coloured things. And they would make lines out of it, and hexagons, and I don't know what else. Everything. And it was all these chakras.

They would come there and they would light a fire. And for about two hours it was some things I couldn't even

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Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978 understand: "And to the god-moon, we give this. And to the god-sun, we give this. And to … "

It would be like a prayer to every god. And it would be like five cents and a coconut. (Laughter) No, that's the way it was. It was a coconut wrapped in a red sheet And it was like, "Oh yeah. And to god-this we give this; and to god-this; we give this. And to god-this; we give this." And it would just go on for a long, long time.

And then they would go, "To the god-moon, we give this." And after a few years the news came out that the astronauts landed on the moon! And they completely freaked out. They said, "Don't you understand? This is completely fake. Don't you understand that they could never do that? Don't you understand, moon is not like soil; it's god! Oh, it's just a sphere, and it is god. "That's what this god looks like!" They were giving explanation after explanation trying to convince people that they never landed on the moon, that this was all a CIA fake. And that the CIA is doing this to do something to the people. I don't know what. But there goes another concept.

So, in this whole world where there's so many concepts involved, every concept can go "pouf!" In that kind of a world, what chances do we have? What are we going to believe in? What are we going to believe in? What are we going to say to ourselves? "I like this. I want this. I need this." How do you do that? You can't just run away from yourself … You can't just go and telling yourself a lie. Oh yeah, for two minutes, three minutes, a day, even a year. But after that it all comes back, and it backfires on you.

For how long are you going to keep kidding yourself? "Oh yeah, this concept, I like this one. I really believe in this one." After all, everything that we do is based upon a concept. And this is why it is so hard for us.

In a circus, when a bear rides a bicycle or a motorcycle, it's really incredible. Everybody applauds. But do you applaud when you see a motorcyclist on the highway? "Look at that guy! He's riding a motorcycle just like that bear I saw." No. It's quite normal. The abnormal thing is that bear doing it.

And this is the problem, you see. To us, it's completely abnormal to know reality. We think that maybe the guy who designed motorcycles designed them for bears only. And somewhere along the line the mistake was made. And some guy who had high-falluting ideas took it, and said, "No, no, no. This is for people. This is for you." Of course that's an absurd example because that doesn't sound right Right? But maybe that's the way it is!

Or certainly, in one sense of the word, that's the way it is with us. What is Truth? Talk to people about Truth and it's just like: truth; lie. But do you know something? There is a Truth in this world. There is Truth in this world that is not the opposite of a lie. The truth that we think Truth is, is dependent upon lie.

Our lightness is dependent upon dark. For instance, if somebody came to look at this hall and said, I can't see anything, they would say, "Oh, we will turn on the lights." They go "Click, click, click," and he heard this noise, but he still couldn't see anything. And he says, "Well, turn on the lights!"

They say, "We already have the lights turned out."

He says, "But I can't see anything." Do you see what I'm trying to say? Those lights are not a factor. The darkness is. Because that's what you want to repel. So your lights are based upon the darkness.

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Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978But there is a Light that is not based upon darkness. Because it is self-emitting Light. It is perfect! In perfect, there is no imperfection. Perfectness is not the absence of imperfectness. Nor are there any vice-versa's. Perfect is perfect.

Light is the absence of darkness, or darkness is the absence of light. Or truth is the absence of a lie, or a lie is absence of truth. And this is the way our whole life, our whole psychology, our whole concept, is cultivated.

But what I am talking about is a Truth that is not based upon a lie. It is Truth because it is Truth. I'm not talking about a Light that is based upon how much darkness there is.

If someone saw this one speck of light at the very end of this hall, and that's all there was, he would say, "Well, there is not sufficient lighting." Darkness is the predominant factor there and light is only needed to repel the darkness, to get rid of the darkness. But darkness is the main thing.

Here, we're talking about something that is above and beyond darkness. We're talking about something that is above and beyond any of our concepts. We're talking about something that is beyond any perception that we can have. We're talking about something that's perfect in itself. It's perfect, because it is perfect. And no justification is needed.

And that's the Knowledge that Guru Maharaj Ji comes to reveal to us. And upon receiving that Knowledge, upon understanding that Knowledge, upon realization of that Knowledge, w become one with that Knowledge.

A lot of people have, again, a lot of concepts. In this, liberation is involved and this is involved and that's involved. Okay. What does a person want? To be liberated? Liberated from what?

There is that other example. To Muslims to go around cutting up pigs is a sin. And to Hindus to go around cutting a cow is a sin. Who is right, and who is wrong?

The question is, Do, in fact, Perfect Masters come in this world to confuse people? Do they? Because if those religions are, in fact, true, and true in every sense of the word, then why does

"In his agya, we will find our happiness. In his Love, we will find our life. And in his satsang we will find ourselves. And in him we will find everything that we need. But we have to first even start, just a little bit. Because in Him we have to merge."

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the Hindu god say something completely different from the Muslim god? Why? What's the necessity? Isn't there only one God? And is this God going around changing his form and confusing people completely?

But, no. That's our concepts. And when Guru Maharaj Ji cones, when we open our hearts to Guru Maharaj Ji and let Guru Maharaj Ji in ourselves, then Guru Maharaj Ji takes us away, takes us beyond liberation. Because liberation is a state of being. And Guru Maharaj Ji takes us to a state where there is no being.

He merges you in himself. And by doing that, you leave what you are and you become what you should be. And that's the shortcut to all the chakras in this whole universe. That's the shortcut to all this "pazzaz" that people put up. That's the shortcut to liberation, if you say it in that way. Or that is the short cut to the Way. Or that is the Way in itself. And that's what we have to understand.

Guru Maharaj Ji is here. That Knowledge is here. And you are here. And you could of course say, "Oh yeah, your purpose in your life is to do something. I mean, you can make up your purpose in your life. The decision involved there is about the same as when you go to a soft drink vending machine, and you insert your quarter. And then you go like this, "Coco-cola, Pepsi-cola, Orange Drink, Grape Soda." That's your decision.

It's like that one example I gave. There is this premie cook in England. And I asked him once, "What inspired you to become a chef? I mean, what got you into it?"

And he said that in his class the teacher would always ask the kids, "What do you want to become?" So a kid would get up and say, "Oh, I want to become a pilot." And the other one would get up and he'd say, "Well, I want to become a choo-choo train driver." And the other one would get up and say something else. But nobody would say that they wanted to become a chef. So he figured that was the most unusual thing to do.

And he went home to his mother and said, "Mother, I want to become a chef." So she took him out of school and put him into a culinary school.

And he became a chef! Same kind of decision. You just hit the button.

The only problem is that when you put your quarter in, all of a sudden something pops out. Somebody's already pressed the button before, and you didn't know it. You innocently walk over, you put a quarter in, and then all of a sudden something pops out. And you want it or you don't want it.

For some people, the decision is already made: "Look, kid, that's what you're going to become whether you like it or not." And that's it. That's it.

I remember in Dehra Dun there was this school called Dun School. Fancy. It was completely outrageous. Because there were laws where you could never leave the school unless you asked for permission. And even then you had to be dressed a certain way to leave the school, and you had to return at a certain time. And your individual L.O.A.'s had to be approved, and they had to be for a certain, specific time; two hours, three hours. And that was it. And then you had to go with a buddy.

Otherwise, you were locked and sealed in this whole huge school, this whole huge environment. And you ate there and you slept there and you studied there and you played there. And that was your whole world!

Now in that kind of situation, the guy who puts you in there decides what you're going to become. And that's it. Well, in different societies, in different cultures it's like that. Usually, if a father is a lawyer, the chances are that the son is going to end up the same way. "Oh, you better study law. Don't you know? You're going to do this. You're going to do that."

It's just concept after concept after concept after concept. And in our lives, what happens to us? Where do we go wrong? What happens? Why do we get lost?

And the simple answer to that is that without Guru Maharaj Ji, you can never be on the right track, no matter how hard you try. As a matter of fact, without Guru Maharaj Ji, there is no right track. As a matter of fact, what it basically boils down to is without Knowledge, without that Grace, without that Guru Maharaj Ji, there is nothing. There is nothing in this world. This world is empty without it.

There is a saying in Hindi that, from the middle of the sky, the middle of heaven, fall these red-hot things. And if it weren't for the saints, if it weren't for that Knowledge, if it weren't for Guru Maharaj Ji, this whole world would completely burn down. And that's the way it is.

Okay, it doesn't even have to be sparks falling from the sky. Just our mind is good enough, is plenty enough. Because look what our mind does to us. It stretches us, stretches us, stretches us, stretches us, stretches us.

It reminds me. One time I was watching a movie of the "Little Rascals." Alfalfa had a race with this real snobbish kid (in the block. And this kid had a motor boat. And that was a race. Whoever was going to win was going to take this girl. It was a competition.

So this kid had nothing to bother about. But Alfalfa had nothing. So what he did was he took a couple of ducks and he made a boat, a little boat. And he tied it to the ducks. And then he took a pole, and he tied some food on it. And he hung it in front of the ducks. And the ducks started going because they wanted the food. But they could never get it, because it was hanging right away from their reach. And they kept peddling and peddling, and that was his motor boat! That was his boat.

To me, at that time, that was really incredible. How can they think of things like that? Because it was really moving! The ducks were really kicking and the thing was really moving!

But look at us. We're not ducks. But we do the same exact thing; Get taken for a ride every time! The mind comes: "Oh come on, come on, come on, come on. I'll take you to someplace better. What's Knowledge? Nothing. You can really go inside the heart of the Knowledge"

I mean, if for one second if we had the same faith in Guru Maharaj Ji that we have in our mind, I have no doubt whatsoever that in that same instant …

Have you seen that magic? A little bowl, and the magician goes, "Poof!" and this great big flame comes out? Just like that. Just like in that instant you would

The Golden Age 27

Prem Rawat aka (Guru) Maharaji with his eldest children on stage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; August 1978. be where you want to be. You'd be saved, and above and beyond saved. You would be there. You would be what Krishna talks about, what Ram talks about, what Jesus talks about. I mean, it would be there if we just had as much faith in Guru Maharaj Ji as we have in mind.

So obviously, you know now that you have quite a bit of faith in mind. And it is! Because what has Guru Maharaj Ji said? What does Knowledge bring us? Joy and true Peace. And what does mind bring us? Ego, which hurts. Hurt, hurt, hurt. Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain. That's what mind brings us. Pain through ego. If somebody doesn't have ego, it brings pain through some other way, pain through some other way, pain through some other way, pain through some other way. But it brings us all this pain. And Guru Maharaj Ji takes away that pain, and brings us the joy of Knowledge.

Has mind ever in your life brought you the same experience as Knowledge has brought you? Has ever in your life mind brought you the same pleasure as Guru Maharaj Ji brings you, the same pleasure as you see, as you feel, when you have darshan, same pleasure as when you do meditation?

No. Because, mind can come close by doing things. A lot of "bippity-boppity" But it can never do that same experience. And even when that sort of becomes real for us, it disappears.

It's fake. And we become slaves of mind.

That Love… You know, it's like Hansi. A lot of time, he's playing. And he plays and he plays. He won't think about me; he won't think about Marolyn. He would think about nothing. But as soon as something wrong happens, if he gets hurt: "Mommaninny." It doesn't matter where he is, whatever it is. That thought appears instantly in his head. He knows that that's where he's going to find the ultimate comfort. He knows that. And that's it!

That's always there for him. Doesn't natter what the is doing. And even when it's the littlest, tiniest pain, which he definitely can bear … Or even if it is just uneasiness of being in a certain situation. Doesn't matter. e will ask for that comfort.

Do we even a spur of a moment, as truly as he does, have that affection - I mean, it's the same thing with Wadi, same thing with Daya - have that same affection, same feeling, for Guru Maharaji? That, at any moment in our lives, even just if it's nothing, you know? Just to have the pleasure Do we think about Guru Maharaj Ji? Do we think about Knowledge? No.

And that's what we have to do. We have to make that Knowledge, that Guru Maharaj Ji, that Grace, the ultimate thing in our lives.

I mean, what I am saying is my experience. Okay? And what I think is that I think there is nothing left in liberation. There is nothing in liberation.

It's much much better to go beyond the state of being. Because liberation is a quality of existence. Just like "sick" is a quality of existence. "Poor" is a quality of existence. If you don't exist, you're not going to be poor or you're not going to be rich. You're not going to be sick. When your existence on this Earth demolishes, every state of being that is on this Earth also demolishes for you.

I don't know, but I've never heard about a ghost catching a cold. Maybe they do. Or a ghost getting stuck for a bounced cheque. Or any of those situations. And in the same way, liberation is a state of being: "Now you are liberated."

28 The Golden Age

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978 Hanuman was asked, "What do you want? Would you like liberation?" Ram said, "I'll give you anything that you want."

And he said, "I don't want liberation. What I am going to do with liberation? I want devotion." Because when Hanuman could have merged with Ram, then it would have been above and beyond any best situation.

It's just like that one example where they were building a bridge. (Now when I say this, there's no certification behind it. It's just, that's the way it goes in Ramayana. And I haven't read that.) So, they were building a bridge from India to Ceylon. And they were taking all these rocks and they were throwing it in the water, and they were floating. See, that's how they were building the bridge. These monkeys were doing it. So Ram picked up a stone, too. And he threw it in the water. And it sank! So then Ram turns around to Hanuman and says, "Hanuman, you throw a rock in the water and a miracle happens: It floats. I take a rock, throw it in the water and nothing happens. It just sinks."

And Hanuman said, "Well, quite obvious. What we take in this world, and throw away is bound to float. It is bound to surface. But what you have once taken in your hand, and then you throw it away, how can it ever surface? How can it ever float? It has to sink." So in this maya, in this delusion, we are all attached. And any state of being is the same. Tulsidas says that wherever you can look it's all maya. I mean, obviously, he was writing a book when he said it. So then why didn't he just say, "Well, forget it! Why should I write in a book?" But then, again, maya becomes that thing when you're in the state of confusion, when you don't know. A lot of people are in that state of confusion.

Maya is delusion. Maya is illusion. And if you do not know what Light is, then it is granted that you know what darkness is. If you do not know that Truth, then obviously it's true that you know delusion, that you know a lie, that you know what's fake. And when we know that Truth, then not only do we know what's fake, but we also know what's True. And, premies, that's the

"Without Guru Maharaj Ji, you can never be on the right track, no matter how hard you try. As a matter of fact, without Guru Maharaj Ji, there is no right track. As a matter of fact what it basically boils down to is without Knowledge, without the Grace, without that Guru Maharaj Ji there is nothing. There is nothing in this world. This world is empty without it. "

The Golden Age 29

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978 situation. That's the place that we have to come to. And only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace can we come to it.

Because in this illusion, every seat of the theatre is the same. Yes, that's true. Every scat in the theatre is the same. it doesn't matter where you sit, it's still all the same. Because it's all under one roof of illusion. And everybody is jumping into that illusion. Everybody is just going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, into illusion. Only Guru Maharaj Ji can take us into a place where there will be no illusion.

I'll give you a little story. Once there was this queen. And this is a story, too. Okay? But just get the gist of it. Don't hang onto the story.

There was this queen, and she had an expensive necklace. She came out of her bathtub or whatever. She was drying her hair outside on the balcony and she took off her very precious necklace and hung it. A crow happened to be flying over and saw the necklace.

"Ah hah! Something good to eat." He picked it up and flew, away with it! After she had finished drying her hair, she reached back to get it and it was missing. She started to really make tantrum. "I want that necklace. I want that necklace. I want that necklace right now!"

Everybody started searching. And the king said, "Listen, I'll make you a necklace just like that." And the queen said, "No! I want that particular necklace. I don't care what you can make."

The king said, "I can make you a bigger, better one." She said, "No! I want that particular one."

Everybody was looking all over the kingdom. They could not find it. So the king finally set out an award. e said, "Whoever finds it gets half of my kingdom." And it was quite a big thing: Half of the king's kingdom. Who wouldn't want it? Who wouldn't like it? Who wouldn't love it? So then, nobody knew where it was. Nobody could return it.

The queen was really, really upset. And the king was really, really upset. And he told his general, "Listen. If you don't return with that necklace, I'm going to

"Guru Maharaj Ji does not throw you a lifesaver when you jump off the boat. Okay? He only throws you one if you ask for it. It's not a given thing: you just jump off the boat and Guru Maharaj Ji goes, 'Here! Catch this.' No! That's what you want to do. That's your wish. That's your desire. If you want to jump off the boat, you can jump off the boat."

30 The Golden Age

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978kill you. I'm going to have you beheaded."

And the poor guy started looking everywhere. Nobody could ever find it. I mean, people knew that anybody who could find it would get half of his kingdom. That would be really incredible.

So there were two visitors walking by this sewerage bank. There was all this sewerage there. And they looked, and they saw this necklace. And they said, "Wow! The necklace! The necklace. Let's go and get it!"

So the first one jumped in, looked everywhere and surfaced. Couldn't find it. The second one jumped in and looked everywhere. Couldn't find it. And it so happened that the king and his general were passing by. And the king looked, and the general looked. And they said, "Well, what are you jumping in the sewerage for?"

They said, "Well, we're looking for the necklace. You see, it's right there."

And so the general said, "Oh boy! I better find it. Otherwise my head's going to be chopped off." So he jumped in. And he started looking.

And the king said, "Well, wait a minute! You know, what's the big thing if I find it? I mean, I'm going to save half my kingdom if I find it. If the general finds it, I'll have to give it to him. And I don't know what will happen if two people find it." So even the king jumped in with all his clothes, and started looking for the necklace.

And the funny thing was that they would come out, and the necklace would be there. And they'd jump in and it would disappear. Quite a trauma for everybody. Everybody would jump in .. I mean, you can imagine. If you can just imagine New York sewerage somewhere and a king and his general … (I was going to say something, but, no. I shouldn't. No.) A general and two tourists jumping back and forth front the sewerage. It would look kind of funny. It would be very outrageous.

So anyway, I know when Padarthanand was giving satsang, he brought it out in his story and he said, "And then Guru Maharaj Ji was walking by." And everybody started laughing. And this is just exactly what happened. Guru Maharaj Ji happened to be walking by. And Guru Maharaj Ji said, "What are you doing?"

They said, "Oh, we're trying to fish out this. Get hold of this necklace."

"You're not going to get hold of this necklace like this!" Guru Maharaj Ji said. "Why don't you wait? I'll get it for you."

Are you waiting for me to tell you that Guru Maharaj Ji jumped into the sewerage, too? No, he didn't. He climbed up the tree, and got the necklace, and came down.

You see, the king, the tourists, the general, everybody was seeing in the sewerage the reflection of that necklace that was actually on the tree and thought that that's where it was.

Let's just take this story one step further. They already had gotten themselves dirty on behalf of their stupidity that they couldn't see the necklace was up there. If they were that stupid, the odds are that they would have never found that necklace. And if they were stupid enough to do that, and they did manage to see the necklace, then the problem would be: Who climbs the tree? How do you climb a tree? I mean, you have got to be pretty stupid right? - to look at a reflection and not be able to tell if that's a reflection or it's the real thing.

The Golden Age 31

and so, if you're that stupid, you wouldn't know how to climb the tree. And then, if you're that stupid, how would you decide of all those four, who climbs the tree?

I mean, look. The king is king. But if the general gets half the kingdom, why he will be the same as the king! Because now the king has the whole kingdom, and he's powerful. But if his kingdom was divided in half, then the general would be as powerful as the king is. Because he would be a king, too! And the same goes for those two other tourists.

So I mean, in the whole array of as stupid as they were, what would they have done if Guru Maharaj Ji wouldn't have walked by? A lot of stupid things. And this is the thing that's happening in our lives today.

We want that thing. We want that Peace so dearly. We want that Knowledge. We want that Grace so dearly.

I mean, it is obvious. You look at things in Los Angeles. And you look at things in Philadelphia. And you look at things in Pittsburgh. And you look at things in New York. And you look at things in all of North America. And you look at things in South America. And look at things in Europe.

I mean, very soon you end up in the whole world. I mean, that's where I was going to go. Next thing was Asia. Then Australia and the whole Pacific. China, Russia, North Pole, South Pole. Everywhere. And it's just like, man's craziness has spread so far, far, far, far, far, far.

And it's like he's even taken whatever is left in the land … I mean, it's like he's crazy enough on the land as he is. But he now has taken the ocean and made a spook out there. Of course, a lot of people don't believe it's a spook; it's really real. Maybe it is real. It is real. Or something like that.

And there are these sharks and there is this paranoia about sharks. And there are all these movies about sharks. And then there is this album about sharks. And not only that. Would you believe it? There's even a colouring book for kids about sharks. Oh, really. A shark is biting into something and you're supposed to paint all the gory stuff going on.

But what was completely incredible is when they first came out with the movie, "Jaws", it was a test thing. And then it became a huge success. And it really became big. And then they came out with "Jaws II," and they had a lot of publicity for it. And as a matter of fact in the garage there was this one thing sitting. And it said, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water … and then there is this red sea and a fin on top.

And I think "Jaws IV" is still playing in theatres. They've come out with another movie called "Piranha." No, this is a fact! And it's supposed to be the same thing, but it's called "Piranha." And, you know, there's the same kind of scene. People are swimming and you didn't think there were piranhas in America, but to these people's surprise … And these people are getting chewed up by piranhas. And it's, "Oh, great!" And everybody who probably got very scared of the ocean went to Blue Mesa Reservoir. And then now they will probably be afraid of Blue Mesa Reservoir, too.

But you look at all these extensions of mind that are going on. All these delusions that we keep jumping into. Everything that we've got, we put into it. And where does it all bring us? Where does it all put us? In the middle of nowhere.

So without Guru Maharaj Ji in this world, where would we be? In the pits. I mean, that's where our mind puts us.

In this life, everything isn't that simple. Everything isn't as easy as we all pretend to make it seem. This life: It's become a different thing. And every day it's changing: The tension. The pressure. This, that. It's completely outrageous where this whole humanity is coming into, and where this future is leading.

But the most beautiful thing is, okay, so there's a lot of craziness. No problem! We are in the pits. No problem! Because if we have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji will save us. That's why there is no problem. Otherwise; a lot of problems.

And so, premies, it's just that we have to just understand. Our understanding can't begin on a Friday and end on a Sunday. Okay? Because that's how long the programs usually are. They begin on Friday and they end on Sunday. Our dedication to Guru Maharaj Ji, our love to Guru Maharaj Ji, our feeling of surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, can't begin on Friday and end on a Sunday. No. It's much more of a process that has to begin in our life, that has to manifest in our lives.

Surrendering to Guru Maharaj Ji is not a verbal thing. Oh yeah, people can yell, "Help, help, help, help!" But that "help!", like I said, might bring in police might bring an ambulance, or might bring paramedics. It might bring somebody in. But not Guru Maharaj Ji.

Guru Maharaj Ji comes when that help is really, really, really, really needed. Guru Maharaj Ji does not throw you life saver when you jump off the boat. Okay? He only throws you one if you ask for it. It's not a given thing: You just jump off the boat and Guru Maharaj Ji goes, "Here! Catch this." No! That's what you want to do. That's your wish. That's your desire. If you want to jump off the boat; you can jump off the boat.

But then if for some reason you very immediately realize that that was a mistake and that you really want to be on the boat, and then sincerely you say, "Help," then Guru Maharaj Ji does throw you the life saver, and does pull you out of that water, does pull you out of that ocean, does pull you out of those miseries and sufferings and everything that we are indulged in.

Because our mind is so incredible that a thing that does not even have any significance to it can become miserable for us. A simple little thing. And that's how "irritant" people become because of the mind. And Guru Maharaj Ji shows us that way which we can travel. Guru Maharaj Ji gives us that convenience through which we can fulfill the purpose of this life, just like that. He takes us out of that mind, takes us out of those miseries.

But the only thing is that we have to have faith in it. Just as the mind can drive you cuckoo … Or no. Not "can." Does drive you cuckoo. In the same way, Guru Maharaj Ji can drive you "uncuckoo." But the thing is, you have faith in your mind. That's why mind drives you cuckoo. You have to have the same amount of faith, if not more, at least, in Guru Maharaj Ji, for him to

32 The Golden Age

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978 unwind your… you know, falling in the pits. Of getting completely involved with mind.

And so, premies, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. It's not for my benefit. I'm already out of the pits. And the only reason why I even want to go near the pit is to give somebody a hand. Kabir says if somebody is drowning, help them. But if they start drowning you, push them as hard as you can, so that they don't drown you, too.

So premies, just open up to that understanding. Just open up to that satsang. Open up to that Love that Guru Maharaj Ji has. Because that Love is so incredible. That Love is so valuable It, that's even the wrong statement: "valuable." It has no value.

That Love is so precious, so dear, so beautiful, that if we could really feel that pure Love, then that's where we would want to stay. Because through the worst of the moments, that Love stays with its. Guru Maharaj Ji stays with us. Through the best of the moments Guru Maharaj Ji, that Love, stays with us. The only thing. And that's the Love that we are really seeking. That's the Love that we really want. That's the Love that we really need. Because without that Love, we will drown. We mill' We will even fall greater and greater and greater and greater into pits. We will be in pits where there are no pits. We will make our own pits.

But that Love is so essential. And that Love from premies is so essential for Guru Maharaj Ji. Because without that Love, without the manifestation of that Love from his premies

… You know, Guru Maharaj Ji needs that Love, too. And it has m be that pure Love. And without that Love …

It's like Love is the exchange that has to happen. And we give Guru Maharaj Ji our Love, sincerely. And then Guru Maharaj Ji, in turn, gives us what we want. But in have to be able to have that exchange.

We have to have that Love to give to Guru Maharaj Ji. Because without that Love, there will he no exchange. And definitely Guru Maharaj Ji has that Love to give to us, if we are just open for it. And that's it. A little openness. Just a

"But then if for some reason you very immediately realize that that was a mistake and that you really want to be on the boat and then sincerely you say, 'Help', then Guru Maharaj Ji does throw you the lifesaver, and does pull you out of that water, does pull you out of that ocean, does pull you out of those miseries and sufferings and everything that we are indulged in."

The Golden Age 33

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978 little thing. Just a little bitty thing. And that's all. One spark, and the whole universe opens. And one spark and the whole universe closes.

That power - the most ultimate thing, the most ultimate thing in this world - is based upon Love. That's its foundation. That's its basis. No theories. No mind involved. Nothing. No philosophies. Just simply based on sincere Love. True Love.

All these philosophies in this world don't go with you. As a matter of fact, I personally think they're completely useless. Because what do they do? What is this whole philosophy after philosophy after philosophy all about? What's this two-plus-two going to bring us? What are all the dreams that we have had till now brought us? And if they haven't brought us anything till now, then how do you expect they're going to bring us anything in the future? Even for one second?

But Guru Maharaj Ji … on the first day, in that first spur-of-the-moment when e open up to Guru Maharaj Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji brings us that reality in our lives. We stay open to our concepts. We stay open to our philosophies for 20, 30, 40, 50 years. And nothing happens. And Guru Maharaj Ji comes in one second. And as soon as we open up to Guru Maharaj Ji, as soon as that connection is made, as soon as that …

You know, it reminds me a little bit of a documentary movie I've seen on how they fuel airplanes when they're flying. And its a very incredible procedure. There is this great big airplane just dancing in the air. And there comes a little airplane right behind it. It releases its nozzle. The nozzle is just flying.

And the main thing is that without fuel, that big airplane can't fly. This little airplane has the source, is the source, has the capacity, to make even that big jet fly. And it comes in and it directs its nozzle right into the hole. It's locked on. And as soon as that connection happens and everything is okay, the fuel starts to be pumped in.

But if the big airplane hits a great big turbulence or something, the little plane has to let go and then try again. And both have to come in complete synch. Because one plane can't be going 600 miles an hour and the other one going only 500 miles a hour. That would be a disaster. Both have to come in synch, and be at that place. And even the shaking, even that little distance between them starts to have an effect, starts to make a difference.

So in same way, premies, there's Guru Maharaj Ji. And Guru Maharaj Ji has what you want. But you have to stabilize. And Guru Maharaj Ji will then come. And just flow. And you have to flow with Guru Maharaj Ji in this instance. And Guru Maharaj Ji will guide you and make that connection. And then the exchange of Love will happen.

In his agya, we will find our happiness. In his Love, we will find our life. And in his satsang we will find ourselves. And in him we will find everything that we need. But we have to first even start, just a little bit. Because in Him we have to merge.

When you listen to satsang, don't think about it. Satsang is too precious for any moment to be wasted just like that. It's incredible that this program is happening. Today was incredible darshan. And that's finished. And then satsang.

And then we're already talking about tomorrow. "The Last Day," as Bill Patterson puts it. (I don't know why he thinks it's the last day. e still thinks that's the last day.)

But we'll just see what happens. Okay? See you tomorrow. Thank you.

34 The Golden Age